Thursday, 28 February 2013
Today is the Day of Andalusia, a celebration of the day on which Andalusia voted to become an autonomous region within Spain in a referendum held in 1980. In 1983, the Andalusian parliament voted to insert a preamble into the regional constitution, stating that Blas Infante was "Padre de la Patria Andaluza" [Father of the Andalusia patria]. Who was Blas Infante? A traitor ahead of his time. A traitor who in many ways prefigured the modern multicultural lunacy we are all living through.

Infante, whose name appropriately suggests the childishness of his worldview, was one of the pioneers of Andalusian nationalism/regionalism. He indulged in historically suspect fantasies about the period of Islamic rule in Spain and even converted to Islam himself by reciting the Shahadah in a mosque on a trip to Morocco in 1929. After his death, his family members disputed that he had really converted to Islam, but his actions give every reason to believe that it was true.

Infante created the flag that was later officially adopted as the flag of Andalusia. Note the typical Islamic colours. The green, he said, referred to the Ummayads and the white to the Almohads. He further explained that the Almohads had flown green and white flags in Seville after defeating the Christian armies in the battle of Alarcos.

Infante also wrote the Hymn of Andalusia, which is now the official anthem of the region. The tune he took from a Christian song called Santo Dios (Holy God); the lyrics he wrote himself, referring to the green and white of the flag he had created.
La bandera blanca y verde
vuelve, tras siglos de guerra,
a decir paz y esperanza,
bajo el sol de nuestra tierra.

The green and white flag
Returns, after centuries of war,
To say peace and hope,
Under the sun of our land.

Taking something associated with another faith and giving it a Mohammedan twist is typical of the malignant Muslim mentality. We see it today when they convert churches into mosques even though many other perfectly serviceable buildings exist.

Later Infante built a house he called Dar al-Farah, the House of Joy, which he designed himself to included Islamic architectural motifs. Infante stood for elective office various times under the aegis of socialist/regionalist parties and failed at the ballot box every time. After the elections of 1936, which the Spanish Left grotesquely rigged, provoking the Spanish Civil War (I'll write more about this another time), Infante was however "acclaimed" as the future president of an Andalusian regional parliament. To the surprise of the leftists, the ordinary people of Spain and their soldiers were not willing to accept the de facto coup d'etat which the leftists had just mounted. They resisted, and resisted successfully, leading to the civil war and the eventual defeat of the communist revolution that had just been attempted (and that has been blotted out of the history books by fellow traveller historians ever since).

When Franco's forces captured Seville in 1936, Infante was arrested and shot.

Let us end with some of his quotes:
"The general well-being that allowed everyone to go about on horse instead of on foot", referring to Al-Andalus.

In fact, this was a lie. Non-Muslims were officially prohibited from riding on horseback in Muslim-ruled Spain.
"We can't be, we don't want to be, we will never be European. But we have never stopped being that which we truly are: Andulusians, Euro-Africans, Euro-orientals, universalist men, a harmonious synthesis of men".
Blas Infante, traitor

As you see, he was an MEP ahead of his time.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013
Bear in mind that in France, 56% of employees work for the government. And the government has a major influence or an actual stake in many of the major private sector companies too. So clauses mandating "anti-racism" training for their employees may well turn up in government contracts with private companies. Note they take about "the struggle against racism" then immediately cite a supposed increase in "islamophobic" acts, so we can be fairly sure that "islamophobia" will be included in their definition of "racism".
The governemnt wants to train all of its officials for the struggle against racism and antisemitism with an obligatory module in their initial training, according to the conclusions of an inter-ministerial committee held on Tuesday in Matignon.

After an increase in antisemitic (+58%) and islamophobic (+28%) acts in 2012, according to figures validated by the Ministry of Interior, the Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault had called a meeting of several ministers to re-launch the struggle against racism.

The conclusions of the meeting contain numerous recommendations with an emphasis on prevention, but few new commitments, according to a document sent to the AFP.

It also wants to increase school visits to "places of memory", organise sensitivity campaigns on the use of the internet, add to the charter of France Télévision the obligation to support the struggle against the formation of prejudices, etc.
Source: AFP

"Every fifth asylum seeker committed a crime in 2011. Asylum seekers are, as a group, far more criminal than Danes. This is the conclusion based on data from the Crime Registry and Danish Statistics. ... When it comes to the penal code, asylum seekers were 23 times as criminal as Danes in 2011. Because of the extensive crime, the Danish police now plans to detain asylum seekers for small crimes such as shop lifting."

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Note the extraordinary conceit here. He admits that they have essentially bet the French, and by extension, European, way of life on the assumption that Islam can be integrated. Who gave our elites the right to make that bet?
The president of the Tunisian party Ennadha, Rached Ghannouchi, reproaches you for having spoken of "Islamic fascism”…

It's not my job to get involved in polemics with the leader of a Tunisian party. It's Jean-Pierre Elkabbach who was the first to speak of Islamic fascism.

But you picked up on it…

Of course, because there are different forms of totalitarianism. When, in the name of a corruped radical Islam, politicians are killed, the status of women is denied, mosques and books are burned, as in Timbuktu, it is tota1itarian thinking. We should never forget: the Muslims are the first victims of this totalitarianism and this obscurantism. Islam needs to draw on its history, its values, to combat this radicalism and this violence supported by a minority.

Is France threatened by this radicalism?

France, like Europe, has a quite extraordinary challenge to deal with. Within a few years, Islam has become the second religion of our country, with four to six million French people or citizens residing in France of the Muslim faith. We count between 2,200 and 2,300 places of worship. France and Europe must demonstrate that Islam is compatible with democracy, human rights, the status of women and the separation of church and state. There are very few examples in the history of humanity where a religion has spread so rapidly in a country in so little time...We need a bit of time to make this religion accepted, combat fears and insist on the rules for Islam to find its place.

You're making the bet that Islam can be absorbed into the French tradition?

