Monday, 4 February 2013

Muslim who "helped found the National Association of Muslim Police" denied promotion because he can't speak English properly "his media interview skills were not of a suitable standard" demands police recruit more Muslims "ethnic minorities".
He told the BBC: "It's about having that cultural understanding when you're planning the firearms operation – do you understand the cultural aspects that might be misinterpreted as being aggression within a particular community?

"Do you understand when communities are praying on a particular day?" adding that having more officers from different backgrounds would also help cut translation costs.

"But ultimately it's the right thing to do. We need to make sure that people who join feel confident that they can join different parts of the organisation."

He had earlier told the Guardian: “We have not managed to replicate the communities we serve. Our major cities are majority ethnic minority and yet the police force remains stubbornly white.”
Source: Telegraph


alas said...

I wonder whether readers of this blog would prefer to change the police, or the communities? I know what I would prefer.

Anonymous said...

There is an alternative word for 'testicles' that should not be used in mixed company. To my great regret.

Seneca III

Anonymous said...

P.S. How, half wit, how can a majority be a minority, ethnic or otherwise?

Sorry, should not have called a muslim a half wit - that's an insult to half wit's.

Seneca III

PamM said...

"Our major cities are majority ethnic minority and yet the police force remains stubbornly white"

London might have an ethnic majority but none of the others do. Why do Muslims always lie? The reason he wants more Muslim police is because he knows they'll turn a blind eye to all the Muslim criminals even more than the current dhimmis do. What we really need is more English nationalists in the police to clear the vermin off the streets.

Maria José said...

El número de marroquíes supera ya al de alemanes y británicos en 14 municipios de Mallorca

Anonymous said...

This is racial discrimination against whites.

Now if it had been the other way round!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, it is racial discrimination to whites. Let sue the muslim for being racist. (Fyi, I am not white)

Bluepanic said...

South Wales Police recruitment for Somali community

South Wales Police are holding special recruitment evenings to encourage members of the Somali community to join the force.

The event will highlight different roles within the police service, and raise awareness of employment opportunities.

The vision of South Wales Police is to be the best at understanding and responding to our communities needs.

In order to achieve this in a multi-cultural city such as Cardiff we need a workforce that reflects and represents our communities.

We hope events such as this will encourage people from all sections of community to consider a career with their local police force and we thank the South Wales Somali Community for this invite and their on-going support.

Information will be available for a variety of roles, including Police Officers, Public Service Centre operators and administration support staff.

On behalf of South Wales Somali Community, we are delighted to be associated with this unique partnership between the Somali Community and South Wales Police.

We encourage communities across South Wales to join us at this event, learn more of the employment opportunities and to engage with South Wales Police on issues affecting our communities.

We look forward to continuing our dialogue with South Wales Police and build on this unique Community and Police partnership by advocating for a police force that represents the best of our communities in South Wales.

– Mr. Abdikarim Abdi Adan, Director of Somali Advice and Information Centre

The recruitment evenings will be held at the Best Centre in Butetown on Wednesday January 16, and Wednesday January 23 from 4.30pm until 7pm.


Anonymous said...

There would never be a special recruitment event for the English community because there's no official recognition of the " English ".

jaeger said...

When England becomes a muslim country,which it will, if only through demographic alone,then the blame has to be laid on it's leaders. "TOLERANCE BECOMES A CRIME WHEN APPLIED TO EVIL". -Thomas Mann, early 19th.century german Philosopher and Author.

Anonymous said...

I am of Nordic "white" (European) ancestry. If I were to move to England and were granted citizenship by Britain I would do so accepting the fact that no matter how long I lived there I would never be English in the sense that the ethnic English are English. Full ethnic English identity would be something my descendants could claim at some point.

If many other Nordic people were to join me in England to the point that in some communities we were a majority, I would see that as a problem. I would believe that the native English people should be restored to the majority in my community.

If English people were the majority of my Nordic-English community's police force this would be just fine. Why? Because it would be in line with the long-term goal of English ethnic and cultural identity for England.

I expect non-white immigrants-- and their descendants-- in Britain to hold to this same standard. If not, they need to admit they are there as would-be colonists. No one owes them either an apology or any attempt to change the situation to conform to their wishes.

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