Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Surrounded by friends, a young man in a grey hooded shirt leaves Neustadt district court. His mates celebrate, honouring him like a popstar: here the leader of a Garbsen youth gang walks to freedom...

Guards led Mohammad K. (21), cuffed on his hands and feet, into the chamber six weeks ago when the trial started.

26 were dealt with in 13 charges - including robbery, theft, wounding, threatening, fleeing from the scene of an accident, arson in the Caroline-Herschel school (300,000 euros damage).

Yesterday, shortly before 4 pm, the judge (female) announced the surprise verdict: "Two years youth custody, converted to probation."

...The police have known Mohammad since he was 11.

...The judge: "You have made a very good impression in your three and a half months in remand custody. It also struck us as very positive that on each trial day, after your handcuffs had been taken off, you said 'Good morning' in a friendly way."
Source: Bild

Along with three other people, Mohammad had kicked and beaten another person. This was one of the crimes considered in court.
He had a one-to-one meeting with the victim who had been kicked and spoke to him, explaining why. "I thought you were German, he said," says the victim.

It's clear that the elites of Europe are waging war on their own peoples. Say a bad word about Islam or the repopulation of your country by aliens and you risk imprisonment. Ransack and burn a whole city and beat up people because they are European and you will be allowed to walk free (as long as you say 'Good morning' in a friendly way when they take the handcuffs off).

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Passer by said...

"It's clear that the elites of Europe are waging war on their own peoples."

If western european governments are attempting to get rid of europeans via ethnic cleansing, then those governments can be referred as occupation governments.

Anonymous said...

So, will the EU also make INFIDELOPHOBIA a "hate crime?"

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