Saturday, 9 March 2013

Red = 50 - 80% alien , Blue = 80+% alien , Purple = Almost 100% alien
Belgium is a country of immigration which refuses to acknowledge it. The philosopher Edouard Delruelle, director of the Centre for Equality of Opportunities, has repeated it often. A demographic study has just confirmed this observation: according to the calculations of the sociologist Jan Hertogen, the kingdom has 2.6 million citizens "of immigrant origin", which is 24% of the total population.
Source: LeSoir

You can see interactive maps at the link provided. Note how virtually all of our major urban centres have been conquered, and only the countryside remains to Europeans.

Update: Just to be clear, although the article in Le Soir (really a blog post) doesn't specify, I am sure that in this context the phrase "of immigrant origin" doesn't refer to first-generation immigrants only. I would expect it to include at least the second generation and perhaps more.


King Lear said...

Belgium is fucked. France is fucked. England is fucked. We are all fucked. Betrayed by our lunatic political class.

Anonymous said...

Are they all Africans or Muslims though? They would count French or Dutch immigrants in the stats also.

Hermes said...

A brief look at France:

Anonymous said...

Diversity - encourage it, welcome it, embrace it - abandon your heritage and discard old traditions - the new ones coming are obviously superior - it's a new beige world!! Finally peace has arrived!!

Anonymous said...

Dumb Belgians.
This is just the beginning of the hell you’ve unleashed upon your country.

Anonymous said...

Most immigrants who enter Belgium are not muslims, but people from countries like Poland

Pascal said...

Western Europe, with 30 years, will be a bunch of Muslim nations killing each other. That is the future of Europe.

Anonymous said...

White nationalist revolution is our only hope. Check out the north west front, check out kai murros, mindweapons at ragnorak.
Adopt the fourteen words, make them your creed.
Get smart and subvert the zog ruled system from within if you are well placed. Employ only whites, recruit whites to our cause.

Anonymous said...

Remember we are at war. The zog declared war against us, they neglected to tell us. We must now return the favour. If we do not fight we will perish, choose your destiny.

Anonymous said...

Europe needs another -antimuslim Hitler. But before action tell muslims: "out-or else".


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