Friday, 29 March 2013

There's some interesting information about Imran Firasat in a comment thread on the BareNakedIslam site. The owner of the site said that Firasat was pressuring her to "co-sponsor" his next movie. Yeah, right. Also he was harassing her to put up a "Donate to Imran" button on her site. This fits perfectly with the description of Firasat from some of his Spanish business partners in the article I part-translated here. He is skilled in manipulating people, telling them what they want to here, befriending them and making them feel special. Then comes the demand for cash. I the free speech and Counterjihad organisations that are offering Firasat assistance in his legal difficulties with the Spanish government are triple-checking any expenses claims Firasat is making.
The relevant comment is reproduced below.

BareNakedIslam: IC, we were all fooled. I’m glad I found out when I did because he had asked me to be a co-sponsor of his next movie. I was considering it until then.

The possibility that he is still a muz gave me the creeps. He kept asking me to put a Donation button up for him on my blog which I declined to do. I told him he could put a Paypal button on his own blog. He asked me about 5 times for that.
Source: BareNakedIslam

Let's not forget that Firasat claimed in an interview that he had won a 200,000 euro judgement from a Spanish newspaper that had published a "defamatory" article about him in late 2010. There is no evidence that this judgement was ever awarded and Firasat has refused to provide any. If he is telling the truth, however, why would he need money now? Surely he would still be rolling in his 200,000 euros?


Maria José said...

Italy's coastguard said on Friday it had intercepted eight flimsy and rickety boats carrying more than 470 migrants (INVADERS), mostly from Africa, who were attempting to reach Italian shores over the past two days.

Maria José said...

Cuatro musulmanes detenidos por provocar una pelea al paso de una procesión en Melilla

El consejero de Seguridad Ciudadana, Francisco Javier Calderón reconoce que lo que ocurrió anoche es "una falta de respeto que no se puede permitir". Por eso confía en que la Ley actúe "con contundencia"

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