Saturday, 20 April 2013
A survey of 3500 Turkish men conducted by the University of Kirikkale and the organisation "Happy Children" prove what is anyway a truism in Turkey: of course most Turkish men consider violence against women to be completely normal, sensible and practical.

28 per cent of those polled thought violence against spouses to be indispensable: it was needed to discipline them. 34 per cent were more moderate and thought violence against spouses was only "necessary" "occasionally".

Altogether that is 62 per cent, almost two-thirds of the men questioned.
Source: DieWelt Via: EuropeNews


Anonymous said...

And this is a surprise because...? They fucking Turks they like to fuck young children dogs and apparently also ducks! Violence is their nature. Only a severe upbringing might get rid of that, but unfortunately Turks don't know what raising children means. My cat was a better mother to her kittens than 98 percent of tu.rks are to their, well whatever you want to call those creatures.

Anonymous said...

Stand by your man, Turkish bitches!

Walter Sieruk said...

The reason that "62% of Turks support violence against women" is that Islam among it many evil things one of the happens to to extreme misogyny.
This has been proven both by the teaches of the Quran and other written works of Islam and also by the actions of many Muslim males themselves. Therefore the claim made by some people that Islam respects women has proven to be a false claim.

Anonymous said...

"Stand by your man, Turkish bitches!"

Oh, you just know they will, as they shoot down attempts at helping them and defend the deranged misogyinistic cult that encourages these savages.

Don't forget, the women are giving birth to and raising these hideous "men." That's why they constantly defend their psychotic way of life.

Anonymous said...

As a boy in 1958 my father was an interpretor in Turkey my family stayed with a Turkish military family in Ismir. The college age daughter took us to Ephesus. She was modern/educated, no habib. Reports are that at her college the habib now is de reguer. Societies can and do reprimativize. Just look at the tatoos and body piercings common here.

Anonymous said...

"...that is 62 per cent, almost two-thirds of the men questioned." - And the remaining 38 percent no doubt lied on the survey!

Their ideology actively encourages violence, and not just against women but all non-Muslims, family members (honour killings), and anyone who dares to criticise their evil death cult.


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