Sunday, 21 April 2013
Why do we accept that EU forces open our borders when this is the result?
"With the EU enlargement Norway will not only get new doctors, craftsmen and nurses. Also criminals seek out Norway.
'- We see that more and more criminals focus on Norway. ... - We expect the pressure on Europe and especially Norway to increase. It is naive to believe otherwise,' says Borge.
Some of the trends NCIS has seen is that the criminals are becoming more professional - and more brutal.
'- We have seen bad examples of attacks and robberies against elderly people. ... - The police can not handle this alone. There is no doubt that the police must take responsibility for the crime, but the social problems following increased immigration, the amount of crime cases as well as the extent of follow-up and deportation of people who come to Norway requires enormous resources of the police."
Source: KRIPOS - Norway is no honney pot for criminals 


Anonymous said...

A statement made at least forty years too late! Didn't we see this with the first workers coming? Goodbye Europe, I had great hopes for you, but alas. :(

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