We have to make this bet. Today a majority of French people doubt it.

How to succeed?

First of all, by fighting against racism, acts directed at Muslims and antisemitism. It's difficult in a period of economic crisis. The role of education, the place of the history of religions in the school is also important. We also need Islam to organise itself. We need to create the conditions for a French Islam, train French Islams who speak French in our universities, with less and less foreign influence. The question is also raised with regards to places of worship. I don't hide my concern about the financing that comes from North Africa and the countries of the Gulf. We have an interest in having financing that comes from France, to improve transparency.

This happened in January but they have only now released images of the attack.
Monday, 25 February 2013
Best sangria ever?

I went to an Argentinian restaurant today in Cordoba: La Tranquera. Great steakhouse. And the best sangria I've ever tasted. But look at the picture of mass-murdering Che Guevara on the wall. Imagine you walked into a German restaurant and they had pictures of Hitler or Reynhard Heydrich. But no one bats an eye at a picture of Che. From the French Revolution until now, the Jacobin bodycount is staggering to contemplate. But the left's cultural dominance is so overwhelming that they elevate their butchers into heroes and few people object.

"To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary...These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of the The [Execution] Wall! (El Paredón)" --Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

A mixture of two Danish specialities: Bacon and critical drawings ridiculing Islam and its fanatical followers. This time in a comic strip printed in the daily national newspaper Politiken:

"Danish Crown tries to attract Muslim costumers. 'A burqa made of bacon! What do you say?'"

It does not take many brain cells to see who are the racists (Muslims), fascists (anti-fascists) and anti-racists (SIAD). But still the journalists keep getting it wrong. I managed to find a few sentences among the dozens of political correct articles about the demonstrations held on 23rd February 2013 that does not contain pro-Leftist, anti-islamcritical statements - and a couple of pictures taken from here:

"Anti-fascist anti-racists" trying to get through police barricades to physically confront pro-Jew protesters

Stop Islamization of Denmark peacefully showing solidarity with Jewish victims of Muslims' violence on Nørrebro, Copenhagen
"33 persons were arrested, as members of the Leftist group Antifascistisk Aktion (AFA) protested against the islam-critical organisation Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark (SIAD). The AFAs threw fire crackers against the riot police, before they were overpowered and arrested."

"On long rows of mats 32 arrested persons from the Leftist group of protesters were places in a socalled puff-puff train in Copenhagen. ... Police were present wearing riot gear, bringing dogs and having helicopters surveilling the demonstration from the air. ... 'I the name of the queen, the demonstration is closed', the police shouted several times. ... As the right wing protesters retreated the AFA group started cheering." 
Sunday, 24 February 2013

A couple of weeks ago a pizzeria owned by Albanian Muslims in Wörgl, Austria, was badly burned. A nearby building owned by a Turkish association was also set on fire. 'Racist' graffiti in Turkish was left on the scene, complete with swastika symbols. This immediately provoked demonstrations from Turks and Greens protesting against "right-wingers" and "racists". One placard read :
Racism isn't an opinion! Racism is a crime

No far-right motive?? Racism isn't an opinion! Racism is a crime

It has now emerged, though, the both fires were set by the Muslims themselves. They were in dire financial circumstances and wanted the insurance payment. The 'racist' graffiti was simply left to mislead the investigators. Fortunately, two of the Muslim perps were injured in their own attack when the fire they were setting produced an explosion.
After the arson attack on a pizzeria and the premises of an association in Wörgl, the investigators have made public new details. One of the perpetrators has confessed, another is in custody. The anti-foreigner words are said to have been a diversionary tactic.

According to police, financial problems were the motive for the attack. As reported, two brothers were injured in front of the premises during the attack - an 18-year-old and 31-year-old Albanian...
Sources: Unzensuriert, ORF, ORF, ORF
After the arrest on late Thursday afternoon of an Algerian delinquent who had outraged the municipal police and made insulting remarks about France, the city of Cannes has decided to file charges in the case.

The individual concerned, 22, had a dispute with the municipal motorcycle police (whose director is Yves Darros) who were carrying out a patrol in Haddad-Simon Street around 5 pm.

The "jeune" first declared to the officials: "I am Algerian, this street is mine, get out". Then, he made filthy remarks about the police and France.

Questioned and placed in detention, the suspect repeated his insults in the police station, before apologising and expressing regrets during a second interview by the duty service.

The police investigations also uncovered the fact that this individual, already known to the justice system, had given them a false identity and was had already been given notice to quit the national territory.

● Aaron Dugmore hanged himself after months of racist taunts.

● 75 per cent of the pupils at his school, Erdington Hall in Birmingham, are from ethnic backgrounds.

● Aaron told his stepfather that a fellow pupil had said to him: ‘My dad says all the white people should be dead.’

The Sun

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Although pick-pocketing may seem among the more minor of the problems that Muslims contribute to the world, in its way this story is a good illustration of the age of lunacy that we are living through. The story is about an all-female pickpocketing gang
known as "Las Bosnias". It doesn't say specifically that they are Muslims, but they have Islamic names so I think we can assume that they are.

What's most striking about it is that the same gang has been operating for years, as reported by the press, and known to the police, committing hundreds of crimes every month, and the police do nothing about it! Yet if someone was to say something like,"We shouldn't let all these Muslim criminals into our country," they would probably be arrested and imprisoned for that.
The group always acted in the same way. They moved from their place of residence, in Leganés, to the busiest underground stations, where they tried to go undetected by the police. For this reason, they pretended to be tourists or went heavily clothed. But it wasn't just the underground they liked. They also came to big events like football matches, concerts and demonstrations, where they would use various methods to commit robberies.

The roles were well defined and divided up among the five. The leader and most experienced of the group, Raifa I., 30, is responsible for allocating the robbery areas and identifying the victims. Immediately below her is Zahida I., 36, who removes or steals the wallets. The other three women district the victim or cover their colleagues so that no one can see them.

