Saturday, 27 April 2013

It looks as though the shooting in France a couple of days ago was perpetrated by a non-Muslim. The establishment media do tend always to talk up the "mentally unbalanced" line when a jihad attack occurs, but in this case it looks as though they may be right. Certainly, judging by his physical appearance and name ("Karl"), he doesn't seem to be of immigrant origin.
In its Saturday edition Le Parisien paints a portrait of an introverted young man ill at ease with himself, at the centre of a conflict between his parents that had been going on for years. His father said that he had obtained custody of him, at the age of 12, after his mother mistreated him. The latter accuses her former partner of having "manipulated him, while not taking care of him". "Karl was gone in the head, he was really suffering," she says.

School was far from being a haven of peace for the boy. He did not fit in well at school. Karl R. is said to have been the victim of harassment at school and violent rackets, because of his weight. The situation persisted, despite several changes of school.

The adolescent punch-bag finds refuge on the Internet, and more particularly on online videogames, where he makes friends.
Source: Le Figaro

It would be interesting to know more about these "violent rackets" he was subjected to at school. Across Europe, European schoolchildren are harassed and tormented at schools in areas that have been massively colonised by aliens. Marseilles is between 30% and 40% Muslim as a whole so we can assume that the proportion is even larger in the school-age demographic.

It has also been shown that the prevalence of mental illness tends to increase in "multicultural" environments. People feel an instinctive sense of peace when living amongst their own kind. When forced to share living space with aliens, that sense of peace disappears and stress levels increase.


Hermes said...

The name "Karl" means nothing. Anybody can be a muslim regardless of skin color or nationality. Muslims are not a race, but a creed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hermes. Look at hat one white boy in England I believe it was who had converted and was terrorist as well. Plus there are parts in the Middle East where you have people living with Caucasian feature, basically white people. They change their name and come to the west and seemingly blend in, while still being radical muslims. They are being recruited by AQ for this sole reason, that they have more changes of blending in. Western name doesn't say a damn thing.

Caturo said...

«It has also been shown that the prevalence of mental illness tends to increase in "multicultural" environments. »

In which study?

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Ed West mentions this finding in The Diversity Illusion and cites the following sources:

Hermes said...

Another paper regarding mental illness in multicultural societies:

Anonymous said...

@ Cheradenine thanks for the links, really interesting

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