Wednesday, 10 April 2013
Three years ago I wrote that the police will run out of man power within 5 years because of rising Muslim crime. It only took three. When will they need the army and the National Guard? Muslim gangs are rampant in Copenhagen with several shootings every week. The Muslim ghettos in West Copenhagen are experiencing a epidemic of arson. The in Denmark we use the terms "gangs" and "gang war" when it is about immigrant gangs (ethnic Danish gangs are "bikers" and "rockers"):

"We do not have enough resources at the moment. The Danish police is bleeding, and it is a sad story."
That is the unusually outspoken criticism of the state of affairs in the Danish police from two officers in Copenhagen Police. ...
"As it is right now, we do not come when you call for us," says Morten Rasmussen, who are among officers who answer the phone at the police 112 (911)-central in Copenhagen.
Many of the conversations with citizens end up with the police having to explain why no police patrol patrol can be sent to assist citizen that is calling. He tells about the lack of few patrols on the street, and that far too many people do not get help when needed.
Morten Rasmussen find that the strong focus on the gang war in Copenhagen draws resources from solving 'ordinary' crime. ..."The police, of course, takes care of the big cases, such as stabbings, shootings and big fights. This is where we use our resources. Concerning everything else, there is basically no police," says Morten Rasmussen"

"'The recruitment of new [immigrant] gang members right now are higher than the number of gang members we manage to put in jail. You can not punish your out of this problem alone. Gang crime is here to stay.'The view is shared by Police Inspector Michael Ash, head of the National Police Research Centre."

"The gang war and arson are taking up all the time of the police in West Copenhagen. The police have skipped taking care of cases involving economic crime and burglaries."
Source: Jyllands-Posten - 500 cases in the windowsill


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

If the police are incapable of defending us, we should be allowed to carry weapons to defend ourselves. And I mean real weapons, not combat pens.

Nicolai Sennels said...

Hair spray is effective and legal.

Maria José said...

Buscan a los autores de una agresión sexual a una menor de 16 años en Semana Santa en Bilbao. Se trata de dos jóvenes de origen magrebí.

Un nuevo caso se produjo en el barrio de Santutxu. Se trataba de un hombre de origen marroquí de 39 años.

Anonymous said...

problem:danish complaints of muslim crime.
solution: invite more muslims to colonize denmark. when there are enough muslims, they will genocide the danes, then noone will complain about islamic crime. problem solved. next?

Anonymous said...

DenmARK is gone.And they have no one to blame but themselves.

What a sad ending to a once great country.

Anonymous said...

Say? What if we stopped letting these savages in?
Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

Hairspray is legal and effective???? LMAO!!!! What do you hope it will do, glue your killer's eyes shut?

The only way it MIGHT be effective is if you held a cigarette lighter in front of the nozzle and used it as a flamethrower!

Screw your government! You have a human right to protect yourselves! Start shooting back!!!

Anonymous said...

The Netherlands is experiencing the same problems, but of course is not Muslims, its misguided young boys who've had such a terrible childhood, they need help, not punishment. Thank you left wing, for making that clear. Can we now deport them, they have two passports, just take the Danish, Dutch, French, etc away and send them back to the shitholes where they belong.

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