The police explain why they are in the street despite so many arrests: they commit minor robberies without violence. "If there's no robbery, it's a 'zero penalty', we can't even detain them. For it to be a crime of robbery, and for us to be able to arrest them and take them before a judge, they have to have stolen more than 400 euros," says a spokesman. Usually, pickpockets like this are booked, so when they are caught red-handed, they are identified and cited in a summary misdemeanour trial, which they come to if they feel like it, otherwise not. In the trial, they'll be given a fine, which they don't usually pay because they declare insolvency.

...In 2006, this newspaper already described how "Las Bosnias" were conducting themselves in a report on the Bus Station South, where a hundred robberies were taking place each month, 30% of them above 400 euros. The Bosnias, said this piece, "arrive in a group, start to create a scene, shouting and end up surrounding someone who doesn't know how to get away. By the time they realise it, their wallet has been stolen".
Source: El País

The gang has now been banned from Madrid metro stations, but still not imprisoned.
Friday, 22 February 2013

A 24-year-old Moroccan has been arrested in Strasbourg, suspected of having damaged statues in a church and of having placed a prayer carpet and a Koran stolen from a mosque.

Taken into custody on Thursday, the suspect has acknowledged the facts. He is going to be subjected to psychiatric examination. According to the priest of the church concerned, located in the centre of Strasbourg, he "probably" has psychological problems.

The man is suspected of having toppled around 15 statues. "He wrote 'Allah ou akbar' [God is the greatest] in Arabic with chalk, especially underneath thet status, and placed a Koran on a pulpit," specified the priest.

The man was exposed by officials of the Grand Mosque of Strasbourg, who noticed that several times he had stolen objects from the mosque, including the imam's prayer carpet, indicated one of the officials of the mosque.
Source: BFM
The rebarbative article by Tim Stanley is here. Here is my reply to it.

It is your genocidal immigrationist ideology that is the true sickness. Your ideology is genocidal because it denies the existence of peoples as anything other than serfs whose identity is defined by governments based on an administrative status called citizenship. It denies the existence of peoples as anything deeper than that, in the terms recognised by the genocide convention; or, if it deigns to acknowledge their existence at all, denies them the moral right to a home of their own, where they can practise their own culture living amongst their own kind.

Wishing to live in a secure living space with others of your own kind is a core human instinct. All people on earth feel it. But only Europeans are stigmatised for expressing it. Even the alien peoples currently colonising Europe immediately form ghettos where they can live amongst their own. The Muslims systematically drive out non-Muslims to take control of specific areas. The fantasy of different peoples melding together into some delicious-tasting sludge exists only in the minds of the people who rule us and the people who minister to their interests through public information outlets (like you).

Even in the USA, the different peoples form ghettos and territories of their own. The melting pot is a fantasy. Insofar as it worked at all, it worked because the people coming together were Europeans, with broad cultural commonalities. Even to the extent that it works, it is horrific and genocidal. Why should people have to abolish their own differences, erase everything that makes them distinctive, rather than preserve them and cherish them? It is not the BNP who are the true heirs to Hitler, but you. Your ideology ultimately denies the right of European peoples to exist by denying them the right to a home of their own; and its clear practical consequence is the ever-intensifying hybridisation of Europe with Asia and Africa. It is not moral or admirable. It is institutionalised genocide.

Systems that depend on the systematic repression of the democratic will of the people, on the criminalisation of their free speech, on turning the education system into an instrument of propaganda and on across-the-board falsification of media reporting to serve political purposes attract sick people to service their interests. Sick people like you, Tim Stanley. You are the moral equivalent of those who once plied their trade for Pravda, serving the interests of a totalitarian system on behalf of its rulers.
Thursday, 21 February 2013
Danish CEPOS - Center for Political Studies - is a conservative-liberal think tank:

"The controversial cartoons that were published in Jyllands-Posten in 2005 and triggered a subsequent major diplomatic crisis, will soon be published again.
This time in a 20-minute long short film by Jacob Mchangama, General Counsel for Cepos ...
Since the cartoon crisis was what triggered the debate on free speech, the cartoons will be included in the fillm, said Mchangama.
"I can not see how I can make a film about the importance of being able to criticize and make satire of religion without showing the cartoons. It's a documentary, so it has to show what it's about," McHangama said.
Source: Politiken - Danish liberal to show cartoons in new film
Wednesday, 20 February 2013
Morocco wants to reach an agreement with Spain on some mechanism that will allow the authorities in the Alaouite kingdom to monitor children given up for adoption to families in our country, the Moroccan Minister for External Affairs, Saaedín el Otmani, informed Europa Press in an interview.

Among other things it involves monitoring that these children have not converted to Christianity and maintain their original names and surnames until they reach adult age, as mandated by the Moroccan legislation under which they were given up for adoption.

In March 2012, only months after the arrival of the Islamist government of the Party of Justice and Development, the processes for adoption of abandoned Moroccan children by foreign families began to reach a standstill and the Alaouite authorities introduces a new requirement that the families interested in adoption had to reside in Morocco.

...Moroccan legislation demands that parents who adopt are Muslim or convert if they are not, and obliges them to respect the name and surnames of the child, as well as its nationality and religion until they reach adult age.
Source: EuropaPress

More than 500,000 Muslim residents of Spain are Spanish [sic] and, of those, more than half were born in the country, according to the "Demographic study of the Muslim population. Statistical elaboration of the census of Muslim citizens in Spain' dated 31/12/2012, prepared by the Unión de Comunidades Islámicas de España (UCIDE) [Union of Islamic Communities in Spain] and the Observatorio Andalusí, based on data from the electoral roll, Ministries of the Interior, Justice and Education and UCIDE.

Thus, the study, to which Europa Press has had access, reveals that of the 1.6 million Muslims in Spain, 1.1 million are foreigners and 513,942 are Spanish [sic].

