Saturday, 20 April 2013

This is hilarious. A French girl saw the black Jesus die. After becoming obsessed with the case, in a spirit of anti-racism, she then sought out the company of negroes and ended up being held captive at knife-point and involved in "destructive relationships" with them.
Marie's life drifted through trauma into denial and beyond. She began to seek out friendship and recognition from black friends, constructing a naive world in which white people were bad and black people good. "If I hadn't witnessed Stephen Lawrence's murder I wouldn't have been so interested in seeking out black stories and black people. It changed my world." She moved, with her mixed-race boyfriend, to the racially diverse Réunion island in the Indian Ocean, where she started university. There she found an academic release in writing about the new politics of multiculturalism and applied for a grant to study in South Africa for three months.

Marie, then 23, was caught up in the excitement and optimism of post-apartheid South Africa, but also acknowledges she was naive and put herself at risk, spending time in the ghettos of Cape Town, where she was often the only white, western face. One day, a man she had interviewed held a knife to her throat, holding her captive for 10 days and only releasing her when the French embassy came looking for her. She fled back to Réunion and knows she was lucky to escape with her life.

"I was very young and naive, trying to open my heart to people," said Marie. "South Africa is a very violent place now and very different to what they were dreaming, but I wanted to understand how apartheid had developed and how it had been defeated. And I suppose I was trying to understand why there was racism in the world."

Marie completed her masters degree and struck up a relationship with a well-known black musician who gave her love, support and understanding at a time when she was incredibly vulnerable. They had a child in 2002, but she says the relationship became destructive and she moved back to France.
Source: Guardian


Anonymous said...

Racism isn't a white mans invention. It comes from all sides, but white people do tend to suffer from white guilt disorder and non whites know how to take advantage of this. Plus Africans where first enslaved by Arab Muslims not by whites, but try convince people of that. I'm white and never will I apologise for that, just look what it did for sweet little Marie.

Anonymous said...

and moved back to France......
where the taxpayer now supports her and her child???

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Read this! It's vile and disgusting. Islam states that terrorist attacks is not terror but a legitimate struggle! And the UN bows down to Mecca! I'm voting for Geert Wilders in holland as soonas the current government crumbles down under its own stupidity.

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