Tuesday, 12 March 2013

This organisation receives massive EU financing.
Racism(s) in Europe: the end of inhibition

Brussels, 8 March 2013 – Racism in Europe takes many forms, new and old. More worryingly, an uninhibited form of racism has emerged, using freedom of expression and ‘white victimhood’ as justifications for promoting exclusion and discrimination. A new publication by the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) explores how racism manifests itself today and how we can counter racist and xenophobic attitudes and discourses.

In today’s Europe, freedom of expression is increasingly used to justify the ‘right to offend’ ethnic and religious minorities and incite hatred against others, thus legitimising racism in the name of this right. For instance, in the Netherlands, some native Dutch people aggressively defend the tradition of the racist ‘Zwarte Piet’ figure, regardless of the hurt it causes to others.

In parallel, an ideology of ‘white victimhood’, or ‘reverse racism’, has been developing across Europe, whereby minorities and people from other cultures are portrayed as endangering the ‘native’ population, who would have become a ’minority’ in its own society. In Eastern Europe, paramilitary groups are resurging, claiming to defend the ‘fatherland’ against minorities, in particular the Roma. In Southern Europe, the view that the ‘natives’ are victims of ‘uncontrolled migration’ is more and more widespread, whereas in Western Europe, it is the notion that the majority citizens’ rights have been eroded by excessive attention to the rights of minority communities.

As a result of these interlinked developments, manifestations of racism(s) have become more assertive and politically acceptable. Yet European states and political leaders have not taken their responsibilities to respond to and counter these trends, due to a misguided fear of losing part of their electorate despite the fact that two-thirds of Europeans support policies in favour of equality and justice.

In this light, ENAR calls for concerted action, in particular by courageous political leaders, to actively delegitimise current racist and xenophobic discourses in Europe by proposing an alternative and inclusive project for Europe, fostering equality for all by making sure everyone can access a well remunerated and quality job. Work at the local level is also essential to develop a new, positive sense of shared belonging in local communities where racist discourses resonate strongly.


Anonymous said...

Quote: fostering equality for all by making sure everyone can access a well remunerated and quality job

Where the hell does everyone get access a well remunerated and quality job??

These people are mad.


sheik yer'mami said...

"This organisation receives massive EU financing."

Spiced with Petro-dollars from the OIC, for sure.

Walter Sieruk said...

Islam is not a race.It is a religious/political/ cultural system. Or to put it in a more clear way an maybe even better way. It can be said Islam is a death cult. The Quran and other written works of Islam teach Violence and killing. Just to site one of the many parts of the Quran that teach this is Sura 9:112. "The belivers fight in Allah's Cause, they slai and are slain, kill and are killed." As anyone who is willing to see in the news will see. Many Muslims are very glad to go by this teaching. They are so brainwashed.

Anonymous said...

Wherever you see the word 'multiculture' preface it with'anti-White'. That's what's really going on, the ZOG that rules over us is anti-White and bent on genociding us.

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