Sunday, 17 February 2013
Imran Firasat sent me this image of what purports to be a document from the Spanish government attesting to the fact that he had no criminal record in Spain as of 7 August 2012. He has given me permission to publish it here.

For various reasons, I think this evidence is not conclusive. The Spanish government bureaucracy is not very efficient and is highly regionalised. So I have no faith that the various arms of the Spanish government bureaucracies are able to properly share information with one another. Document forgery is also one of the accusations that has been levelled at Firasat and his partner. And even if it is true that he has no criminal record, that may be because his whereabouts were unknown so criminal charges could not be brought.

Let's review what we know of the basic facts related to Imran Firasat's presence in Europe.

He arrives in Germany in 2004, supposedly from Pakistan, along with the woman Jenny Setiawan he claims is his wife, supposedly an ethnic Chinese Buddhist who is a citizen of Indonesia. Firasat says Setiawan had previously fled Indonesia to Pakistan to escape Muslim fanatics who killed her family in Indonesia. This is perhaps the world's first recorded example of a person fleeing to Pakistan to escape Muslim fanatics.

In Germany, they claim asylum on the basis that both of their countries prohibit marriage between a Muslim and a non-Muslim and that in Pakistan it is punished by death. Firasat claims to have been regularly denounced by neighbours as they moved from one place to another. He says the police tortured him and cut off his thumb. He also says his father was assassinated.

I can't find definitive information about inter-religious marriage in Pakistan and Indonesia, but this reference on Indonesian law says that inter-faith marriages are difficult but not impossible to arrange in Indonesia itself and that, in order to bypass these difficulties, many inter-faith couples wishing to marry travel abroad to do it.

The German authorities reject Firasat's claim for asylum and decide to report the couple. By this stage, Firasat has already shown his great skill in recruiting the media and asylum and immigration NGOs to help his cause. Because he and Setiawan are not married, the German government plans to deport them to separate countries, one to Pakistan, one to Indonesia. The media and asylum seeker organisations create a great fuss around this and eventually the authorities relent and deport them both together to Indonesia. Firasat has no papers to enter Indonesia, though, so the authorities there refuse him entry at the airport and send him back to Germany. After more media and NGO pressure, the German authorities grant him special temporary permission to stay pending deportation(!).

Following the advice of an African he met in the detention centre at the airport, they decide to leave Germany for Spain. According to him, the legislation is more permissive in Spain than in other countries.

In Spain, their asylum claim is also rejected. There, too, Firasat is able to attract great media attention and help from do-gooder organisations.

So far, Firasat has said nothing specifically in criticism of Islam. But Spanish law has a provision allowing a second claim for asylum to be made after a first has been rejected, as long as the elements of the supposed persecution have changed. So then Firasat begins to talk up his critique of Islam and claim that he would be persecuted because of it.

Firasat settles in Cantabria and gets involved in various business activities there with local people, setting up kebab restaurants. He flees Cantabria in 2007, leaving many outraged partners behind who claim they were defrauded. A nationwide search and capture order is issued for him in Spain.

At this point, it seems Firasat returned to Indonesia with his wife, the country where he claimed they could not live initially because they were an interfaith couple and then because he would be persecuted for his criticism of Islam.

At the very least, the fact that he voluntarily returned to a country from which he claimed he would face persecution suggests the original claim for asylum contained a major element of fraud. However, even Ayaan Hirsi Ali admitted to fraud in her asylum application, saying, "all asylum seekers lie".

Firasat is then deported from Indonesia to Spain, where he goes to live in Cordoba, working in a restaurant for another Paki. Indonesia then files murder charges against him, convicts him in absentia, and demands his extradition. Firasat also gets into dispute with his employer in Cordoba, who claims Firasat assaulted him and stole money from him.

At every stage, Firasat has shown extraordinary skill in getting sympathetic attention for his case from the media and other organisations.

Spain has a lot of news websites with almost no standards of professional probity. They pick up and recirculate wild claims without any serious checking. In interviews with these websites, Firasat has claimed that he sued and won damages from newspapers that printed false information about him.

