Wednesday, 24 April 2013

BIRMINGHAM: Up to 25,000 British Pakistani men, women and children from across the UK gathered in Aston Park here to express their love for Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) and to call on the British government to introduce legislation that bars Islamophobes from insulting Islam under the garb of the freedom of speech.

The participants, who also travelled from several parts of European cities, were led in a peaceful and colourful mile-long march by Hazrat Peer Alauddin Siddiqui. This is the fourth consecutive gathering for the biggest Melaad-un-Nabi (PBUH) of British Pakistanis in Britain but this year it was dedicated to “protect the honour and legacy of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)”. Speakers included interfaith leaders from Christian, Hindu, Sikh, and Jewish religions and parliamentarians from Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats. Sardar Attique Khan, former Azad Kashmir prime minister, was the chief guest of the rally.

Hazrat Peer Alauddin Siddiqui, who is a renowned Sufi scholar, told Geo News: “Thousands have come together to show peacefully to the western world that the production and promotion of a recent film insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has caused hurt to Muslims all over the world. We are a peaceful community and we will do everything to protect peace and respect for all on equal basis. It’s not fair that some people insult Islam everyday and preach hatred through their actions and words but the lack of legislation encourages such elements. We want to tell our government that we welcome debate and constructive criticism of our religion but insults are unacceptable and inflammatory language is contributing to the rise of extremism amongst youth in western countries where youth mistakenly believe that the West hates Islam and Muslims.”

He announced that a rally of tens of thousands of Muslims will be held soon in Hyde Park to profess loyalty to Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) as well as to condemn the crudely made “Innocence of Muslims” movie which was recently released in the US and caused outrage in the Islamic world, including leading to a ban on Youtube in Pakistan.

Peer Siddiqui told the audience that relations between Islamic and Western countries have improved in recent years and these years need to be strengthened but that is possible if all religions are respected and there should be law in place to ensure that Islam and Muslims are not singled out.

“There is resentment amongst Muslims over the continuing failure of the western government for not doing enough to protect Muslims. Attacks on Muslims have increased and while we are law-abiding and peace-loving citizens of this country, we want our government to take our concern into account,” he added and appealed to Muslims to stay peaceful against provocations.

Speakers said that freedom of speech was a cherished value but abusing Islam is not freedom of speech. They said the best way forward is to engage constructively with Muslims about their religion. They said Muslims were making a great contribution towards everyday life in western countries and it is important that their contribution is recognized.

Unbelievable display of dhimmitude from this politician. I believe this is Albert Bore, leader of Birmingham city council. He boasts that the Muslim population in Britain doubled in the last decade and that Birmingham is now one quarter Muslim.

Note the presence of Lord Ahmed. Having recently been suspended from the Labour party for peddling antisemitic conspiracy theories doesn't seem to have diminished his popularity among Birmingham Pakis.

More dhimmitude from Nikki Sinclair MEP.


Walter Sieruk said...

The real reason the these Muslims had made this demand, though they deny this, is that in reality the foundations and doctrines of Islam are so weak that it will not and can not hold to or stand up to criticism.

Anonymous said...

To show peacefully. A whole bunch of muslims gathered together on western soil must be made illegal. It's not peaceful it's militant. Go home! F*cking pakis. All they do is get welfare and rape minors.

Anonymous said...

I hope the uk will not crumble and stays strong. These sheeple need to wake up or get out!

Anonymous said...

This is the disease called POlitical Correctness. Now Charlemagne never had this problem.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this isn't a queue for social security, or a rally to lower the age of consent to single figures?
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Christian girl, 12, kidnapped, beaten and raped for eight months until she converted to Islam

Read more:
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Anonymous said...

Christian girl raped: you never hear stuff like this on the news. If people would hear this more often then perhaps anti-Americanism would disappear and people would forbid islam and recognise its just another group formed by fascists who like to rape little girls. @paris claims, with ya all the way.

Anonymous said...






AntiRacist Hitler *Viral Video* /watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og

Anonymous said...

If you don't like it

Rufus News From Atlantis said...

This sickens me to my very core. I live in an area which is majority Muslim. Our area has been 'enriched' with no-go areas, anti-White patrols, heroin dealing, pædophilia ('grooming of very young girls for prostitution to pay for drugs), race-mixing...need I go on?

If they are so 'offended' by us and our ways, they have not been kidnapped, and are free to leave at any time - the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

Its the immigrant that needs to assimilate 100%. We do not have to assimilate to them, under no circumstances. These inbreeds need to return from wherever they come from. If pedo god cannot be made fun off or whatever, then keep your fucking mouths shut about jezus or budda, which of course goatfuckers never will do. To the once who have been born to these scumbags but have managed to not become brainwashed, and have assimilated, I'm so sorry you are being thrown on the same heap as these sheeple.

ItinerantV said...

Muslims are already protected under the law.The scrutiny from modernity Islam faces,will only get more intense as demographics change,instead of facing this challenge,the Istanbul Process seeks to impose blasphemy laws on the West.One need only look to Pakistan,nevermind European history to see how that works out.
I notice the anti-semite Lord Achmed is pride of place on the stage,what a hypocrite and how ironic that he seeks medieval constraints on free speech,that could produce utter absurdities,such as accusations of Islamophobia for pointing out the supremacist nature or anti-Semetic Christian elements in Islam.

It is not just happening in the UK,the EU and the UN are driving this agenda,EurIslam is a European Commission funded research project that also makes policy 'suggestions'.
These include'culturally specific laws'for Muslims and making the press more'neutral'.

Then there's theEU's Med and Neighbourhood projects which are beholden to the idea of EU expansion,in the words of Peter,the EU should be actively undermining the homogeinity of European cultures,Sutherland, "knit together the two sides of the Mediterreanan".
Numerous other quangoes,charities,foundations promote mass immigration and cultural relativism .One project promotes the idea that Islam is European and of course Middle-Eastern petro-dollars funding everything from Mosques and literature to museum extravaganzas telling us how wonderful Islam is.
The Network of European Foundations says Islam is but a "mere pawn" and the discussion of how to integrate it will help dismantle nation states."Phase 5: European Islam The result of this process should be the formation of a genuine European Islam"
Meanwhile various Islamic movements not least the Muslim Brotherhood will increasingly use the Muslim demographic in Europe for their own agendas and make a mockery of gullible Western liberals.
It's not going to end well and any country in the EU is unlikely to have any say in the matter,it is part of the anti-democratic project.

Anonymous said...

Haha I agree. Well put ^^

Anonymous said...

let them all piss off back to where they belong and leave our once great britain to us THE GREAT BRITISH. There was a war some time ago it was called the battle of Britain, they will cause us the Battle for Britain before this is allowed to happen get rid of these menacing unwelcome scumbags.

Anonymous said...

Their so called Bible is of great use to us as white British people, When there is no toilet tissue left, after use it is more readable than before!

Anonymous said...

Islam needs to be wiped out with all muslims, The quran is the biggest book the devil has ever written its just pure shit as is Mohammad, rid this world of them now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Send these rag wearing stinking dirty foul heaps of shit out of the uk, no wait..............THE WORLD!!!!!!

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