Sunday, 24 March 2013

This newsclip (in French) shows how Mohamed Merah has become an object of veneration to the Muslims of France. Flowers are regularly left at his grave. The grave attendant says they should have buried him somewhere more obscure to make it more difficult for his worshippers to leave flowers. Facebook pages honouring him proliferate. When two would-be Muslim terrorists were arrested, it was found that Merah was their hero and inspiration. Elsewhere, cleaning away pro-Mohamed Merah graffiti has become routine for municipal workers.

Tourist traffic has also built up around the dead jihadi's flat.


Maria José said...

Sudanese war criminal living rent-free in Birmingham house

Mohamed Salim, 27, confessed he was a member of the militia that "wiped out entire villages" during an anonymous interview to the BBC's Newsnight in 2006.

But although the interview brought him to the attention of the Border Agency's war crimes unit, he has not been removed from Britain because it would infringe his human rights...

hellosnackbar said...

Mohamed Merah was a murdering madman.
It should be part of anti- Islamic campaigns to quote the behaviour of
those eulogising him
as evidence of their psychotic pathology.

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