Monday, 29 April 2013

Emma Bonino has been appointed foreign minister in the new Italian government. A dedicated multicultist, she has been a member of the woefully misnamed Independent Commission on Turkey, which agitates for Turkish accession to the European Union, and is funded by George Soros and the British Council.

I sent Bonino this email in 2009. She didn't deign to reply.

I know it won't make any difference since you elite Eurocrats look down with patrician contempt on the ordinary people of Europe, much as the appartchiks in the old Soviet Union looked down on their people, but I just want you to know that at least one ordinary EU citizen deeply resents your propagandising on behalf of Turkey's accession to the EU and the fact that you are taking money from an American, George Soros, to fund your propaganda efforts.

If Turkey joins the EU, the EU is over. It will implode within a generation. 80 million Turkish Muslims (soon to be 100 million) will corrode European civilisation from within, threatening the secular values that define Europe with their primitive and alien magical beliefs. Our ancestors fought and died for more than 1000 years to preserve the integrity of Europe against the Asiatic hordes - and you now casually sign it away with a pen. You are a cultural traitor the like of which history holds few previous examples.


Two immigrants to Italy have also been named as ministers in the new government. The first of these is the negress Cecile Kyenge.

Cecile Kyenge, born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, takes on a new portfolio for racial integration. She is one of two naturalised Italians in the government, both elected for the centre-left Democratic party (PD).

...Matteo Salvini, secretary of the League in Lombardy, called the 48-year-old Kyenge "the symbol of a hypocritical, do-gooding left that would like to abolish the crime of illegal immigration and only thinks about immigrants' rights and not their duties". He said the League was ready to mount "total opposition" to her in parliament.

The AC Milan and Italy striker, Mario Balotelli, called her appointment "a further, big step towards a more civilised and responsible Italian society". Kyenge said her top priorities included changing Italy's citizenship laws, which are based on descent rather than place of birth.

"Anyone who is born and grows up in Italy is an Italian," she told Repubblica TV.

But any attempt to reform the citizenship rules could open a rift between the PD and its coalition partner, Silvio Berlusconi's Freedom People (PdL) movement.

An eye specialist who has lived in Italy since her late teens, Kyenge has been at the centre of controversy since winning a seat in parliament in February's general election. A politician of Moroccan descent was chosen for the same constituency.

In a discussion of their election on Facebook, the Northern League secretary in her home town wrote: "We ought to do like the Japanese kamikaze [in] the second world war: before the ultimate gesture, kill at least 20 of them."
Source: Guardian

The second immigrant minister (for Sport, Youth and Equality) is a blonde, blue-eyed Olympic athlete.

It's pretty funny that they've found a blonde, blue-eyed Olympian immigrant to run the equality department, as if that was typical of all immigrants.

UPDATE: Look at what the new Integration Minister's plans are.
She doesn't have a portfolio. Which has not prevented the new Minister for Integration, a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo, from unveiling her first project. She plans to replace the right of blood with the right of soil. "A child, born to immigrants, who is born here and is educated here, must be a citizen," she emphasised during the legislative elections. She also plans to fight against "institutional racism". To do this, she wishes to abolish the crime of illegal immigration and make the Italian labour market more accessible to foreigners.


Anonymous said...

I truly believe that someone who isn't born in the country he/she lives in shouldn't be able to become minister in that country. In Ancient Greece this was normal, to the great regret of Aristotle, but aside from his brilliance on some matters, he said a lot of bs as well. I'm thinking about migrating for the sake of change, but I would never expect to be able to become a member of the government. It's simply not done. I was born in another country.

Anonymous said...

Great email you wrote her. Fucking bitch should go and live in Saudi or Iran or better Syria. So she could finally get fucked for a change, about thirty muslims, one after another should do the trick for to come back and apologise, don't you think.
Ps it's not so much skin colour as it is character. Though I do feel that this CEcile will be bad for Italy for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Just off the top of my pointed head, I can think of two really dismal immigrants who took leading roles in the countries they emigrated to with dire effects on their adopted countries and the rest of the world: Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. Also, let it be a lesson: never put a corporal in charge of a country's army.

Anonymous said...

The Left (EU, UN and heads of various Western governments) are seeking to end the concept of citizenship and nationality; they are doing this through flooding the West with dysfunctional races and the ideology of Islam and through seeking to end the historical provision of citizenship through descent (blood) by asserting in its place the idea that to simply be born in a country entitles the baby (and extended family) to citizenship. This has already led to the US swamped with over 20 million illegal aliens, through deliberate government failure to observe immigration laws already in place and also aided in part by girls and women arriving over the US-Mexican border, having their babies at US hospitals and gaining all the financial and legal benefits of citizenship for the baby and themselves and families later brought in. (Turkey, btw, helps its own citizens to have babies in the US to obtain citizenship and this is another form of colonisation which needs more public attention; I read an article in a Turkish newspaper about his years ago.) The advantage to the Left is obvious: millions of additional peoples, largely uneducated, hostile to Western laws and mores, yet parasitical of the welfare and social benefits of Western countries, who can be depended (at least for a time) to vote in continuously the Left in national elections and thus help to secure the Left's overall agenda.

Anonymous said...

This problem does not have anything to do with being white black brown or wathever (because muslims and leftists 'come' in all colors) but everything to do with being muslim or leftist (communist-socialist/national socialist) and with being non-muslim non-leftists.

it has nothing to do with 'race' but it has everything to do with the mindset of certain groups of people (like muslims)

Anonymous said...

In a Muslim dominated country this woman would never have survived the moment she would've entered those countries. And why do these people always have the possibility to flee their war torn countries. This baffles me, because my grandmother and her family had no where to go when hitler came around. They just had to take it and hope for better days. They come here have nothing,yet had money to come, expect to get everything, including flat screen tv s, mobile phones, pcs etc, while we have to work our asses off just to sort of be able to pay the bills on time. Never mind about food. I just don't get it and don't think I ever will

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