I have asked Firasat for proof that he had won damages from newspapers. Cases like this should leave checkable traces on the internet. He has failed to provide any proof. Instead, in an email he referred to yet another article on yet another website which simply reported that he had won 200,000 euros from the newspaper El Diario Montañes for this article. It is not clear whether the website did anything to confirm this claim or, more likely, simply accepted Firasat's word for it.

Here are some extracts from the article that formed the basis of the supposed lawsuit in which Firasat claims he won 200,000 euros damages. Some of the people in the Counterjihad movement should certainly reflect carefully on the quotes from some of those who had previous dealings with Firasat.
Imran was a "thinking computer", a "very intelligent mind" who never stopped scheming about "how to get more money". This is how two Cantabrians defined the Pakistani Firasat yesterday, the man who resided for almost three years in Cantabria, the region in which he successfully gained political refugee status for himself and his companion, the Indonesian Jenny Setiawan, with whom he formed a couple not "for love", as they both say, "but for business". The incredible aspect of the case is that almost everyone who got to know him, and there were many, "was taken in by his story of a couple persecuted in Pakistan and Indonesia".

..."I saw that it bothered him to have daughters and not sons. I noted that he never said anything about his life in Pakistan, that he had repudiated his religion in public but then said he would go back to his country to look for an appropriate husband for the girls..."
Source: El Diario Montañes

So, after claiming he would be persecuted in Pakistan and that he had abjured Islam, Firasat said he was going to go back there to recruit presumably Muslim husbands for his daughters!
It also started to become clear that he had a "deformation of personality: he was going well, despite the fact that he treated his employees abominably and was terribly calculating. He knew very well who he could stop paying and who not. They always paid the gestoría that handled their paperwork religiously [in Spain a gestoría is a company that handles paperwork with the government bureaucracy, similar to an accountant's practice but covering a broader area], because they were advising them on help they could get and how to obtain it. They drove the employee at the gestoría crazy."
Source: El Diario Montañes

He never stopped thinking about how to get money, the two women agree. One tells of how "one time he asked us for money to go to China and buy machines for the catering business. He said he could get them cheaper there. And he went away for 20 days then, but God knows where. He was a compulsive liar."

..."He was very clever. When the problems started, it was clear that he was a born manipulator, who knew perfectly what to say, who to say it to and in what way. The presence of the children helped him a lot. He took them around everywhere with him. Especially when he was asking for something."

Beneath the appearance of the man in love, hard-working, upright and polite was "the other Imran: the one who hardly paid attention to his wife and children, who he just used for his own purposes, the same one who is thinking now about changing countries. He never stops looking into where he could get the most benefits. He had been looking at Canada and the USA. But the steps he would have to take to do it didn't satisfy him. It would have been very difficult to get into either of them despite his refugee status."
Source: El Diario Montañes

There is no doubt that Firasat is extremely skilled in recruiting people to help his cause. Even before he had said anything about Islam, his case (which, on its face, was unremarkable considering the number of asylum applications processed each year in Europe) attracted extraordinary attention from the media and NGOs. If the quotes from his business partners above are to be believed, Firasat is just an extremely skilled conman who knows how to manipulate people by telling them exactly what they want to hear. If the quote about him planning to return to Pakistan to find husbands for his daughters is accurate, we would have to consider the possibility that he is, in fact, still a Muslim and that his public posturing as a critic of Islam is just a ruse.

To set against that, however, why would Firasat continue with his anti-Islam posturings after he had successfully obtained refugee status? I can't see any advantage in that for him, unless he thought the likely reaction (either from the Spanish government or other sources) would help him make a fresh claim for asylum somewhere else, like the USA or Canada.

Whatever the truth about Imran Firasat, it is clear that the Spanish government is acting against him because of his public criticism of Islam and not because of any dubious past that he may have. Its actions therefore deserve to be criticised on their own merits.


Nicolai Sennels said...
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Nicolai Sennels said...

