Wednesday, 6 March 2013

"Copenhagen Police arrested four close family members of a 17-year-old girl Tuesday night (March 5th 2013). ... Those arrested are two married couples with Palestinian background - the girl's parents and her aunt and uncle. ... It is a case of honor-related violence, which apparently stems from the fact that the family could not accept that the girl has got a Danish boyfriend.
The girl's parents picked her up Monday at Nørrebro and according to the prosecutor they lured her to come with them to visit some family members in Taastrup (Copenhagen suburb), where other family members waited for her. The father told one of the other family members that he or she was allowed to kill her, and that the father did not want to see her again.
Then the girl's parents left, and the girl was ordered to undress, after which she was beaten with a leather belt, got her hair cut off and had a belt tightened around her neck so she could not breathe.
The violence lasted for two hours but stopped, as the 17-year-old succeeded in escaping from the house. She then called the police."
Souce: DR - Honor-violence: 17-year-old girl whipped


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for those of us who really want to live peacefully, the violence coming from muslim extremism will only get worse... before anything gets better.

Islam will be its own undoing. One day, it will be crushed by the weight of its own hypocrisy. People are already awakened by the reality that this cult is disguising itself as a religion; and all for political power only. Islam is all about absolute global domination. It has nothing to do with living peacefully, or worshipping God.

Anonymous said...

This has always existed within Islam but the real question is why is Europe Canada Us and Uk allowing it such freedom within their walls. So they caught one or two tragedies but the ban on evangelizing this cult must be considered

ChrisLA said...

The most complete concise sourcebook for Sharia Law is “Reliance of the Traveller,” which can be accessed on-line at:

This is what the manual says:

1. Obligation to Command the Right and Forbid the Wrong -- Muslims are obligated to discipline others. If censuring with harsh words, breaking things, or intimidation does not work, Muslims are obligated “to directly hit or kick the person, or use similar measures that do not involve weapons.” (Section q5.8)

2. Wife beating – “[A husband] may hit her, but not in a way that injures her, meaning he may not break bones, wound her, or cause blood to flow.” (Section m10.12)

3. Honor killing – “The following are not subject to retaliation: a father or mother for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring. (Section o1.2(4))

Anonymous said...

In a democracy, the people have the power to replace their government. The government does not have the power to replace its people! The E.U.'s perversion of the concept of human rights to justify massive migrations is actually an attack on democracy itself.
One can provide for 100 refugees and asylum-seekers in camps located in Africa or the Middle East for a price less than the cost of supporting one refugee family in Europe! If the goal were truly to help refugees, we could help many more refugees by keeping them on their home continents! But, of course, helping refugees is not the goal at all.
How can European feminists be so blind to the treason which is being committed against them in the name of the "human rights" of democracy-haters to invade European democracies?

Anonymous said...

If they do that to family members just imagine what they'd do to you and me given half the chance
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Muslim's should not be allowed to move to Non Muslim countries.

John Henry said...

Couldn't they have just taken away her iphone or something? Muslims are crazy and must be gotten rid of.

Anonymous said...

Send all those stupid muslims back where they come from.

Anonymous said...

Those disgusting idiots claims they are muslim and did something good....this had nothing to do with islam. Killing someone, yet along torture is a sin. They are some pricks that should burn in hell. I hope their daughter gets a better life.

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