Saturday, 16 February 2013
This does not come as a surprise:
"'- 70 percent of domestic violence involve families with immigrant back ground. The cultures we are talking about use little alcohol and do not celebrate Christmas,' says coordinator of the police's effort against domestic violence in Oslo, Stein Erik Olsen to Nettavisen. He adds:

'- Det vi har sett her på Stovner er at antall saker har gått ned under ramadan,'"

Source: Nettavisen - - are behind 70 percent of domestic violence in Oslo

"Immigrants in Telemark are overrepresented in most crime areas. This is the conclusion in a study made by the police in Telemark.

'Politimeister Rita Kilvær is particularly worried about the increase of domestic violence in minority communities.

'- There are three times as many people who are either victims of domestic violence or who are committing it' ...

The report shows that theft and domestic violence are more often committede by immigrants than among the rest of the population."

Souce: NRK - Here immigrants are overrepresented in crime stats


Anonymous said...

They always judge us. They say infidels are this and that, but look what they do? beating and stealing. Norway is a rich western country, they have a privilege life living there to compare the places they lived before, like Afghanistan, Pakistan or Somalia, and even they have privilege lifestyle in Norway or other western cities they are still not satisfied. They stealing and fighting and beating and terrorizing and creating chaos for the Norwegian police or the British police or others. Maybe it is time to think about not importing or giving refuge in a European or American cities to this kind of immigrants. They don't like us, they are against our way, they don't like our freedom or democracy, they don't like eating pork products, they don't like alcohol or music and some of them are even against Christmas tree celebrations.

daithikent said...

It was once said that these Scandinavian countries were a beacon for social enlightenment. What a joke - they seem like a failure in social experimentation. Scarey

Anonymous said...

Daithikent, you are right to a degree, but all is not lost yet, BUT you are right that these "enlightened cultural marxists" that have ruled all over western Europe, has come very close to a TOTAL screw-up in this area.

I once saw the destitute, hopeless look of a social worker in Oslo in face of the onslaught of ugly, welfare-leeching mainly Somalians but also some other immigrants. I live in Oslo. Even some of the people who work with this, in the worst areas of Oslo, are on the verge of breakdowns or giving up. However, you have to keep in mind Oslo and all cities in Norway are very small, so it's not like there's ample opportunity to create more segregated cities so that the immigrant ghettoes can breakdown even further, while the Norwegians live in peaceful areas further away than before. This can solve a lot.

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