Friday, 5 April 2013

Geert Wilders’ party, the PVV, called a debate in the Dutch parliament yesterday, the 4th April, on the ‘Moroccan problem’, Dutch News reports.
The PVV gathered enough support for the debate in the wake of the death of football linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen last year. He was attacked by youth players from a team of largely immigrant youngsters from Amsterdam and died in hospital a day later.

MPs from across the political spectrum criticised the name given to the debate by the PVV, which they said was insulting and discriminatory. It is also wrong to define an entire group by the actions of a few, MPs said.

Figures from the government’s socio-cultural think tank SCP last year said 65% of Dutch-Moroccan youths under the age of 23 have been questioned by police. However, it is unknown how many of them were actually convicted of a crime.

The reason is ‘unhindered mass immigration and failed integration’, PVV parliamentarian Joram van Klaveren is quoted as saying by news agency ANP. It is time for ‘hard-as-steel repression, minimum sentences, curfews, collective responsibility, mobile police units and loss of nationality’, Van Klaveren said.


Anonymous said...

"....and loss of nationality"

This sounds like the only fail proof method for dealing with the problem to me.

This, followed by swift deportation should suffice.

Anonymous said...

I made the mistake of not voting for him last time. Won't make that mistake again

Anonymous said...

We Europeans CANNOT be tolerant with the non tolerant!! Enough is Enough!! All Islamic out of Europe!! ALL!!! They have been trying to invade Europe since the beginning of times. Just like Portugal and Spain did in the medieval times, drawing them back to the hole they came from, and then hitting them heart at the heart of their insane culture!! I blame Hitler for turning on the Jews, we should have turned on them instead. Damn trouble maker parasites.

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