Thursday, 25 April 2013
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The BBC offers Warsi a platform for her 'Islamophobia' propaganda.


Maria José said...


MUSLIM Gunman kills three in 'random' shooting

A gunman opened fire with a Kalashnikov rifle in the southern French town of Istres on Thursday killing three people and leaving one other victim wounded.

RTL radio station reported the man had claimed to belong to terrorist organisation Al Qaeda.

Anonymous said...

Maybe off topic, but here's another Iranian muslim attacking a rabbi and his son with a box cutter in Paris, shouting allah akbar:

Anonymous said...

Islam is the problem. Islamophobia is not a disease as it being portrayed but an actual concern in the welfare of people who want to live a good wholesome live and contribute to the society they live in. Pigs that go and shout allah akbar need to be shot or deported immediately.

Anonymous said...

People driven from their homes??

Talk to Christian in Hindus in Muslim countries. Mass murder and rape of non-Muslims is common, and supported and encouraged by the Koran,

Or for that matter Muslim who have converted to Chrostianity, eevbne here in England.


Anonymous said...

Been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan several times. There is only one solution. Extermination. Period. As long as Islam exists Western civilization will not know peace. B-52s, B-1s etc need to be raining ordnance on every muslim nation around the clock. Every muslim living in Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia needs to be deported. 30 days to get out, or be declared an invader and face the appropriate military response. Western nations must either wake up or die. Time is not on our side.
-U.S. Army Infantryman

Anonymous said...

Funny how they label it "islamaphobia" a phobia suggests fear, im pretty sure hating a backward and barbaric religion doesn't mean we're afraid of it. It just means we're sick of it poisoning our once great country

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