Friday, 19 April 2013

Doris Schröder-Köpf, wife of the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, has just been appointed Integration Commissioner in the German state of Lower Saxony. In this news clip about the appointment, you see her going around shaking hands with all the various aliens have colonised Germany and the indigenous traitors who have allied with them. When she extends her hand to one Muslim, he refuses to shake it. Rather than take offence at the Mohammedan, she smiles understandingly and moves on.

You can see the video here. The incident with the Muslim is towards the very end of the clip.

Source: PI


Hermes said...

I wonder if she would smile as understandingly as in this shaking-hand case if she was to be stoned to death or gang-raped by a group of those musels she so understandingly accomodate to. Perhaps she would say such things as: "na ja es ist schließlich ein Teil euer Kultur! Macht euch keine Sorge, tu's weiter! - Well, it is part of your culture, after all! Don't worry, just do it!"

Anonymous said...

Get the fuck out of our lands and go and rape and torture and butcher women and children somewhere else! Goddamn pigs!

Reality Check said...

Too funny, the Muslim doesn't want to touch the filthy hand of the infidel slut Schröder-Köp! Don't the Germans get it? There is no integration. The Muslims will rule and the Germans will be their slaves. Stupid infidels.

Anonymous said...

Muslims need to get the "f" out of European countries. NOONE wants them. They are disgusting, vile, pigs.

Anonymous said...

>.< Muslims will destroy our culture and our people if we let them.... it's the traitors that just look like us we need to worry about

Anonymous said...

Butcher all Muslims halal! And I'll sing walk together children while the butcher does the honourable job!

Anonymous said...

dear doris :

When I was a child, whenever we were about to visit a home of another, I was told strictly by my parents to not touch anything that was not mine. And I didn't, because I did not have the right.

The reason Muslim men did not shake your hand (or of another woman) is because they honor and respect you as a woman and a person who has a right to her dignity, her individual and breathing space, and her self-respect. Also, their hands are not their own but a trust given to them by Allah for touching only those females who are given to them in trust by virtue of either a blood bond like a sister, mother, or child or in the sacred bond of marriage as a wife.

How can we afford to consider the offenses that will be imagined by you or others when the concern that occupies them is the pleasure of Allah? Why should they transgress the bounds of Allah to please any human being?

I was told not to touch anything that was not mine by only my parents who raised me, but we (Muslim men) told not to touch any non-mehram by Allah, their Creator. Why should us be put to shame for obeying their Creator instead of the customs of any culture which change according to times? (Did you not know that in U.K. once doing the same would be an offense, as evidenced by early history of the land?)

Also, science has well proven that men are stimulated by sight but women by touch. How can we (these men) touch you when your husband should have the honor and the right to your person and being instead of any stranger?

No, Sister, they were right not to shake your hand. And you should not hold a grudge in your heart or mind, for the offense was such a beautiful one by will of Allah and for the sake of Allah.

Anonymous said...

Dear brother :

Why should we leave that land? Who created that land? You? No, you do not have the power.

Allah created that land.

Why should we leave a land of which we hold citizenship, as permitted by the U.K. government?

You know, brother ?, whenever my high school lunch mates, invited me to use drugs, I simply told them no and just did not go. If you are offended, perhaps you should also not go to such events.

Also, brother, I find the act of a male who is not my relative touching me degrading and insulting. Perhaps you have your own view, and I have my own view. Then, brother, how can we judge who is right? I say Allah.

Moreover, if tomorrow, say the Muslim men started following your customs, and that satisfied you. But very soon, I am sure you would find a custom of another group ensuing from that particular group's beliefs offensive to you. In that case, you will still not be pleased, for you will find reasons for your feeling your offenses.

Someone very wise once said, "You can't please everyone." And I agree. You can't. Therefore, excuse my ignorance, brother, but I and other Muslims will Insha-Allah (God-willing) follow the will of Allah, our Creator, rather than any customs of human beings that does not agree with His will. Perhaps you have forgotten that even the Christian Lord's prayer holds the phrase, " will be done," and I cannot help but agree that His Will takes precedence over ours.

I am sorry, however, to hear that you feel this way, but I cannot change how you feel. You have a right to your own feelings, and I and others have a right to our peace of mind Alhamdullilah (Praise to God) and our deen (way of life).

Anonymous said...

You don't touch anything that is not yours? Women are not yours. They are people, not objects that you own. She was extending out her hand and allowing it to be touched. She is a human person, not an object. If she says it's okay for somebody to touch her hand then it's okay.

Anonymous said...

The idea that simply following the custom of shaking hands , a universal show of respect; would stimulate a woman in such a dignified setting , is preposterous. When in Muslim countries, one is expected to abide by the local rules and customs.When in multi cultural or Christian countries; it is simply common decency to do the same. You may rely on the ancient teachings of your religious leaders to guide your life , but they will never replace long established customs of dignity and respect in the countries you now; inexplicably; inhabit.

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