...Specifically, it was noted that in 54 years, 142,393 Muslims acquired citizenship in the period between 1958 and 1997; 61,086 in the decade 1998 to 2007; and 52,095 between 2008 and 2011.

Looking at the origin, it emerges from the data that the two big numerical blocks of the Muslim population in Spain are the Spanish [sic] (513,942) and Moroccans (783,137), along with Pakis (79,626), Senegalese (63,491) and Algerians (62,432).

With regards to regions, those with the most Muslim citizens are Catalonia (448,879), Andalusia, (266,421), Madrid (249,643), Valencia (176,053), Murcia (86.275), the Canaries (66,969) and Castilla La Mancha (56,551); while those with the fewest are Cantabria (4,416) and Asturias (6,818).
Source: EuropaPress

There was another bomb attack on Golden Dawn's offices last Wednesday. I completely missed this, not surprising perhaps since almost no newspapers saw fit to even report it. We can be sure if the bomb attack had been on an establishment party and the "far right" was suspected, there would have been wall-to-wall coverage.

Source: Telegraph
Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The website of the basilica of Saint-Remi in Reims has been pirated. According to the webmaster, the site has been the target of an attack since the weekend. If the home page seems normal, navigation is impossible and blocked. All the links present on the home page redirect towards pages bearing the signature of the hacker who calls himself "Hacker D527", presenting himself as an Algerian pirate.

The Algerian flag also appears on the page. This mysterious D767 seems particularly to target Christian websites.

In the browser tab, the same message always appears: " fucked by DZ27".
Source: Via: Novopress
Monday, 18 February 2013

Immigration is the number one preoccupation of the Swiss, according to the annual Vimentis poll unveiled on Monday.

...The topic of immigration stands out clearly at the top of the concerns of the Swiss people. Thus, 34% of the participants in the annual online poll, conducted by the association Vimentis, perceive a great need to act, against 20% in 2011.
Sunday, 17 February 2013
Imran Firasat sent me this image of what purports to be a document from the Spanish government attesting to the fact that he had no criminal record in Spain as of 7 August 2012. He has given me permission to publish it here.

For various reasons, I think this evidence is not conclusive. The Spanish government bureaucracy is not very efficient and is highly regionalised. So I have no faith that the various arms of the Spanish government bureaucracies are able to properly share information with one another. Document forgery is also one of the accusations that has been levelled at Firasat and his partner. And even if it is true that he has no criminal record, that may be because his whereabouts were unknown so criminal charges could not be brought.

Let's review what we know of the basic facts related to Imran Firasat's presence in Europe.

He arrives in Germany in 2004, supposedly from Pakistan, along with the woman Jenny Setiawan he claims is his wife, supposedly an ethnic Chinese Buddhist who is a citizen of Indonesia. Firasat says Setiawan had previously fled Indonesia to Pakistan to escape Muslim fanatics who killed her family in Indonesia. This is perhaps the world's first recorded example of a person fleeing to Pakistan to escape Muslim fanatics.

In Germany, they claim asylum on the basis that both of their countries prohibit marriage between a Muslim and a non-Muslim and that in Pakistan it is punished by death. Firasat claims to have been regularly denounced by neighbours as they moved from one place to another. He says the police tortured him and cut off his thumb. He also says his father was assassinated.

I can't find definitive information about inter-religious marriage in Pakistan and Indonesia, but this reference on Indonesian law says that inter-faith marriages are difficult but not impossible to arrange in Indonesia itself and that, in order to bypass these difficulties, many inter-faith couples wishing to marry travel abroad to do it.

The German authorities reject Firasat's claim for asylum and decide to report the couple. By this stage, Firasat has already shown his great skill in recruiting the media and asylum and immigration NGOs to help his cause. Because he and Setiawan are not married, the German government plans to deport them to separate countries, one to Pakistan, one to Indonesia. The media and asylum seeker organisations create a great fuss around this and eventually the authorities relent and deport them both together to Indonesia. Firasat has no papers to enter Indonesia, though, so the authorities there refuse him entry at the airport and send him back to Germany. After more media and NGO pressure, the German authorities grant him special temporary permission to stay pending deportation(!).

Following the advice of an African he met in the detention centre at the airport, they decide to leave Germany for Spain. According to him, the legislation is more permissive in Spain than in other countries.

In Spain, their asylum claim is also rejected. There, too, Firasat is able to attract great media attention and help from do-gooder organisations.

So far, Firasat has said nothing specifically in criticism of Islam. But Spanish law has a provision allowing a second claim for asylum to be made after a first has been rejected, as long as the elements of the supposed persecution have changed. So then Firasat begins to talk up his critique of Islam and claim that he would be persecuted because of it.

Firasat settles in Cantabria and gets involved in various business activities there with local people, setting up kebab restaurants. He flees Cantabria in 2007, leaving many outraged partners behind who claim they were defrauded. A nationwide search and capture order is issued for him in Spain.

At this point, it seems Firasat returned to Indonesia with his wife, the country where he claimed they could not live initially because they were an interfaith couple and then because he would be persecuted for his criticism of Islam.

At the very least, the fact that he voluntarily returned to a country from which he claimed he would face persecution suggests the original claim for asylum contained a major element of fraud. However, even Ayaan Hirsi Ali admitted to fraud in her asylum application, saying, "all asylum seekers lie".

Firasat is then deported from Indonesia to Spain, where he goes to live in Cordoba, working in a restaurant for another Paki. Indonesia then files murder charges against him, convicts him in absentia, and demands his extradition. Firasat also gets into dispute with his employer in Cordoba, who claims Firasat assaulted him and stole money from him.

At every stage, Firasat has shown extraordinary skill in getting sympathetic attention for his case from the media and other organisations.

Spain has a lot of news websites with almost no standards of professional probity. They pick up and recirculate wild claims without any serious checking. In interviews with these websites, Firasat has claimed that he sued and won damages from newspapers that printed false information about him.

