Saturday, 9 February 2013

Subtitling done by the Vlad Tepes team - great work
The Party of "In-nocence" congratulates France 2, which, to believe the astonishing report broadcast in the 8 o'clock news on Wednesday, 6 February 2013, has in some form resolved all on its own the question of the Great Replacement and the various harms linked to it. First of all this brief documentary evoked the impressive series of violent acts and aggressions which results, in a district called 'sensitive', in a no less impressive series of closures of all types, shopping centres, chemists, tobacconists, grocer's shops, butcher's shops and supermarkets.

Then comes the admirable solution noted in the report and implicitly praised by it, based on the example of a supermarket founded, owned and managed by a young entrepreneur of Turkish origin: no more attacks, this business is not threatened at all and prospers in peace. The young entrepreneur explains, with admirable candour, that insofar as the various shops and commercial premises are owned, managed and held by people of the same origins (or the same religion? since he himself is of Turkish origin) as the majority population, there will be no more violence and the risk of closure is removed: "We looked at all the robberies, the thefts and the attacks that took place, that's when I said to myself that if it had been me that had had them, we wouldn't have had all these problems".

The town featured is Saint-Gratien, about 20 km north of Paris. The text is from Renaud Camus, the writer who lost his publishing contract because of his declared support for Marine Le Pen.

Even if you don't understand French, the images in the video are evocative. First we see the "desertification" resulting from Muslim crime. The shops all close. Old European people can't buy the things they need close by. They have to go on long journeys to the shops now, and, because some of them are very old, that's not easy. Along comes a Muslim, opens a supermarket and, mysteriously, is never targeted by the criminals. What's bizarre is the tone of unqualified admiration the news show offers to this Turk, without any consideration of why it is that non-Muslim shops are targeted while Muslim shops are not.

Maybe the Vlad Tepes people could do a full translation of this clip. I don't have time to do it myself just now.


Vlad Tepes Blog said...

I am working on it now. Thank you. Please feel free to write me directly anytime you want us to do a translation or subtitling job.

It would be our pleasure.

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