Friday, 29 March 2013

The Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema is said to have donated 3 million euros for the construction of a mosque in his city of birth, Lyon. It was after he received information from one of his friends that the mosque needed 6 million euros to finance its construction that the player of Algerian origin, who is a Muslim, immediately made a donation of 3 million euros, half of the sum required.
Source: Le Butier

This is the same player who recently said in a radio interview that he would never sing the French national anthem, the Marseillaise, when playing for the French football team.

They're not going to force me to sing the Marseillaise.


Walter Sieruk said...

The construction of a mosque means a lot more then the a building of a place for Muslims to worship their Islamic god,Allah. It also stands for the sysbolism of how Islam is suprime in the country that the Mosque in build on. There are many examples of this. Nevertheless, to put in a short way, it's good to site the former Muslim and Hezbollah member who is now a Christian ,Dr. Daniel Shayesth, who on page 99 of his book ISLAM: THE HOUSE I LEFT BEHIND in which he explains "The mosque is vital for establishing Muslims as sovereign over non-Muslims in a non-Islamic society or country symbolizes Islam's claim over that society or country, even one with a non-Muslim majority."

Anonymous said...

How long will it take the whites to realise they are being genocided?
When france is 50% non-white (not far off) algeria will still be 100% algerian. Its the same for all the other non white countries from which the invaders come- every one remains 100% unchanged demographicslly. Its not about islam taking over the west- its about the destruction of the white race. The zog uses the muslims as one weapon against the whites, the zog arsenal contains many such weapons. The goal? Destroy white dominance once and for all time. The only way to achieve that is to turn us into minorities in our own countries

Anonymous said...


is anyone going to boycott his games?

Anonymous said...

I think europe should be for europeans but...

Fuck you white-power supporter scumbag, this has nothing to do with race, but has all to do with certain mindset and ideas. You are not the only ones who are suffering because of this problem nor the ones who are suffering the most so stop crying like a faggot (in fact -people like- you helped to draft the conditions for this problem and -people like you- owe so much to humanity, and thanks to your supremacist past and present narcissism, those muslim and socialist miscreants have got a good pretext for doing all the abominations that they are doing without being unchalleged).

Like it or not, humanity is the same abomination, you are no superior to others nor better or more special so shut the fuck up.

Fucking ns maggot, you are a rot of this problem. People like you make others to wish for your extermination.

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