Monday, 11 March 2013
Marine Le Pen, president of the Front National, said on Monday that French society was "retreating" in the face of the demands of an "Islamic fundamentalism", citing a refusal by NGOs to accept donations of food that contained pork.

...According to her, "French society is retreating, French leaders are retreating in the fact of the demands" of this "fundamentalism". "When we see that our company Air France no longer has pork in its meals, that more and more school canteens no longer offer pork in the meals, that it's the same with government canteens, that humanitarian associations like Restaurants du coeur and Secours catholique refuse donations of products that contain pork, aren't we just submitting to the demands of the greatest extremists?", asked the far right leader.
Source: Le Point


Anonymous said...

The Resistance meets in a hideout after the Islamic conquest of Europe.


teresa bowen said...

Good to know that there are still charity who will help us for free.

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