Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Source: Telegraph


King Lear said...

What a twat.

Not necessary but it made me feel better.

Anonymous said...

These are Sikhs not Muslims!!

Anonymous said...

But the issue is our Prime Minister is behaving like a moron for changing his dress and manner for the sake of a foreign culture

Do sikh officials visiting western countries take off their turbans? Do they walk the streets or go to our schools without their daggers? Nope. There have even been trials where Sikhs fought for the right to wear their blades

That's the issue people have with this.

Anonymous said...

If you think Cameron looks a fool among the Sikhs, cast your eyes over this photo of the Queen of England, all kitted out in regulation Moslem female garb when visiting the United Arab Emirates a few years ago.

"Queen of Dhimmis, Empress of the Anti-Empire, Defender of the Islamic Faith, Head of the Surrender of England"

As with Cameron, pure 'politesse' is not what it's about; it's submission, and only talk (if that) and no action, when it comes to defending the core beliefs of one's own country and people.

Anonymous said...

They are Sikhs not Moslems! They are not traitors like Moslems.Learn to distinguish between religions!

Anonymous said...

Quite right. They're Sikhs, whose faith Muslims will despise despite the monotheism. They're harmless, integrate well while retaining their identity. It was a decent gesture by Cameron, acknowledging a great wrong we did them once (condemned by Churchill). I don't think the picture should remain; indeed, an apology would seem in order.

Anonymous said...

I'm Indian, I can't stand the Sikh garb, I think it makes all of us brown people look like idiots and muslim terrorists. I will say in their defense however, Sikhs played a pivotal role in preventing India from becoming Islamified. Also I have non-turban Sikh friends, they're very good people, quite normal as most non-muslims.

Perhaps in the coming third world war Sikhs may play a vital role in helping us destroy Islam.

Anonymous said...

Its not allowed to wear footwear and its mandatory to cover your head in their temple (Gurudwara). They are really harmless and nice people.

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