Wednesday, 27 February 2013
"Every fifth asylum seeker committed a crime in 2011. Asylum seekers are, as a group, far more criminal than Danes. This is the conclusion based on data from the Crime Registry and Danish Statistics. ... When it comes to the penal code, asylum seekers were 23 times as criminal as Danes in 2011. Because of the extensive crime, the Danish police now plans to detain asylum seekers for small crimes such as shop lifting."


Red Rose said...

Asylum seekers? Not so. They are the advance army of invaders with one aim - to conquer the West. And to spread the disease of Islam over the entire World.

They cannot help being criminals. It is in their genes. They are only striving to emulate their long-dead desert-bandit leader, Mo.

Anonymous said...

Asylum seekers? They are pirates looking to rape and loot. Why don't you read what is really being said about how easy targets Westerners are in the Muslim press?

Anonymous said...

Not only should they be detained for "small crimes such as shoplifting", they should be deported. Why import criminals?

Anonymous said...

Crime is not only in their genes they are brought up to be criminals by their parents. That is the only upbringing Muslim children get at home to rape plunder and kill, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

An easy solution...send them back to where they came from,if they commit crimes.
The crime would decrease and Danish governemnt would spend a lot money on these people.
A one way ticket home is a lot cheaper than taking care of them.

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