Friday, 22 February 2013
The rebarbative article by Tim Stanley is here. Here is my reply to it.

It is your genocidal immigrationist ideology that is the true sickness. Your ideology is genocidal because it denies the existence of peoples as anything other than serfs whose identity is defined by governments based on an administrative status called citizenship. It denies the existence of peoples as anything deeper than that, in the terms recognised by the genocide convention; or, if it deigns to acknowledge their existence at all, denies them the moral right to a home of their own, where they can practise their own culture living amongst their own kind.

Wishing to live in a secure living space with others of your own kind is a core human instinct. All people on earth feel it. But only Europeans are stigmatised for expressing it. Even the alien peoples currently colonising Europe immediately form ghettos where they can live amongst their own. The Muslims systematically drive out non-Muslims to take control of specific areas. The fantasy of different peoples melding together into some delicious-tasting sludge exists only in the minds of the people who rule us and the people who minister to their interests through public information outlets (like you).

Even in the USA, the different peoples form ghettos and territories of their own. The melting pot is a fantasy. Insofar as it worked at all, it worked because the people coming together were Europeans, with broad cultural commonalities. Even to the extent that it works, it is horrific and genocidal. Why should people have to abolish their own differences, erase everything that makes them distinctive, rather than preserve them and cherish them? It is not the BNP who are the true heirs to Hitler, but you. Your ideology ultimately denies the right of European peoples to exist by denying them the right to a home of their own; and its clear practical consequence is the ever-intensifying hybridisation of Europe with Asia and Africa. It is not moral or admirable. It is institutionalised genocide.

Systems that depend on the systematic repression of the democratic will of the people, on the criminalisation of their free speech, on turning the education system into an instrument of propaganda and on across-the-board falsification of media reporting to serve political purposes attract sick people to service their interests. Sick people like you, Tim Stanley. You are the moral equivalent of those who once plied their trade for Pravda, serving the interests of a totalitarian system on behalf of its rulers.


Caturo said...

That Stanley is just another priest of the Holy Church of Xenocentrism of the Last Days of the West. Such form of lives do really believe that to keep barriers and frontiers and identities is a sin, and that the Self is evil (i.e., in the case, the White Man), which means that it is morally mandatory for a person of European origin to be ethno-masochist and anti-racist or else it is an evil person. For this kind of people the idea of preserving any (European) ethnic identity should be forbidden and it's militants arrested, for the European haves no right to defend his/her own identity in his/her own land. And that's why the timstanleys can not, can not, and can not, be respected as human beings. To respect such type of creatures is a major offense to Respect itself.

Anonymous said...


Have a look here


Anonymous said...

I read Stanley's blog and noted at the end he links 'far-Right' and 'nationalism' with paedophilia. The DT has what many of its readership seem to regard as a disproportionate interest in what it refers to as "same-sex" marriage, rights, ad nauseum. The DT also remains quite silent about most aspects of Islam, particularly the sexual degeneracy which is a distinct feature of the ideology. Homosexuals in Britain and the US, as well as Europe, have long since shown a determined interest in lowering 'the age of consent' to enable them to have sex with pre-pubescent children. Most people understand that the Islamic emphasis on segregation of the sexes, and mandated sexual abuse in Islam, encourages homosexuality while discouraging open signs in public of such conduct (so much of Islam is about deceit against the self, as well as against those outside the 'believers'). The DT was silent about the Moslem gang-rapes (thousands of victims, and thousands of perpetrators, over decades, against British children --- Christian, Hindu and Sikh) and only grudgingly took note of the many trials of some of the rapists now taking place. It's time the very strong link between the Left and Paedophilia was exposed.

As for Stanley, I seldom read him but stumbled across an article he wrote on CNN's website a year or so ago, in which he expressed his admiration for Islam, complete with all the usual nonsense (religion of peace, great civilisation, tolerance for other religions....). The American comments took his article apart, sentence by sentence. I don't know if he has ever written such a laudatory piece on Islam at the DT but it doesn't surprise me to read his attempt at deflection from the Left's own interest in, and support for, paedophilia.

