Monday, 25 March 2013

Die Freiheit (Freedom) is the German affiliate of Geert Wilders' party. One of its officials, Claus Schaffer, has resigned because he is being terrorised by anti-fascist leftists. At the weekend, they vandalised his car outside his home and stole two tyres from it.
I have always been engaged with the Civil rights party for more freedom and democracy DIE FRIEHEIT on the basis of our freedom-based democratic constitution. I have always criticised deplorables states of affairs in politics and society and draw attention to them in moderate tones and have always spoken up for increased democracy, and above all true democracy, namely one that is controlled by the people. To defy these anti-democratic forces and continue my extra-parliamentary struggle by democratic means would, I feel, be easy on my own. However, I cannot also take this decision for my family and thus impose on them this permanent burden. For this reason, I terminate my political work in the Civil rights party for more freedom and democracy DIE FREIHEIT and withdraw from all offices that I have been confided with.

I would like to thank all friends and members of FREIHEIT for their support and ask for their understanding and acceptance of my decision.

Claus Schaffer
Source: Die Freiheit Via: Quotenqueen

On their websites, the leftists openly admit to having carried out this attack and boast of having driven their victim out of politics.


Anonymous said...

If we all cave in to the anti white forces like this our demise will be even faster lol

Anonymous said...

indeed, what a coward.

Anonymous said...

I do not think this man is a coward. Since no one is standing by him, he cannot watch his family be destroyed. We do not know precisely what was happening. Perhaps his wife was on the verge of divorcing him. He should not be facing this alone.

First of all, the government should not allow this. They should pursue the leftists relentlessly and make an example of them, so others see that it is not worth it to try this kind of thing.

Also, Der Freiheit party should band together, hire an attorney and, if necessary, a private investigator, and go after the leftists in whatever ways possible-- lawsuits, anything they can do.

And they should go after the police and other government officials if the police and other government officials do not protect Der Freiheit politicians. To begin with, this man's persecution should prompt Der Freiheit to protest in front of the offices of the officials who are not doing their jobs. They should hold press conferences denouncing the government officials who have done nothing. If possible, they should sue or file criminal charges of discrimination, negligence, or whatever they can use as grounds for a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

When u leave it to the government you are sure to lose... so that argument i cant understand. They created it, and solving it would mean admitting to their errors. Wich wil never happen. If people arent willing to make sacrifices they wil never succeed. This man is taking the easy way out. So i wil call him for what he is. A coward.

Anonymous said...

He may be a coward, but he is still a lot braver than those who just watch and do nothing which are the by far the majority.

And the anti fascist leftist is indeed the fascist leftist, they are the true cowards as they don't have the guts to face Herr Schaffer face to face.

Hermes said...

The worst of all is that the withdrawal of this Freiheit member will encourage them to continue their attacks against other members, 'cause now they see that they can get easily on with their purposes.

One has to care about one's own family, of course, but the problem is that if one does not take action now, then it will be those children and family he so much wants to protect who will experience the result of his fear-induced inactivity. It will be today's children who will have it exponentially harder in the future if their parents draw back from fighting now.

Anonymous said...

Coward and weakling. He should be well aware what he was dealing with before starting his fight.

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