Sunday, 24 February 2013
After the arrest on late Thursday afternoon of an Algerian delinquent who had outraged the municipal police and made insulting remarks about France, the city of Cannes has decided to file charges in the case.

The individual concerned, 22, had a dispute with the municipal motorcycle police (whose director is Yves Darros) who were carrying out a patrol in Haddad-Simon Street around 5 pm.

The "jeune" first declared to the officials: "I am Algerian, this street is mine, get out". Then, he made filthy remarks about the police and France.

Questioned and placed in detention, the suspect repeated his insults in the police station, before apologising and expressing regrets during a second interview by the duty service.

The police investigations also uncovered the fact that this individual, already known to the justice system, had given them a false identity and was had already been given notice to quit the national territory.


caressa said...

...koliko god nastojali, ne mogu oni sakriti svoj istinski karakter..mislim da bi ih se trebalo riješiti što prije ukoliko ne poštuju zemlju u kojoj borave..

Anonymous said...

"...had already been given notice to quit the national territory." - If he tried to get back into France legally his passport would have flagged up his exclusion. Of course, these idiots don't play by the rules and he was no doubt crossing back and forth to Algeria at will.

When will governments get tough on these scum? Stick him in an internment camp as he is obviously a danger and give him a sentence of 10+ years of hard labour. Once served, ship him back with the warning he will serve life if he ever returns.

Its time an example was made of people like him to dissuade others from following the same course of action. And not only in France, we see these ridiculous events played out on the streets of Germany, Italy, Britain, Sweden, Denmark and every country these islamic nut jobs decide to invade.

Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Pack him up and send him and his family back fm whence they came!

Anonymous said...

Either their religion will get watered down by their children becoming Westernized and assimilating and preferring things like music and dancing instead of blowing themselves up, or there will eventually be civil wars wherever they go.
But it only takes one nut-job with a bomb practicing their nut-job religion to make everyone's lives miserable.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, 25 February 2013 12:16.

Well said!

I'm sick and tired of turning on the news channels or opening news websites and constantly seeing stories of the 'religion of peace' at it again. Too often there are stories of suicide bombings, acid attacks, paedophile gangs, torture, kidnap, honour killings etc. The list goes on and on.

These lunatics will sadly never be Westernised. They have had plenty of opportunity to assimilate into our culture and way of life but instead they choose to remain separate, and create ghettos and a sub-culture of their own in every host country they swarm into yet demand the existing population have to accept them or be branded 'racist' or 'islamophobic'.

Whenever they commit crimes why do we always hear "the police are liaising with community leaders" or "the authorities have apologised to community leaders". Community leaders, seriously? Why do they get such a special privilege of having 'leaders' to speak on their behalf? No other community gets this special treatment, it's always reserved for muslims. No surprises there of course as they always play the victim card even when its blatantly obvious they are at fault.

Something has to change and quick. Our governments must grow a backbone and sort these lunatics out before the problem gets much worse.

Already the white British population is officially a minority in our own capital city. Malmo in Sweden now looks like Pakistan. Halal food is sold everywhere without the population knowing - even though we don't want to purchase meat slaughtered in the most barbaric way while a 'prayer' is said to their equally lunatic deity.

Why do our leaders submit to all of this, yet when we speak up and voice our concerns we are branded intolerant?

Sorry for the rant, but already this morning I have seen at least a dozen stories involving muslims and it just gets me down. I fear for my country's future, my children's future and our own cultural survival, not just here in the UK but Europe as a whole.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 13:06: Here's another reason, and the best of all, why you should organise a serious protest movement, not just complain online, about HALAL FOOD:

Halal food, apart from its cruelty (animal left to bleed to death while it 'hears' the prayers to non-existent "allah") and the fact that the form of slaughter (along with Kosher) can involve health factors to humans, and its intended purpose of further islamicising a people (against their knowledge or will), has this purpose:

Profits from halal slaughter (certification, Moslem abbatoirs and Moslem butchers, sales of food) are considered income (naturally!). Moslems are required to pay a portion of their incomes towards ZAKAT. Zakat is defined as "charity" and the Koran (Sura 9, Verse 60) lists all the recipients and purposes of that "chairty." Among the recipients of Zakat are "Those who fight in the Cause of Allah" (the mujahideen: JIHADISTS).

Therefore, every time a piece of halal food is sold and consumed anywhere in the world, including the West, a portion of the profits will eventually go, as the Koran and Islamic law manuals state, towards funding JIHAD against you, those you love, your countrymen and your civilisation.

The Halal World Congress has said that Halal will "conquer the world" because Western people "don't care about what they eat." Start caring, while you still can.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, 18:06.

Thank you for the details, that made very interesting reading. This line stands out the most and is particularly worrying because it is very accurate:

"The Halal World Congress has said that Halal will "conquer the world" because Western people "don't care about what they eat."

I have managed to convince my family and relatives to avoid Halal and when in doubt to always ask the source of the meat. Of course, there are places like restaurants that have no idea about where their meat comes from and this is another problem - labelling.

I was once told by my local butcher that he is not allowed by law to put a sign in his window stating that he only sells non-Halal food. He doesn't like it and his customers certainly don't want to buy it but he was told that by putting such a sign anywhere in his shop, whether in a window or even on the counter it would be classed as discriminatory towards Muslims! How ridiculous.

Our own people in local and national government are keeping our hands tied from letting people know about this. All supermarkets have admitted that Halal is sold in their stores but won't list the particular items. However, one to always avoid is New Zealand lamb as that is all Halal. How sad that NZ has resorted to this.

So yes, as you say it is time to start caring about this issue while we still can - and while we still have a voice before it is stifled into silence by the Muslims and pro-Islam lobby who vilify anyone who speaks out against their cruel, medieval ideology.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, 19:35: I noted the following site a while ago, I think it may be Canadian or American, but it provides lots of info on foods through international brands, like Campbells, Nestles, that are halal and it might be worthwhile starting up a site in Britain (I knew about New Zealand lamb years ago):

The blog knows its stuff, they have a copy up of the 'Umdat al-Salik (Islamic law manual for majority Sunni Moslems) and they quote from it re uses of Zakat (No 6 is for the Mujahideen, Jihadists)

Small query to CZ: Any chance a change can be made in this site so that a link is actually activated when we type them? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, 21:14.

Thank you for the link, that certainly made worrying reading. This issue should be on every news website, in all newspapers and media broadcasts but of course our dhimmi governments will never stand up for us, the indigenous population, who do not want this forced on them.

Anonymous said...

It is high time that Western Goverments hit back at the source of all this trouble. They need to name and shameand destroy the culprit, namely ISLAM which is responsible for so much trouble in the world today.

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