I have asked Firasat for proof that he had won damages from newspapers. Cases like this should leave checkable traces on the internet. He has failed to provide any proof. Instead, in an email he referred to yet another article on yet another website which simply reported that he had won 200,000 euros from the newspaper El Diario Montañes for this article. It is not clear whether the website did anything to confirm this claim or, more likely, simply accepted Firasat's word for it.

Here are some extracts from the article that formed the basis of the supposed lawsuit in which Firasat claims he won 200,000 euros damages. Some of the people in the Counterjihad movement should certainly reflect carefully on the quotes from some of those who had previous dealings with Firasat.
Imran was a "thinking computer", a "very intelligent mind" who never stopped scheming about "how to get more money". This is how two Cantabrians defined the Pakistani Firasat yesterday, the man who resided for almost three years in Cantabria, the region in which he successfully gained political refugee status for himself and his companion, the Indonesian Jenny Setiawan, with whom he formed a couple not "for love", as they both say, "but for business". The incredible aspect of the case is that almost everyone who got to know him, and there were many, "was taken in by his story of a couple persecuted in Pakistan and Indonesia".

..."I saw that it bothered him to have daughters and not sons. I noted that he never said anything about his life in Pakistan, that he had repudiated his religion in public but then said he would go back to his country to look for an appropriate husband for the girls..."
Source: El Diario Montañes

So, after claiming he would be persecuted in Pakistan and that he had abjured Islam, Firasat said he was going to go back there to recruit presumably Muslim husbands for his daughters!
It also started to become clear that he had a "deformation of personality: he was going well, despite the fact that he treated his employees abominably and was terribly calculating. He knew very well who he could stop paying and who not. They always paid the gestoría that handled their paperwork religiously [in Spain a gestoría is a company that handles paperwork with the government bureaucracy, similar to an accountant's practice but covering a broader area], because they were advising them on help they could get and how to obtain it. They drove the employee at the gestoría crazy."
Source: El Diario Montañes

He never stopped thinking about how to get money, the two women agree. One tells of how "one time he asked us for money to go to China and buy machines for the catering business. He said he could get them cheaper there. And he went away for 20 days then, but God knows where. He was a compulsive liar."

..."He was very clever. When the problems started, it was clear that he was a born manipulator, who knew perfectly what to say, who to say it to and in what way. The presence of the children helped him a lot. He took them around everywhere with him. Especially when he was asking for something."

Beneath the appearance of the man in love, hard-working, upright and polite was "the other Imran: the one who hardly paid attention to his wife and children, who he just used for his own purposes, the same one who is thinking now about changing countries. He never stops looking into where he could get the most benefits. He had been looking at Canada and the USA. But the steps he would have to take to do it didn't satisfy him. It would have been very difficult to get into either of them despite his refugee status."
Source: El Diario Montañes

There is no doubt that Firasat is extremely skilled in recruiting people to help his cause. Even before he had said anything about Islam, his case (which, on its face, was unremarkable considering the number of asylum applications processed each year in Europe) attracted extraordinary attention from the media and NGOs. If the quotes from his business partners above are to be believed, Firasat is just an extremely skilled conman who knows how to manipulate people by telling them exactly what they want to hear. If the quote about him planning to return to Pakistan to find husbands for his daughters is accurate, we would have to consider the possibility that he is, in fact, still a Muslim and that his public posturing as a critic of Islam is just a ruse.

To set against that, however, why would Firasat continue with his anti-Islam posturings after he had successfully obtained refugee status? I can't see any advantage in that for him, unless he thought the likely reaction (either from the Spanish government or other sources) would help him make a fresh claim for asylum somewhere else, like the USA or Canada.

Whatever the truth about Imran Firasat, it is clear that the Spanish government is acting against him because of his public criticism of Islam and not because of any dubious past that he may have. Its actions therefore deserve to be criticised on their own merits.

Stories of Pakis in Britain gang-raping pubescent British girls and forcing them into prostitution are by now well known. When the equality ideologues who control public information consumption could no longer suppress reporting of this phenomenon, they fell back to the "limited hang-out" option that it was a uniquely Pakistani problem. The deeper truth, that this problem has its roots in Islam, an ideology that specifically sanctions the sexual enslavement of "infidel" women, based on the example of the so-called Prophet Mohammed, is still considered a truth too terrible to be even discussed, never mind acknowledged. But the same predatory patterns of behaviour manifest themselves wherever Muslim males are able to gain access to non-Muslim females. Here is an example of exactly the same phenomenon from Germany. In this case, the perpetrators are not Pakis, but Turks.
It happened in the centre of Hagen: a 15-year-old schoolgirl was forced to snort cocaine by two men (39 and 23). Then she was raped, while being filmed, and then finally had to sell her body in an inner city brothel.

The sauna club operator Ayhan A. (39) and his friend Tugay C. (23) from Boelerheide, a bus driver in the EN circle, have been in detention since 12 September – and are now before the Young Persons Protection Chamber of the Regional Court. "Human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation" according to one of the numerous charges.

Jasmin (name changed) is certainly not an ordinary young girl. As the 15-year-old reached puberty, there were often problems at home. She ran away several times. In January last year at the central railway station, in a so-called "shisha bar", a bar in which hookah pipes are smoked, she met Tugay C. He introduced the schoolgirl to his fellow Turk Ayhan A., who then ran a brothel in Bergstraße.

The two men apparently wanted to exploit the 15-year-old's runaway status and force her to prostitution. Initially they went on a jaunt in a BMW in Dortmund's Nordstadt. There they acquired cocaine. The girl was forced to take the white powder through her nose.

Then it was back to Hagen. There, in a garage next to the brothel, the 15-year-old was forced by Ayhan A. to have sexual intercourse on a washing machine. Friend and fellow accused Tugay C. filmed the rape of the schoolgirl with his mobile phone. "Because of her drug-impaired state and because she was alone in the garage with two clearly more powerful and older men, she was not able to defend herself" - explained the lawyer.

