Thursday, 18 April 2013
The Danish newspapers still do not get it: Violent Leftists in possession of weapons are called "political activists" while their victim is called "radical right-wing". Surveillance, violence, vandalism against political opponents: Veeery anti-fascist... I cannot understand how an organisation that obviously uses violence to further its cause can exist legally in a non-Muslim country. If you verbally criticise Islam and Mosque building you are shut down by the dhimmi authorities.
"Seven young political activists associated with Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) on the far Left is ... accused of one or more of the following: violence, weapons possession, hacking and vandalism from 2008."
"...when the defendant along with a handful of other young people in October 2009 collided with a now 42-year-old man and former activist in the radical right-wing group..."
Source: No terror charge against young political activists from the Left
"The defendants, who according to the indictment are associated with the research collective Redox who for nearly four years until early 2010 hacked passwords, e-mail correspondence and minutes of not less than 6,000 persons, associations, etc. preferably associated with the political right. ... Moreover, the information was apparently gathered to find out whom to violently assault."
Source: Charged with political hacking


Anonymous said...

So if you defend islam you get a free pass, no matter the violence: when you state the truth about islam you are a radical and right wing? Help me out here? Maybe I'm slow of mind.

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