This is how I see it: Also a dirty hammer can knock in nails. We all thought, said and did things that would make others think less of us. But that does not make the actions we do for the benefit of others smaller. What Firasat did by making his film was exceedingly brave and important for all of us. If I meet him I will shake his hand and thank him for putting his life at risk to protect the freedom of speech and expose Islams dirty little secrets about their in no way innocent prophet.

Anonymous said...

He's a conman. It's what they do.

Ed L

Rüdiger Plantiko said...

So Imran Firdasat's biography seems to be full of lies and fraud. If they are uncovered on this blog - the more they will be used by the pious Muslims who are experts in ad hominems (consider the case of Wafa Sultan, for example).

Anyway, I consider your article's last paragraph the most important. After all, it's just another case of censorship of public Islam critique - in this case by throwing its author out of the country (afaik, this is still a pending issue?). They don't argue with his dubious past. They argue solely with his Islam critique. This is a real threat for all of us: dhimmitude.

Anonymous said...

Illustrated PIG

Very good article.

Concerning the last paragraph, we do not know why they are considering deporting him, as Spanish have not issued any statements about the case, we only have to go on what Firasat claims.

Spain could be revoking his refuge status on the grounds

1) Fraud in the Firasats’s application such that he or she was not eligible for asylum at the time it was granted.

2) Firasat voluntarily re-availed him - or herself of the protection of the country of feared persecution by returning to such country with the reasonable possibility of obtaining or having obtained permanent resident status with the same rights and obligations of other permanent residents of the country.

By going to Indonesia exposes his fraudulent refugee application

If there was any truth about his wife being Buddhist, they could of gotten married in any non muslim country, and their Marriage certificate would have been accepted in Indonesia.

Indonesian law is not sharia.

He claims he only went there temporarily, he was there for two years, and was planning on running 8 kebab restaurants, that does not seem very temporary to me

We do not know if this is a case of censorship, or Firasat manipulating a smokescreen.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Serious Spanish newspapers reported on the revocation of Firasat's refugee status, so we're not just dependent on his word for this. In fact, it was the reference to Firasat's colourful past in these articles that first led me to think the stories I had heard about him might have some basis in truth. It was completely unequivocal, not hedged round with the usual qualifications you might expect of newspapers fearing libel suits.

Anonymous said...

Illustrated PIG

Nicolai Sennels said...

If I meet him I will shake his hand and thank him for putting his life at risk to protect the freedom of speech and expose Islams dirty little secrets about their in no way innocent prophet.

He has done no such thing as expose islam dirty little secrets,

This is what Ali Sini says

Imran’s slide show is replete with inaccuracies and false claims. Apart from the fact that the pictures are unrelated to the story, the story is his personal opinion, not supported by facts. The arguments made against Muhammad in this video are straw man fallacies.

So even his video is lies,

What first is doing is making a situation where it will be impossible to deport him.

He is not a brave man, when he hides behind his wife.

Firstly in Spain when he had his wife legally responsible for the kebab business, thus any irregularity will be in his wife name, thus he is able to get a clean sheet from the police, while he wife will face the wrap.

He flees to Indonesia with his wife and children, then leaves hers there to face a prison sentence for forgery, she is still there and according to him in grave danger from islamists. He claims they have threatened to kill his family if he persists.

What Firasats film proves is that many in the counter jihad movement who endorse it do not have a clue about mohammed.

He even portray Ashia pregnant at six years old

And Mr Sennel I am extremely surprise that with your experience with dealing with muslim criminals that you can not see through the web ob lies this man is weaving.

Anonymous said...

Just another immigrant, send him back.

Prof. Drs. G.B. J. VanFrikschoten said...

He has given a lot more documents to proof his story is true. I even checked the facts in Idonesia as I have connections there and I know how the corrupt police of Indonesia would do anything to get some Rupiah's. I found no evidence that Mr. Firasat would be a "conman".
Documents posted here: (Englisch description below)

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I'm not sure what you think those documents prove. They don't seem to add anything to what we already know. If anything your point about police corruption makes it easier to understand how he might have been able to secure his escape from Indonesia, even with a criminal investigation running in which he was a suspect, if he was at that time.

