Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A few months after the attacks of 9/11, The New York Times published an article by Margaret Thatcher, ‘Advice to a Superpower’.
In many respects the challenge of Islamic terror is unique, hence the difficulty Western intelligence services encountered trying to predict and prevent its onslaughts. The enemy is not, of course, a religion—most Muslims deplore what has occurred. Nor is it a single state, though this form of terrorism needs the support of states to give it succour. Perhaps the best parallel is with early Communism. Islamic extremism today, like Bolshevism in the past, is an armed doctrine. It is an aggressive ideology promoted by fanatical, well-armed devotees. And, like Communism, it requires an all-embracing long-term strategy to defeat it.
The events of Sept. 11 are a terrible reminder that freedom demands eternal vigilance. And for too long we have not been vigilant. We have harboured those who hated us, tolerated those who threatened us and indulged those who weakened us.
In her attempts to clobber the nail on the head, she scores a spectacular miss and a spectacular hit. Islam is the enemy, of course, and Muslims who deplored 9/11 only did so because Islam had shown its hand too soon; better to wait, they would argue, and then strike from a position of strength. Full credit, though, for her incisive remark about how we harbour those who hate us and tolerate those who threaten us. If the West is to survive, it will have to rid itself of those who hate and threaten us: it will have to rid itself of Islam by ridding itself of Muslims. The time is not yet, but when Islam has sufficiently encroached on the West to provoke a fundamental shift in public opinion, pray that luck is with us and that leaders of stature emerge.


Anonymous said...

To be fair to Maggie, not many of us understood the true nature of islam just a few years ago. And, indeed many still need to be woken up. Most people believe that all religions are similar i.e.believe in a diety that wants us to live in peace with our fellow man. Once you have understood that a peaceful muslim is a "bad muslim" and Osama bin Laden is a "good muslim" it all falls into place.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Did she deport radical muslim clerics during her rule from 1979 -1990. I never heard much of it

Anonymous said...

Only God may stand in judgement over who is good or evil, for the rest it is a matter of opinion and often open to debate, except for people who have tunnel vision and can't see the world unless they have a boogey man to blame social evils for

you are the same bloody mentality as the lynchmobs and witch hunters of a previous era

osama bin laden was clearly not a saint by any standards but was an al-qaeda operative with a history of insurgency i'm surprised the US gov actually invited him via the CIA into the white house... if the US really know how to deal with terrorists, or are they encouraging war for there own interests overseas? wake up and smell the coffee you are deluding yourselves if you think you can blame religions and make the world a better place by targeting and attacking religion is just the beginning of the end really.. don't you remember Hitler and the Nazi's targeting Jews? So also communists attacked Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims or any who opposed the communist movement

only by peaceful diplomacy will the world have more peace and stability, particularly with people and governments, but as long as there is hate and outrage, either from muslims or christians or any other we will go back to the medieval dark ages all over again ...tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

This is coming down to a lower common denominator - good people vs bad people regardless of the God or religion they follow. Actions have consequences - and justice / morality must prevail over all. Moderates on all side need to seek a solution before extremism poisons the moderates and we have a declaration of war regardless of whether people are moderate or not.

Hany said...

Very insightful . I wish though Mrs Thatcher had kept Muslims out of her country when she was in power. And connived with Reagan to kept them out of USA as well

Anonymous said...

Thatcher was the one who created the Islamic nightmare facing the UK today. After arse licking her Saudi friends, she said that fundamental Islam was better for the UK than Socialism or even Communism. She therefore laid the foundation stone for the growth of salafist/Whabbi Islam in the UK, with full backing and support from the Saudi's.

The Saudi's saw it as a way of spreading their extreme, and radical form of Islam in the UK, and throughout Europe. Thatcher saw it as a way to eradicate Socialism and the secular society in the UK, because the Ultra-Conservative ideology of Whabbi Islam outlaws any opposition like Socialism or any opposing polictal party. Basically it is the exact opposite of Communism, and ensures that a country's wealth is retained by a few at the top, as opposed to Socialism which tends to disperse a country's wealth evenly amongst its population.

Thatcher therefore took advice from her Saudi friends and flooded the UK with Muslim immigrants during the 1980's. She also encouraged the building of many mosques using Saudi money, and imported many Saudi trained imams to teach salafist/Whabbi Islam to the offspring of her immigrants. Those immigrants were placed in Labour strongholds to reduce the Labour majority, as these Muslims do not support Socialism. They then blamed Labour for these immigrants being in the UK, as they were in Labour strongholds, but that didn't mean Labour allowed them into the UK.

The end result is that we know have Thatcher's 2nd generation Muslims, aka Thatcher Babes, threatening the indigenous British because those children have been radicalised by a Saudi trained imam from an early age.

It will get much worse in the future because Thatcher's 2nd generation Muslims are now knocking out their 3rd generation, which will be even more radicalised than what the 2nd generation was.

For example Lee Rigby's killer has 6 children born in the UK who will follow in daddy's footsteps. Abu "Hook Hand" Hamza, another Thatcher immigrant, has 8 children born in the UK. They will produce 64 little jihadists for granddad Abu in their 3rd generation. It also explains why the UK's population is going through the roof, simply because these Muslims have so many children.

You need to read "Secret Affairs" by Mark Curtis. There is enough evidence in that book to make the whole Tory party stand for trial on charges of selling the UK out to radical, extreme Islam, and in doing so betraying the indigenous Christian population of the country. In other words "treason" of the highest order.

by flooding the country with millions of Muslims from Africa

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