The next day Jasmin was supposed to spend the night with a client in a hotel. When she refused, Tugay C. grabbed her and kicked her in the back: she should watch what she was doing, he said, because she was a girl and had to obey him. Otherwise he would "do something" to her mother, threatened Tugay C. - the 15-year-old who was intimidated by this then went to the room with a client.

Afterwards, too, the 15-year-old, who was given the name Kimberly, was threatened with her family being killed if she didn't prostitute herself for the men. The clients had to pay 50 euros. The girl got nothing.

The two accused admitted all charges before the regional court. The comprehensive admission of guilt, which spared Jasmin from having to testify personally in a psychologically-troubling confrontation with her tormentors "will mitigate the sentence", knows the defence lawyer Frank Becker. The Court has already indicated that Tugay C. should expect a sentence of between 3 and 4 years, and former brothel operator Ayhan A. a sentence of between three and a half and four and a half years. The trial is to resume on 20 February.

The police freed Jasmin and another girl, a 14-year-old, from the home of Tugay C.'s brother in Vinckestraße (Altenhagen). The schoolgirl's enraged father stood in front of the house door with a pitchfork and wanted to lynch the pimps.
Source: Via: PI

Saturday, 16 February 2013
This does not come as a surprise:
"'- 70 percent of domestic violence involve families with immigrant back ground. The cultures we are talking about use little alcohol and do not celebrate Christmas,' says coordinator of the police's effort against domestic violence in Oslo, Stein Erik Olsen to Nettavisen. He adds:

'- Det vi har sett her på Stovner er at antall saker har gått ned under ramadan,'"

Source: Nettavisen - - are behind 70 percent of domestic violence in Oslo

"Immigrants in Telemark are overrepresented in most crime areas. This is the conclusion in a study made by the police in Telemark.

'Politimeister Rita Kilvær is particularly worried about the increase of domestic violence in minority communities.

'- There are three times as many people who are either victims of domestic violence or who are committing it' ...

The report shows that theft and domestic violence are more often committede by immigrants than among the rest of the population."

Souce: NRK - Here immigrants are overrepresented in crime stats

I've written before about the imam Hassen Chalgoumi, based in Drancy in France. Together with David Pujadas, he's just published a book in France called "Agissons avant qu'il ne soit trop tard" [Act Now Before It's Too Late]. Here are some extracts from an interview he did recently with Atlantico magazine.
Hassen Chalghoumi : It is clear that the majority of the places of worship in France are managed by embassies. The Grand Mosque of Paris is managed by Algeria, the RMF (Rassemblement des musulmans de France [Association of Muslims of France) is managed by Morocco and several mosques are directly dependent on Turkey, Egypt and Qatar. We know very well that there is interference on a large scale.

Haoues Seniguer: The concern of Hassan Chalghoumi can be better understood in the context that he himself, in the past, frequented madrassas (traditional religious schools where the Koran is memorised especially) in Syria, India, Pakistan, etc. to the point where he was even very much in favour, at least for a while, of the full veil. His recent positions can therefore be seen in light of this perhaps traumatic experience of his earlier years.

Now, we need to be precise about the nature of what is being called interference, real or imagined. It can be of two types: first, at the theoretical level, because of globalisation it is true that ideologies circulate easily, spread very widely from one area to another with, in the Islamic landscape of France, the unquestionable pre-eminence of the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood which has implanted itself very strongly in France in recent years. Then, at the financing level, we know that some countries give money, occasionally or regularly, to the Muslim faithful, also citizens, such as Morocco, which, for example, financed the Grand Mosque in Saint-Étienne which was even named the Mohammed VI mosque from the name of the current Alawite sovereign. There are also patrons in the Gulf who make regular donations, rather discreetly since September 2001, in order to avoid provoking a defensive reaction from the public authorities in our country and from French opinion, which might suspect them of favouring terrorism.

Who are the principal actors in this interference? Where do they come from and what is their organisation?

Hassen Chalghoumi: The Muslim Brotherhood have a significant influence which is also known by everyone, even the State. There are about a hundred imams who come from Algeria on a four-year contract, the same for Moroccan and Turkish imams.

Haoues Seniguer: In addition to the countries I've just mentioned, I show very clearly in an article that appeared yesterday in the academic journal Confluences méditerranée, that countries such as Qatar are getting more and more involved in Islam outside of their own borders. Qatar could also make a breakthrough at the level of European Islam in general, and in France in particular, within the next few years, because of the ever greater proximity between our two countries, and the implantation of the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe, which is a cherished goal in particular of the second wife of the emir Hamad Ben Khalifa Al-Thani, Moza bint Nasser Al-Misnad. Let's also not lose sight of the fact that she is very close to Yûsuf Al-Qaradhâwî, the globally notorious islamist theologian. In this respect, it is useful to recall that Tariq Ramadan, who enjoys great prestige among French-speaking Muslims, and who is often invited to France by different Muslim associations or organisations, inaugurated, in March 2012 in Doha, the CILE (Centre for Research on Islamic Legislation) of which has been the director since then. This centre is financed the given broad support by this very same second wife of the Emir of Qatar.
Source: Atlantico

Thursday, 14 February 2013

See below for backgground on this.
The city of Ghent is going to delete the word "allochtone" from its "accord de majorité" and from daily use. "The suppression of the word 'allochtone' is the beginning of a new policy of integration", explains Resul Tapmaz (sp.a), deputy burgomaster in charge of Equal Opportunities, in several Dutch-language newspapers. According to the deputy burgomaster, the parties concerned are themselves demanding the suppression of this word. "You see it in the streets, the Ghentians with origins elsewhere are not happy with this label. They feel like Ghentians, not 'allochtones.'"