Firasat has claimed he won 200,000 euros in damages from a Spanish newspaper. How hard can it be to prove that? Why can't he give us any details of the legal judgement, its reference numbers, places where it was reported, letters that refer to it, bank statements that show the receipt of 200,000 euros? It should be easy enough to do. If Firasat can't do that, we will have to conclude that he is a liar. And if he is a liar on this issue, a claim that he himself gratuitously introduced (completely unforced) into the discussion of his case, why should we believe him on anything else?

Anonymous said...

If your real name is Frikschoten I'm a Dutchman...

Prof. Drs. G.B. J. VanFrikschoten said...

You probably haven't noticed but those documents proof every detail Mr. Firasat has said about his so called "murder case". They also proof his legal status in Spain. I suppose you want to see bank reciepts, copies of his rent, documents from Pakistan, his fingerprints, bloodtype, a picture of his grandma and what else? Mr. Firasat is in real life threathening danger and he is sticking out his neck a lot further for our case than you would ever consider in your entire life.

Anonymous said...

our cause? hicause is getting asylum and take whats mine. deport the mud!

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

You appear to have lost your academic detachment, professor.

Anonymous said...

Prof. Drs. G.B. J. VanFrikschoten said...

He has given a lot more documents to proof his story is true. I even checked the facts in Idonesia as I have connections there and I know how the corrupt police of Indonesia would do anything to get some Rupiah's.

To be gin with, you are absolutely correct that the police are corrupt, I should know as I have lived here for 20 odd years. There are crimes which it is possible to bribe your way out, but blasphemy is not one of them.

The documents you have on your site prove nothing other than he was in a hurry to get out. The image of his passport is of page 18, what would be more revealing is what stamps he has on pages 16-17. he could have been thrown out for many reasons, such as overstaying, or for working without a "KITAS" So with out the previous two pages, the image says nothing.

Also the image has been tampered with or is false. Above the stamp is hand written Imran Firasat. This is most unusual indeed, because normally immigation officials write a code above stamps

Like this

Also, the image of the so called confiscation document is rather strange. If the police had arrested Firasat then they would have confiscated his passport and handed it over to the Immigration Office in Tangerang. Who the would have taken care of the deportation.

Firasat has not published anything here in Indonesian as he claims, now lets see if your connections can find anything that comfirms that Firasat was active and sticking his neck out.

I fact you will not find that he was active within the counter jihad until he returned from Indonesia

As Cheradine points out above,

Firasat says Setiawan had previously fled Indonesia to Pakistan to escape Muslim fanatics who killed her family in Indonesia. This is perhaps the world's first recorded example of a person fleeing to Pakistan to escape Muslim fanatics

Well Well Firasat claims he fled from Spain to escape Muslim fanatics, here again he scores another first, because this is This is perhaps the world's first recorded example of a person fleeing to Indonesia to escape Muslim fanatics.

If he fled to Bali, maybe his story could be believed, but he fled to Tangerang, which is a hotspot for FPI. Also, The area he lived, Serpong in known to be an area for illegal immigrants to gather.

The above document, proves nothing. specially when he had his wife legally responsible for the bussiness.

Spain has refused to send him back to Indonesia. Firasat claims because the Spanish have found him innocent, but he has not produced a document to support this claim.

What is known is that Spain did not send him back, as he could face the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

Firasat is sticking his neck out, not to further "our" cause, but to save his own neck.

One should also note, that according to islamic ruling, Firasat was not in danger of death before going to Indonesia.

Apostasy is considered a grave sin under Islam, although scholarly opinion varies as to its punishment: Dr Naik has clarifed that the penalty was only death “if the person becomes a non-Muslim and propagates his faith and speaks against Islam. Just because a person who is a Muslim becomes a non-Muslim, death penalty is not the ruling.”

