Tuesday, 16 April 2013
This post is a follow up on: "Norway: 1 non-Western immigrant costs taxpayers 550,000 euros net. Norway spent 8.5 billion euros on non-Western immigrants i 2012!"

"Immigration has cost 70 billion Norwegian Kroner in seven years
Under the current government, Norway has spent tens of billions of kroner on immigration. In addition, the expenses in the future will grow with lightning speed.
According to Statistics Norway (SSB), public spending exceeded tax revenues from immigrant workers by 71 billion kroner (9.4 billiion euros) under the current government. This corresponds to a "tax" of 28,000 kroner  (3,700 euros) on everyone working in Norway.
The expenses connected with the 246,000 immigrants who arrived since 2005 is not limited to the 71 billion kroner, though.
Immigrants have also gained the right to public benefits and this will amount to 376 billion kroner (50 billion euros) more than they will pay in taxes, assuming that the welfare and tax system does not change."


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