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I've written before about the trial of the National Socialist Underground group in Germany. There it seems to be assuming the same significance as the Stephen Lawrence trial in Britain, in other words a case that the multicult elite seizes on and instrumentalises to advance its political agenda. And the Turkish government is doing the same.

The trial of the one surviving member of the group is due to start soon in Munich. Some recent drama there has focused on the question of whether Turkish journalists should be admitted to the proceedings. Journalist slots for attendance at the trial were allocated as they normally are in Germany, on a first come/first served basis. This wasn't good enough for the Turks, none of whom applied in time. The Turkish government has created a diplomatic fuss about this and the dhimmi German elites, as usual, have cravenly appeased them. After a case brought by a Turkish magazine, the German Supreme Court ordered Munich's High Court to grant a reasonable number of places to representatives of foreign media.

But the appeasement hasn't stopped there. More than a million euros was spent preparing the court for the trial. Note one of the very interesting changes made. The crucifix has been removed from the court room!

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Shockingly, German newspapers have also been publishing accounts of the trial in Turkish!


No Christian symbols in the NSU trial: Munich's Higher Regional court has had the crucifix removed from the trial chamber. The deputy leader of the CDU [Angela Merkel's party] criticised this as a "wholly superfluous action".

The deputy leader of the CDU Julia Klöckner, who is also a member of the Central Committee of Catholics in Germany, said to "Bild am Sonntag" [newspaper], that this was a "wholly superfluous action". The right of a trial participant to request the covering up of the crucifix was undisputed. "Why should the crucifix be taken down in the same way in advance?"

Klöckner said further: "The crucifix is also an expression of our culture. Enlightened Christianity and the Christian view of humanity are the foundations of our constitution, which our law is based on." A few days ago it was made known that the crucifix was no longer hanging in the chamber.


Lord Crusader said...

This is first the dechristianisation of europe then the islamisation of it

Anonymous said...

If Christians made demands in predominately muslim countries, the muslims would make death threats. The world needs to stop appeasing these brainless pedophile worshipping bastards

Anonymous said...

The insanity has no limits in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Whilst i hate everything about satanic islam, the pictures are at different angles and the alledged after picture is at an angle that does not show the same area as where the cross is in the before picture.

Anonymous said...

So presumably the Germans have taken the first step - in showing the Turks that they should remove the crescent moon from their flag and government insignias in any public buildings?

Especially court rooms, so as not to offend any Christians or Jews or Buddhists who might be receiving a fair trial.

Georgina said...

Shame they won't remove that disgusting statue of a half naked man nailed to a cross, complete with dripping blood, near the school because it offends children.
Or do anything because it offends atheists.

Anonymous said...

my european christian brothers and atheist Liberal step brothers do not whinned. muslim is immigrantly and supremacy replacing the tolerance european people. all i can say have no BALLS to repel them religiously, politically and militarily. i pity the european males the cradle of HUMAN CIVILIZATION. - paltieL 4:12

Anonymous said...

Why is that muslims are only happing living in countries that are predominantly Christian, rather than in countries that are predominantly muslim?
And then they want to change the Christian countries to more like the homes that they were unhappy in? Does any of that make sense to you?

Anonymous said...

Can't we just start killing them off. Destroy mosques, rape. Their women ( and I'm saying this as a woman). Steal their children and make them hate islam and the people they descend from? Or is that too much to ask?

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