Specifically, the city wants to suppress the word "allochtone" from the "accord de majorité", in which it occurs 15 times, and replace it with terms such as "ethnic or cultural minorities", "Ghentian Turks", or even "first arrivals".

First, Resul Tapmaz is of Turkish origin, so presumably a Muslim.

Second, as far as I can tell an "accord de majorité" is a political agreement that defines the agenda to be pursued by a government formed by a coalition of smaller parties.

Third, 'allochtone' is a word that started to be used in Dutch language discourse then spread to French. It means someone of immigrant origin, even if they are not first generation immigrants. So, in practice, it refers to Europe's third-world colonist population. The word 'allocthonous' is sometimes used in English but hasn't really caught on in reference to immigrants. There isn't really a direct equivalent in English. This is why I sometimes use the word 'alien'.

In essence, the aliens are now demanding the suppression of any reference to their alienness.

This happened in Sweden.

The Muslims' names are believed to be Hamza Tchaki, Youssef Ben Ali, Kuorbam Uomama and Firas Mani, all Tunisian.

Source: Alerta Digital
Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The latest trick employed by Africans/Muslims wanting to get into Europe is to smash their way through the border posts in "kamikaze" car "razzias". The video shows this happening in Melilla, one of Spain's exclaves in Africa, at the border with Muslim Morocco.
Tuesday, 12 February 2013
Two black African cardinals emerged as frontrunners for the papacy yesterday after the shock resignation of Benedict XVI.

He became the first leader of the Roman Catholic church to step down in 600 years and the first to abdicate through ill-health.

Amid feverish speculation about the succession, two of the favourites were Ghana’s Cardinal Peter Turkson, 64, and Cardinal Francis Arinze from eastern Nigeria.
Source: Daily Mail

This is interesting. Regular readers may remember some posts I made a few months ago about a video on Muslim demographics that had been shown to a Vatican synod. Peter Turkson was the person responsible. The Vatican later dissociated itself from his actions, but now he may be the next Pope.

Even if he does become Pope, though, the office may have a moderating effect on his Counterjihad tendencies. Ratzinger, too, was wary of the Muslim, and particularly Turkish, threat to Europe, but became a bland multicultist when in office. He might surprise us, though, as non-Europeans tend not to be as intimidated by political correctness, and Africa is on the frontlines of the Jihad. And there it's still the old skool jihad of killing, raping and burning, not the stealth Jihad we have to endure in the West.

One good thing about the election of the new Pope is that we can be fairly sure it won't be a Muslim. In this day and age, though, can we be absolutely sure?

Monday, 11 February 2013

This is quite devastating, I have to say. I wasn't sure about Firasat before, but this article makes me think that it's time for the Counterjihad movement to start disinvesting in this guy.

I should also say that I was in email correspondence with Firasat, correspondence which ceased abruptly when I asked him the name of the restaurant where he had worked in Cordoba. I was just casually curious about this, because I go to a lot of restaurants here (Cordoba), and wondered if it had been one I knew. He had been in some kind of dispute with the restaurant owners here, too, though, so perhaps he thought I wanted to make inquiries about his past.

This was published on 24 February 2008
They took flight leaving a trail of victims and debts behind. Imran Firasat and Jenny Setiawan, political refugees in Cantabria who need to answer before a court in relation to the case filed by their business partners from Santander, have abandoned the flat they were living in and also the city. And the lawyer for the accusers has now asked the judge for a search and capture order covering all the national territory. For the many Cantabrians who threw themselves into helping them because of their hard personal history, the Pakistani and the Indonesian must have been a great disappointment.

Firasat and Setiawan succeeded in gaining temporary authorisation to reside in Cantabria in view of their exceptional circumstances: marriage between a Muslim and a Buddhist is punished by both religions, which prevented them from returning to either of their countries of origin. Having arrived in this region from Germany, Firasat moved like a fish in water between institutions and communication media. He even organised an internet campaign to support his cause.

Having achieved their goal of regularising their stateless situation, the pair opened a catering business in the Grupo Amaro in Santander, called 'Kebabish'. Under this name they formed a company with two Cantabrian couples who quarrelled with them in relation to business-related crimes approximately one month ago: after opening three premises (the Grupo Amaro one, another in Menéndez Pelayo and a third in Marqués de la Hermida), the young man and his wife sold them without the knowledge of their business partners. This gave rise to the complaint for document falsification and administrative fraud.

One of the accusers had also rented a home to them. Because they stopped paying the rent a few months ago, an eviction process has been started.

These were not the only “irregularities” committed by the political refugees. Maite Calderón, owner of a signage company, has also filed a complaint with the police after observing that the Pakistani had given her a cheque without any funds for an amount just below 600 euros. The businesswoman says it is not the money that bothers her (“I don’t expect to get it back”) but the “tremendous disappointment”. “The personal deception hurts me. When he gave me the cheque dated February, he was already preparing his flight”.

Calderón – who had no previous knowledge of the history of the immigrants through the media – is aware that the young man “had a wide circle of people who were supporting him. He offered to make all of them partners in his business. Now it’s clear his only aim was to rip them off”.

She doesn’t think it will be easy to find him. “It would be a stroke of luck”, she notes. A fortune for all those who have been left unpaid, she indicates, “because there were also people, like bar suppliers, that he has left owing”.

The family that support him in his business projects have it worst. A few days ago they learned that they will have to pay the bank the amount they guaranteed for him and they are very upset.

And the local government also have knowledge of the couple, who got a grant to start their business which these sources put at almost 5,000 euros with specific conditions that, if not fulfilled, would mean it had to be returned.

For this reason an investigation has been opened, as has been confirmed by the ex-partners of the Pakistani and the first to accuse him in the situation, who are moving heaven and earth to find him.

These persons add that, among the victims, is a former employee and the compatriot to whom he sold the premises in Menéndez Pelayo. It seems the man who convinced so many people of his painful family situation will have to give many explanations. But for that, he first has to stick his neck out.

