Monday, 22 April 2013

Up to 30 immigrant Bangladeshi workers were injured when 200 workers demanded unpaid wages for labouring in the strawberry fields of Nea Manolada in the Greek Peloponnese. Supervisors turned shotguns on the labourers.

Ekathimerini reported the migrant farm workers demanded unpaid wages. The incident escalated into an argument and at least one of the three Greek supervisors turned a shotgun on the workers, shooting into the crowd.

According to Newsit police have now detained the three suspects. Two shotguns and a pistol are said to be have been used. Seven of the farm workers are still in the hospital.

Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou issued a statement saying: “The injuries suffered by protesting farm workers in Manolada are being condemned in the most absolute manner by the entirety of Greek society, This unprecedented and devastating act is alien to Greek morals and the reaction of the authorities will be swift and proper.”
Source: Digital Journal

Greek police have arrested the three strawberry field foremen who fired at a group of 200 migrant workers from Bangladesh, in Manolada, Peloponnese. The three men claim they were acting in self-defence against a mob.

The prosecutor is preparing a case of attempted homicide against the three foremen involved in the strawberry fields shootings in Manolada.

According to Proto Thema the three perpetrators claim to have acted in self-defence as they were afraid the foreign workers would turn bats and metal pipes against them. They further claim that shots were fired towards the ground to prevent the workers turning on them, and the bullets ricocheted into the crowd causing the injuries to 27 men.

The claims are not substantiated by witness statements though. Autopsy reports from the incident also contradict the claims.

Newsit reports that exploitation of foreign workers in Manolada has been rife for 12 years with authorities turning a blind eye to the conditions. Journalists who attempted to expose the slave labour conditions were routinely threatened. Workers lived in ramshackle conditions lacking basic hygiene, toiling to send money back to their home countries from low black market wages.

Assumptions have been made that the violence ensued under the auspices of the ultra-national party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi), with reports of xenophobic and racist violence. The party categorically deny any direct or indirect involvement, berating the lack of honest and objective information which has linked the party to Manolada.

As the events in Manolada unfolded the party released this statement, saying "Golden Dawn condemns the events of Manolada and shots against aliens." It further condemned all those who "illegally provide work for illegal immigrants" while also condemning the political establishment who tolerate the black labour market and exploitation. The party's position remains firmly against all employment of illegal workers.

The Ministry of Public Order has confirmed that any illegals amongst those injured in the strawberry field shootings will not be subject to deportation.
Source: Digital Journal


Anonymous said...

Kedikoglou sounds like a Turkish name.

Anonymous said...

What's the loss? Just 30 moors. If it were 3000, I would suggest we would resurrect statues in honour of these moorslayers. And how awful it is to read that the wounded shall not be deported. Is that why Europe has to continue to bail out the Greeks? Because they are too weak, like always?

Anonymous said...

Something completely else, but fantastic news that I have just co e across: in Tajikistan mosque are being systematically torn down by the government. Of course the government is consistent of commits but great news nonetheless, maybe something for th eu to consider to do as well! :)

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