Thursday, 21 February 2013
Danish CEPOS - Center for Political Studies - is a conservative-liberal think tank:

"The controversial cartoons that were published in Jyllands-Posten in 2005 and triggered a subsequent major diplomatic crisis, will soon be published again.
This time in a 20-minute long short film by Jacob Mchangama, General Counsel for Cepos ...
Since the cartoon crisis was what triggered the debate on free speech, the cartoons will be included in the fillm, said Mchangama.
"I can not see how I can make a film about the importance of being able to criticize and make satire of religion without showing the cartoons. It's a documentary, so it has to show what it's about," McHangama said.
Source: Politiken - Danish liberal to show cartoons in new film


Anonymous said...

He is a brave man.
An interesting article about "equality" for you CZ
and this stupendous article by Prof. Kevin MacDonald in an Oz publication. If youre not familiar with Prof MacDonald he is at SOCAL and has written about Jewish group survival. He goes where no academic dares to tread, and he is pure intellect!

Anonymous said...

Further to the notion of group survival and being allowed to maintain, flaunt and and even indulge in ones "group" - everyobody but whites are encouraged to do just that.
When white people attempt it or raise the subject of their own groups survival - they are screamed down. The system is stacked against whites now.

Anonymous said...

I term the remarks of Anonymous #2 as 'self-perpetuating victimhood." You keep repeating that the system is stacked against whites, Christians, Europeans, etc long enough and you ensure you keep yourself, and everyone else, silent. Just speak up, calmly, logically and with the evidence and you'll find, probably to your immense surprise, that most people actually agree and were just hoping somebody 'else' would be the one to start the ball rolling!

Anonymous said...

Besides a step of courage, the representations of the cartoons are necessary in a society threatened by Islamic intolerance. The Muslims are still only a minority – but a very loud one and frequently handy on violence. Thus, a reprint of the famous Muhammad-drawings (and other controversial images related to Islam) says, in fact, two things: We (non-Muslims) are not intimidated by your verbal vomit, and second get used to it. The Muslims should be bombarded with cartoons and other insulting things just to get less sensible in their nervous systems. So the issue has a medical as well as a psychological advantage in itself.

The Fog Horn said...

Please read my personal account of life in a muslim ghetto in Leicester and please publish it or pass it on. Thanks.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

It's not that clear from what you write that it is your own experience. Why don't you write another version of it, describing some of the incidents in more detail, rather than just summarising them? Also leave out the stuff about a volcano god and focus on what you've experienced personally and can verify. Then I'll publish it here with a link to your site, so can people can follow up on your volcano god theories if they want.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 3
The muslim and other invaders will give you many reasons why they are coming to your country- but not the real reason. There is a kind of conspiracy to destroy the West- which is white people.
Most people know there's a problem but there's a disconnect between knowing there's a problem and being able to identify the causes ie being able or willing to identify those who are the architects and managers of our destruction. If you want answers first you have to clear your mind of prejudices - we have all of us been indoctrinated with marxist crap.
By the time the whites work it out it will be too late.

jowdjbrown said...

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