Once the public makes the connection between the Left, Islam and Paedophilia, it will be all over for dying print media, as it just about is for the BBC.

Anonymous said...

" Homosexuals in Britain and the US, as well as Europe, have long since shown a determined interest in lowering 'the age of consent' to enable them to have sex with pre-pubescent children"

I was with you until that ^

You're completely wrong, the people who find prepubescent children attractive are aberrant, regardless of sex. You do realise that paedophilia isn't just sexual interest in little boys, but also in little girls?

No, most while most homosexuals and heterosexuals find adolescents attractive, those who are interested in toddlers, babies and otherwise prepubescent children are well known to suffer from psychological dysfunction. They literally cannot function in society. Interestingly, a large percentage also seem to be left handed.

Why not focus your animosity toward Islam and then try to tackle homosexuality when that battle is won?

Anonymous said...

Homos cannot perpetuate without pedos

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous#3: Yes, I include lesbians amongst paedophiles. Thanks to a DT article a few years back about homosexuals/lesbians in Massachusetts (US), I looked at the website of a group opposing the pervert agenda in that state's schools and was astonished at the degree of indoctrination of children (including kindergarteners) into homosexual and lesbian sexual activities, through books, classes, 'games', how to "do it" (oral, anal, fists, I really need to go on?), and of the harassment (legal, physical, media) of parents objecting to their children being drawn into, and directed towards, such abuse of selves and others.

It's not 'animosity' any decent person should feel about this, but moral outrage and refusal to tolerate it. How do you feel about child 'marriage': are you for it or against it, because the Koran and Islamic law are emphatically 'for' it. I think you fail to realise that the Left/Liberals, by encouraging sexual perversion among Western children, is 'priming' them, and society at large, to accept greater islamisation.

Elisabeth Sabbaditsch-Wolff, an Austrian lecturer, was found guilty only recently, of referring to Mohamad as a paedophile; the deciding female judge (so much for 'feminism') completely rejected Mohamad's conduct (confirmed in the Hadiths) as being that of a paedophile because his child 'bride' "stayed with him" after the sexual consummation of the marriage. Also, the Left/Liberal support and enabling of massive 'immigration' into Europe and Britain involves a significant number of pre-pubescent and pubescent children as sex slaves/prostitutes which also fits in well with Islamic teachings.

Not much point in trying to 'save' the West if that involves 'saving' the very moral degradation which has helped to weaken our response to the Islamic threat.

Johnny Rottenborough said...

Stanley is a seriously mixed-up kid. In one of his early Telegraph blogs, he explained that he had worshipped the Left in his younger days but that he now thought of himself as a right-winger. However, the bile that pours out of him when writing about nationalist parties (in this piece he talks of Marine Le Pen’s ‘moral evil’) shows that, whatever he imagines, he is still of the Left.

He comes across as a Roman Catholic of the zealous variety (having converted from Protestantism); perhaps his faith, or his interpretation of it, impels him to embrace the alien at whatever cost to his country and his race.

Anonymous said...

Jesus CZ next thing you'll be quoting the 14 Words
Go you

Anonymous said...

@ 02.41
Homo is one of the new religions, its spokespeople are zealots on a mission to what? Ensure the disappearance of white children, mainly, that's what.
Interestingly many of the invaders literally hate homos yet the stupid homos big plank is tolerance of diversity. The diversity is as bad for homos as it is for all the other whites. Homo? Dumb as dog shit, turn ass fucking into a religion lol.
I've got nothing against homos but km utterly sick of their whingeing and their useless death embrace.

Anonymous said...

Homsexuality is just another lifestyle in the age of designer lifestyles. l'm over people claiming special status based on their lifestyle/leisure pursuits - its really boring.

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