Saturday, 23 February 2013

Although pick-pocketing may seem among the more minor of the problems that Muslims contribute to the world, in its way this story is a good illustration of the age of lunacy that we are living through. The story is about an all-female pickpocketing gang
known as "Las Bosnias". It doesn't say specifically that they are Muslims, but they have Islamic names so I think we can assume that they are.

What's most striking about it is that the same gang has been operating for years, as reported by the press, and known to the police, committing hundreds of crimes every month, and the police do nothing about it! Yet if someone was to say something like,"We shouldn't let all these Muslim criminals into our country," they would probably be arrested and imprisoned for that.
The group always acted in the same way. They moved from their place of residence, in Leganés, to the busiest underground stations, where they tried to go undetected by the police. For this reason, they pretended to be tourists or went heavily clothed. But it wasn't just the underground they liked. They also came to big events like football matches, concerts and demonstrations, where they would use various methods to commit robberies.

The roles were well defined and divided up among the five. The leader and most experienced of the group, Raifa I., 30, is responsible for allocating the robbery areas and identifying the victims. Immediately below her is Zahida I., 36, who removes or steals the wallets. The other three women district the victim or cover their colleagues so that no one can see them.

The police explain why they are in the street despite so many arrests: they commit minor robberies without violence. "If there's no robbery, it's a 'zero penalty', we can't even detain them. For it to be a crime of robbery, and for us to be able to arrest them and take them before a judge, they have to have stolen more than 400 euros," says a spokesman. Usually, pickpockets like this are booked, so when they are caught red-handed, they are identified and cited in a summary misdemeanour trial, which they come to if they feel like it, otherwise not. In the trial, they'll be given a fine, which they don't usually pay because they declare insolvency.

...In 2006, this newspaper already described how "Las Bosnias" were conducting themselves in a report on the Bus Station South, where a hundred robberies were taking place each month, 30% of them above 400 euros. The Bosnias, said this piece, "arrive in a group, start to create a scene, shouting and end up surrounding someone who doesn't know how to get away. By the time they realise it, their wallet has been stolen".
Source: El País

The gang has now been banned from Madrid metro stations, but still not imprisoned.


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This looks like something interesting and perhaps worth commenting on:

It's about Leftist antisemitism and its origins in Hitler's ideology. It draws a parallel between the left and fascism.

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