Thursday, 14 March 2013
We know a little more about the robbery of a bank on Wednesday evening in the la Guillotière district in Lyon.

According to the initial elements of the investigation, the two individuals were dressed in burkas. Armed, they threatened employees to make them hand over the contents of two safes, before taking flight. The amount stolen is estimated at 170,000 euros.
Source: Lyonmag


Anonymous said...


Is this blog a joke? I don't get it. It can't be serious, right?

I hope it's not simple scaremongering... but I don't get the humour!



Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 15:10: I don't think the bank's employees found much to laugh about either. This is the West, we shouldn't be tolerating masked individuals in public, apart from children at Hallowe'en or brides on their way to church; lots of reasons why, and not the least is that our legal systems are founded on the concept of openness, the right of an accused to face his accuser, it's about equality (not the PC version) and so we don't accept the idea (as in Islam) that a female is an "aw'rat" (a shameful orifice) that has to be covered, and all the evil that attends on that view of a human being. So, our 'accepting' and 'tolerating' this clothing, and all it represents, means we make ourselves all the more vulnerable. Criminals plan their crimes largely based on how vulnerable and unprotected they think their victims are; this lot figured the French had surrendered to PC long ago with burkhas so they might as well surrender their wealth too.

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