Thursday, 21 March 2013

Valencia's most important festival - the Fallas - has just ended. It involves large wooden figures - often satirical takes on politicians or celebrities - being exhibited, paraded through the streets and then burnt, except one, which is pardoned and preserved. In this year's festival one of the artists had created a model - known as a falla - representing deities from the Hindu pantheon. The local Hindu population - no doubt inspired by Mohammedan success in this regard - decided to kick up a fuss and try and get it suppressed. They succeeded. We often hear that Hindus are "the good Pakis". Time to think again?

Stop me when this starts to sound familiar.
They are "signs, symbols and religious objects that could wound the devotional sensibility of Hindus",

"the gods of India, in an unprecedented sacrilegious act, sparking the indignation of 800 million Hindus."

"Given that, God forbid, the film of the burnt and profaned divinities would go round the world in a matter of hours and would damage us gravely at the international level."
Sources: Terra Levante H/T: Maria José


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