Sunday, 17 February 2013

Stories of Pakis in Britain gang-raping pubescent British girls and forcing them into prostitution are by now well known. When the equality ideologues who control public information consumption could no longer suppress reporting of this phenomenon, they fell back to the "limited hang-out" option that it was a uniquely Pakistani problem. The deeper truth, that this problem has its roots in Islam, an ideology that specifically sanctions the sexual enslavement of "infidel" women, based on the example of the so-called Prophet Mohammed, is still considered a truth too terrible to be even discussed, never mind acknowledged. But the same predatory patterns of behaviour manifest themselves wherever Muslim males are able to gain access to non-Muslim females. Here is an example of exactly the same phenomenon from Germany. In this case, the perpetrators are not Pakis, but Turks.
It happened in the centre of Hagen: a 15-year-old schoolgirl was forced to snort cocaine by two men (39 and 23). Then she was raped, while being filmed, and then finally had to sell her body in an inner city brothel.

The sauna club operator Ayhan A. (39) and his friend Tugay C. (23) from Boelerheide, a bus driver in the EN circle, have been in detention since 12 September – and are now before the Young Persons Protection Chamber of the Regional Court. "Human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation" according to one of the numerous charges.

Jasmin (name changed) is certainly not an ordinary young girl. As the 15-year-old reached puberty, there were often problems at home. She ran away several times. In January last year at the central railway station, in a so-called "shisha bar", a bar in which hookah pipes are smoked, she met Tugay C. He introduced the schoolgirl to his fellow Turk Ayhan A., who then ran a brothel in Bergstraße.

The two men apparently wanted to exploit the 15-year-old's runaway status and force her to prostitution. Initially they went on a jaunt in a BMW in Dortmund's Nordstadt. There they acquired cocaine. The girl was forced to take the white powder through her nose.

Then it was back to Hagen. There, in a garage next to the brothel, the 15-year-old was forced by Ayhan A. to have sexual intercourse on a washing machine. Friend and fellow accused Tugay C. filmed the rape of the schoolgirl with his mobile phone. "Because of her drug-impaired state and because she was alone in the garage with two clearly more powerful and older men, she was not able to defend herself" - explained the lawyer.

The next day Jasmin was supposed to spend the night with a client in a hotel. When she refused, Tugay C. grabbed her and kicked her in the back: she should watch what she was doing, he said, because she was a girl and had to obey him. Otherwise he would "do something" to her mother, threatened Tugay C. - the 15-year-old who was intimidated by this then went to the room with a client.

Afterwards, too, the 15-year-old, who was given the name Kimberly, was threatened with her family being killed if she didn't prostitute herself for the men. The clients had to pay 50 euros. The girl got nothing.

The two accused admitted all charges before the regional court. The comprehensive admission of guilt, which spared Jasmin from having to testify personally in a psychologically-troubling confrontation with her tormentors "will mitigate the sentence", knows the defence lawyer Frank Becker. The Court has already indicated that Tugay C. should expect a sentence of between 3 and 4 years, and former brothel operator Ayhan A. a sentence of between three and a half and four and a half years. The trial is to resume on 20 February.

The police freed Jasmin and another girl, a 14-year-old, from the home of Tugay C.'s brother in Vinckestraße (Altenhagen). The schoolgirl's enraged father stood in front of the house door with a pitchfork and wanted to lynch the pimps.
Source: Via: PI


daithikent said...

All of Europe should arm themselves with pitchforks and lynch these scum. Prison really does (will) not seem like justice has been served

Nikephoros said...

Is Jasmin a German or gavur(infidel) as Turks would say?

This is nothing new, Turks do the same in Turkey. Infact one Turkish commentator, openly calls the Turkish state a bandit state as prostitution, human trafficking, and drugs fill the state coffers and censorship, summary detentions and executions by death squads are common.

I started my own blog dedicated to countering the official and prosaic Turkish image called Turkey, the North Korea of the Mideast. Here is a post using Wikileaks as a source about the forced prostitution of runaway Turkish street girls and foreign, mostly Eastern European woman lured by lies of non-existent jobs:
Turkish sexual morals and prostitution
I also have another topic about how the average Turk, or as Turks would say "yobaz Turks" act on beaches infront of scantily clad infidel woman:
Turkish males misbehave amongst scantily clad female beach-goers

I will cover more on the ample sexual depravity of Turks. Soon I will create a writeup about how the taboo of pre-marital vaginal sex forces young Turks to become anal sex perverts. Check out my sexual depravity tag.

Nocturna said...

Your assumption is wrong because you assume all Muslims are devout, following the Quran to the letter. No, these girls are being targeted because they are white. Plain and simple. It's the "diversity is gooood" crowd that keeps saying its merely Islam that is the problem rather than the Third World colonisers themselves.

Anonymous said...

The absolute worst swear word in german-bavarian is kruzeturkn. It means cross-turks. I used to cringe when someone became very very angry and used that word. It looses it's devastating meaning in english. English swear words have to do more with sexual contentations, whereas in german it is the sacreligious intent. I will research the origin of that word kruzeturkn. Perhaps it has something to do with the evil Ottoman Empire, which despised the cross. Could it be that the descendants of that Empire carrried these genes into our modern world. Again,it is Islam. The satanic political ideology veiled thinly under the guise of religiosity and should not have the status of a religion, who are bent on world domination via the sword.

Walter Sieruk said...

With the information of the above article as well as other evil things that many Muslim males do against females because of their religion is terrible indeed. Then the false claim made by the imams and other Islamists that "Islam respects women" is not only very outragous but also very absurd.

Anonymous said...

To nikephoros, Turkish people are the most retarded Muslims this world has ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Where's Hitler when you need him?

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