Saturday, 13 April 2013
Nazis are becoming bolder and more brazen, hostility to Islam is spreading: the Bavarian Interior Ministry classifies two known groups as extremist and thus anti-constitutional, including the party of Michael Stürzenberger.

They spread anti-Islam propaganda and stir up generalised fears about Muslims: now the Bavarian Interior Ministry is classifying the regional association of the party "Die Freiheit" and the local Munich group of the web blog "Politically Incorrect" (PI) as anti-constitutional. Since the end of March, the Regional Office for Protection of the Constitution has been monitoring the two groups, which are closely linked in subject matter and personnel, and has identified a hard core of around five people. The leader is considered to be Michael Stürzenberger, regional chairman of "Die Freiheit".

During the presentation of the Report on the Protection of the Constitution 2012, Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) expressed concern because these anti-Islam activists denigrate all Muslims as enemies of the constitutional state. Since 2012 they have been collecting signatures in Munich for a public petition against the ZIEM mosque project of the Penzberg imam Benjamin Idriz. Herrmann stressed that ordinary criticism of Islam was not considered anti-constitutional. Citizens who signed the petition would not be monitored. According to the director of the Agency for Protection of the Constitution, Burkhard Körner, Bavaria is the first federal state to classify the Islam haters as extremists.

Hostility to Islam is also growing in significance among right-wing extremists, noted Herrmann. Another trend is that the right-wingers often tried to give themselves a civic veneer. More and more often, they founded civic initiatives to tackle local problems.

While the number of acts of right-wing extremist violence rose from 57 in 2011 to 65 in the previous year, the number of right-wing extremists fell from 2450 to 2200.

...In the left-wing extremist scene, which 5000 persons in Bavaria are considered to belong to, the agents for the protection of the constitution note a doubling of violent acts compared to the previous year, amounting to 99 in total.

Note the number of violent acts attributed to left-wing extremists is double that of right-wing extremists but that detail is added to the article almost as a footnote.


Anonymous said...

Hostility towards the violent ideology called islam is growing and rightly so. These people who are honest and spreading the truth about islam are not racist, but are just smart people who justly worry about their safety and that of the future of Europe, but Germany has to call them nazis. This is bs. Germany get over your nazi past. It's done! We know you sorry about hitler now get real again!

Anonymous said...

Why don't these cowards in the administration see the huge number of parallels between Nazism and Islam. Hitler admired islam because it was so ruthless and uncompromising.

"The Nazis raised two+ Muslim Waffen SS Divisions during the war. These were the only true “religious” SS Division the Nazis ever created (and it is safe to say that the Germany was not a Muslim nation). Himmler was fascinated by the thought of Muslims to be fearless soldiers willing to kill for their religion. One of these Muslim Waffen SS divisions (The Hanjer Division) was responsible for the murder of over 90 percent of the Yugoslavian Jewish population."

Anonymous said...

Opposition to Islamic Doctrine is not "racist": being a Muslim is a belief attribute, NOT a biological attribute. It is like saying "anti-Nazism is racism", and defining it as a "new kind of racism" as the OIC has done with "Islamophobia".

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