Monday, 15 April 2013
"Salafist Sheikh Bilal al-Masri called on Muslims to attack Buddhists and their interests. ‘I decree that every person who can get to a Buddhist should kill him"
Source: - Muslim leader: “…every person who can get to a Buddhist should kill him”

"Burmese-Buddhist monk Shin Thawbita who was brutally assaulted and then burned alive by the Muslim mob in Meikhtilar at about 5 in the afternoon of March 20 was a devout teacher-monk from Mogaung Monastery in Hanzar Village of Tharzi Twonship."
Source: JihadOnBuddhists - Burma: Muslim mob tortures Buddhist munk with acid, cuts of his penis and burn him alive

"‘But once these evil Muslims have control, they will not let us practice our religion. We must be careful. These Muslims really hate us.’"
Source: - Burmese Buddhists warn against Muslim take over


Anonymous said...

Nuke the bastards. We have them weapons for a reason, this is a good reason. Leave me and my own (and those who are similar to me in thinking and leave alone) alone!

Anonymous said...

Sick muslim bastards!

They always cause/provoke all sorts of problems where they set their filthy feet, and after that they use the backlash as a pretext to call for more problems and destruction.

It's time the world gives them what they deserve for the 1400 years of suffering, death and destruction under the cancer named islam.

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