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Mayor Vilvoorde wants to take identity card from Syria jihadists.
"Take from young people, who want to fight in Syria, their identity card; so they can not travel freely." That proposal is made  by  Hans Bonte (SP.A), the mayor of Vilvoorde.Bonte wants his idea on the table in discussions with his colleagues at Mechelen and Antwerp, write the newspapersDe Standaard’ andHet Nieuwsblad’.

steadily younger

Bonte knows of a fallen and one seriously injured boys from Vilvoorde. According to him, there are no indications that the number of radical Muslim youth that want to fight in Syria is decreasing. On the contrary. They seem, according to the Vilvoordse mayor, also to be steadily  younger."We need to act preventively to stop young people from joining" says Bonte in the newspapers. He therefore recommends the local governments to  take the Belgian identity cards away, (for up to one year), as soon as people express their desire to leave to a war zone: "They cannot leave the Schengen zone."

Germany chasing
In Germany such a preventive measure already exists. The Netherlands government also investigated the possibility. Government Party VVD wants even that the Dutch nationality will be taken from the Syria-goers (Belga / TV)Kalooga Kalooga"


Anonymous said...

Take it away and send them back wherever the fuck they came from. You wanna fight in Syria, you goddamn will stay there including the family you left behind. Read that the Dutch prime Minister wanted to take away their Dutch nationality. At least one thing he done right in his pathetic career.

Anonymous said...

Nullify the ID card if they have left Europe.


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