Thursday, 21 March 2013

Source: Daily Mail


Timmy said...

Oh, for crying out loud. Wait, I get it, this is a Monty Python sketch. Good one, very funny.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was: "is this a joke?"
But of course it is a joke, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

No surprise: the Archbishopric of Canterbury is a political appointment in that the First (Prime) Minister presents a list of potential candidates to the Monarch (who is Supreme Governor of the Church of England) and this list includes suggestions from the Anglican clergy, obviously. It does not matter which political power, or coalition of them, is in power in Britain; the intention is to destroy the basic foundations of the country: its racial, religious, cultural and legal structures. One of the means by which that is accomplished is through ridicule, as we see in these pictures of the event. But one shouldn't blame only the politicians; a people who take their eye off their leaders (including their monarch) and who just assume all will continue as it always has, and who fall for every mantra presented to them ('tolerance,' 'equality', 'diversity') actually assist this destruction. Same in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada. Nobody even noticed that the Queen signed over Britain's, and her own, sovereignty, to the EU when she granted Royal Assent to the Lisbon Treaty and all it includes and portends. As for her heir, Charles has made clear over many decades his appreciation for Islam. Whether you consider this to be stupidity, naivetee, dhimmitude, or a cynical move to ingratiate himself with a possible future demographic, the fact is, he is ultimately the greater danger than another useless Archbishop of Canterbury. And don't expect too much from William or his wife, Kate, who, as a child living in the Middle East, attended a school where even the Christian children were taught poems praising Mohamed (I saw the article up at the DM, it was quickly removed and thrown down the memory hole, along with the picture of the Queen all rigged out in gold brocade full Moslem dress when visiting a mosque in a ME country.)

Maybe they ought to ditch this Germanic princeling 'house of windsor', bring back the Plantagenets, and get rid of the CoE. Then they might stand a chance of dealing with the other 'challenges.'

daithikent said...

I thought it unfitting for a Cathedral never mind Canterbury and the enthronement of the Archbishop. More suited for a 'lower' church/temple - then perhaps not.

Anonymous said...

When you turn your back on Scripture, all kinds of weird things are unleashed.

Anonymous said...

YKY control Britain and have ever since 1916 when the British govt did a deal with ykw - ykw would bring the US into the war if ykw was gifted pales tine (see Balfour declaration). Americas intervention prolonged the war and cost the lives of more than one million white europeans - including my great grandfather. Britain has been controlled by ykw ever since. Ykw control over 70% of the media in the US. Its a moot point that The corresponding figure for europe isn't quite as high, the control exerted by ykw overall is vice like.
Ykw intellectuals lead the drive to delegitimise white christian countries. Search for the un censored talmud, read Cal state Professor McDonalds critiques on jewish group survival tactics, inform yourself!

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

What's YKY?

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