Prior to Firasat going to Indonsia he was not working against Islam, so he would be given a chance to repent before the being killed.

With regard to his repentance and whether or not it will be accepted by Allaah then this is a matter which only He knows. However, if he sincerely repents, Allaah will accept his repentance,[

Quran 39:53]. Allaah The Almighty Says (what means): {Say, “O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning] do not despair of the mercy of Allaah. Indeed, Allaah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”

Now a big question, if Firasat was clean, the why is he using his real name, endangering himself and his abandoned family, why isnt he working behind a false name ?.

Is he lobbying support so as to prevent him from facing justice?

There is enough evidence that he is lying, Yet why is it that Spain who has helped him now being accused of a modern inquisition, why doesnt the rule of innocent before being found guilty apply.

Let us not lose sight that Firasat is accused of murdering a christian, so Indonesia cannt be that bad if it is seeking justice for the victim. Also Fiasat claims he is sentenced to 20 years, so he is lucky

The Tangerang District Court handed down the death penalty on Tuesday to 28-year-old Muhamad Soleh, who was found guilty of murdering a university student after gang-raping her.

“There is nothing that may lighten [the sentence]. The defendant doesn’t regret his actions, and has been proven to have committed a premeditated murder and rape,” chief judge Machri Hendra said as he read out the verdict on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, 21 February 2013 05:36

This is a very serious matter, and your racist comments does not help

Anonymous said...

This "Anonymous" is probably Imran Firasat himself or a friend of his.

Anonymous said...

"Whatever the truth about Imran Firasat, it is clear that the Spanish government is acting against him because of his public criticism of Islam and not because of any dubious past that he may have. Its actions therefore deserve to be criticised on their own merits."

Firasat claims that he is going to be sent to Indonesia, if this is the case, then the Spanish government is not acting against him because of his public criticism of Islam, but because of his actions in Indonesia.

Body descendants of Chinese citizens in the state froze his victims mutilasi.Kedua merely cut groin, head, chest and back were many stab wounds, his face beaten former hard object.
Corpse wrapped in a large black plastic bag tied in a sack platik, was found in a ditch not far from the road jambatan Cikampek, in the village of Kampung Kalijurang Tamelang Purwasari District, Karawang, Thursday (24/6) morning at 04:00.
When discovered by 2 orsng citizens, victims wear long-sleeved shirts dark blue stripe, GT Man underwear brand color blue, air back dragon tattoos, ring finger left hand wearing ruby ​​stone ring finger of his right arm and wearing a wedding ring.
The victim, believed to be aged 40 years, was white, and his cock has not been circumcised, alleged descendants of Chinese citizens.

The discovery of pieces of mutilated bodies without legs in the village Tamelang, Purwasari, Karawang, West Java, to the point of light. A family visit room forensic General Hospital Khanewal district, Friday (25/6) to ascertain the identity of the victim.

Burst into tears when Selvy Magdalena entered the mortuary. Male victims of mutilation turned him. This is evident from the victim's wedding ring is worn. The unknown man named Victor Rizky Wibowo, aged 27 years.

The Jakarta Police said they had identified the alleged killers of a man who was reported kidnapped in early June and found dead two weeks later by the side of the road with both legs cut off.

“We know who killed 27-year-old Viktor Rizky Wibowo,” police spokesman Sr. Comr. Boy Rafli Amar said on Thursday.

“We know that there are more than two people involved. We know where the abduction took place and where the actual killing took place.

“It won’t be long before we get our hands on the killers. What happened from A to B to C, all those pieces of the puzzle have come together.”

The mutilated body of the Web designer was found on the side of the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road, near Karawang, West Java. His wife, Selvi Magdalena, 24, reported on June 16 that he had been kidnapped.

In the police report, Selvi said Victor had gone missing on June 10. Police said that before he left, he told his wife he was going to meet a client in Pamulang, near Tangerang.

The following link is very interesting because it has an image of Firasats mistress/second wife, who was arrested in Yogyakarta and is now serving a 9 year sentence

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