Tuesday, 23 April 2013
“By attacking your sites we are going to finish off your weak economy. Signed: the Morocccan Ghosts". In this threatening form and against an apocalyptic background in which a Spanish flag is burning ends the message placed on the web page of the Regulatory Council of the vines and vinegars of the County of Huelva, www.condadodehuelva.es. It contains a clear apology for Islamic terrorism and warns Europe and Spain that they will be the targets for a series of attacks that will turn into their "worst nightmare".

Throughout the day when accessing this portal the server opens a message sent by “Moroccan Ghosts”, a supposed radical group which says it has more than 19,000 followers in the social networks. The text begins as follows: "You have always believed that our silence in relation to your continuous mortal errors towards the kingdom of Morocco is through fear".

It continues, referring to Andalucía as Islamic Andalus and specifically mentions the Canary Islands, the autonomous Spanish cities of Ceuta and Melilla, and even the island of Perejil as occupied territories. It also points to Spain as a country that exercises "an unacceptable and far from innocent interference" in what they call the "Moroccan Sahara". Furthermore it denounces the treatment they receive from Spanish citizens which they call "humiliating" and blames our nation for causing atrocities such as those suffered by "immigrants being sent home at the border". The signatories declare that they are "the grandchildren of the heroes of the Arab and Islamic nation".
Source: ABC.es


Maria José said...

Spain holds two North African 'al-Qaeda suspects'

They have a similar profile to the two suspects who carried out the Boston attacks


Anonymous said...

When is the west waking up! I'm sick and tired of this. Charlemagne, crusades, and all for a good cuse and now look where we are.

Anonymous said...

Maria Jose thanks for the link. Just shows once again what a wonderful and peaceful "religion" islam is.

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