Again, H/T to the anonymous commenter who provided links in this thread.

Imran Firasat, if you want to publish a detailed response to these allegations, I am willing to publish it here. You know my email address.

This was published in 27 October 2004 and comes from a link supplied by an anonymous commenter in this thread.
Because they are a couple, they would die in Pakistan, where a Muslim (male) may not marry a Buddhist (female). So Imran Firasat and Jenny Setiawan fled to Germany. But the authorities here say they don't belong together either. Because they are not married, the German authorities want to deport them separately to different countries.

... Firasat and Setiawan fled from Pakistan with the utmost urgency. An unmarried pair of different religions - this merits the death penalty in Pakistan, says Imran Firasat. They were locked up and tortured. "They cut off my thumb with a meat knife," says Firasat and shows his mutilated left hand. His girlfriend was raped multiple times by the police, he says. Jenny Setiawan holds a child in her arms and cries. She is in Frankfurt, is pregnant again and the future looks bleak. She had already fled to Pakistan because she had experienced terrible things as a member of an ethnic Chinese minority. During the riots in Jakarta in 1998 she had to watch as her parents were slaughtered. Jenny Setiawan was also seriously injured herself. Later her then husband died in further rioting. She then flees to Pakistan and meets Imran Firasat.

...They fall in love and become a couple, which is forbidden by Pakistani law. They constantly flee from the police and the neighbours, move house, are arrested again and tortured. At the end of September of this year they fled to Frankfurt via Bangkok. As the aircraft landed on 30 September at 6 am, Imran Firasat and Jenny Setiawan think they are in safety. But the German authorities don't believe a word. The border protection officer laughed in his face, recalls Firasat. "You're lying, you're lying," the officer said. And his pregnant girlfriend who was in pain was told that is she could survive the flight, she could endure the questioning.

...The federal agency rejects the asylum application as "clearly unjustified". "It is almost inconceivable that an unmarried couple could live together in Pakistan" reads the decision. This is punished by imprisonment or even the death penalty. Therefore it can be assumed that "Firasat would not have dared to live with his Buddhist partner". The decision-makers believe that the whole story has been fabricated "there is a clear attempt to fabricate a performance of an existing partnership in Pakistan."
Some questions are raised by this? First, is it really against the law in Pakistan for a Muslim male to marry a Buddhist female? As far as I knew, Islamic law placed restrictions on Muslim females marrying non-Muslim males, but not the other way round, because they see males as dominant and thus, in a sense, "capturing" the woman for Islam.

Second, as the anonymous commenter observed, why would a non-Muslim whose family had been butchered by Muslim fanatics flee to Pakistan for sanctuary? Pakistan is crawling with Muslim wack-jobs, as anyone would know.

It's striking that even at this stage Firasat has displayed a talent for gaining media attention. His story at this stage was surely no more remarkable than that of legions of other asylum seekers. So it seems odd that it received this kind of coverage.

Bart Debie supplied information on the internal operations of Vlaams Belang to the State Security Service for three years, he declared to the daily newspapers De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad.

"I was recruited as an informer in 2007. Until my resignation from the party in 2010, I met someone from the intelligence services almost every month," declared Mr Debie who at that time was a key figure in Vlaams Belang.

Bart Debie is in particular said to have provided information concerning financial support for Vlaams Belang.

He decided to speak about his role as an informer following declarations made by the Minister of Justice, Annemie Turtelboom, who state recently that the State Security Service was not involved in spying on members of parliament.

The head of the State Security Service, Alain Winants, did not want to comment on the statements made by Bart Debie.
Sunday, 10 February 2013

Video in German below:

Last Thursday, the German Defence League and the anti-Islam party Die Freiheit held a vigil for Imran Firasat outside the Spanish embassy in Berlin. A letter of protest about the Spanish government's treatment of Firasat was handed into the embassy.

Source: PI
Maria Frank in white, gathering signatures to protest against construction of a mosque

Maria Frank, a 74-year-old woman, who leads an organisation called "Association for the Future of Germany" peacefully gathers signatures calling for a referendum on whether an "Islam in Europe" centre should be built in Munich. She is constantly mobbed by antifa, green and trade union activists, so her placards are hardly visible. Despite that, she is prosecuted for incitement to hatred.
In Rotkreuzplatz the 74-year-old pensioner exhibited a placard on this day, which among other thing said that after the siege of Vienna by the Ottoman empire in 1683 now "the arrogant Turks and Muslims ... [are threatening] Europe again". The accused thus established and suggested the reference to a war of aggression, at least "implicitly accepting" that fear of Islam and Turks would be generated, argued the state prosecutor. She thus disturbed the public peace.
Source: Sü

She was placed under caution and ordered to pay 1000 euros to Amnesty International! She said she had nothing to do with this organisation and asked to be allowed to pay the money to a charity for persecuted Christians instead. The judge said no, it had to go to Amnesty International!

In addition he warned Frank, who has made numerous negative statements about Turks and Muslims on the internet, sometimes in a much more drastic way than on the placard.
"You need to stop that and become aware of what is acceptable and what isn't."

If she commits a similar "offence" within the next three years, she has to pay a fine of 3,600 euros.
Saturday, 9 February 2013

Subtitling done by the Vlad Tepes team - great work
The Party of "In-nocence" congratulates France 2, which, to believe the astonishing report broadcast in the 8 o'clock news on Wednesday, 6 February 2013, has in some form resolved all on its own the question of the Great Replacement and the various harms linked to it. First of all this brief documentary evoked the impressive series of violent acts and aggressions which results, in a district called 'sensitive', in a no less impressive series of closures of all types, shopping centres, chemists, tobacconists, grocer's shops, butcher's shops and supermarkets.

Then comes the admirable solution noted in the report and implicitly praised by it, based on the example of a supermarket founded, owned and managed by a young entrepreneur of Turkish origin: no more attacks, this business is not threatened at all and prospers in peace. The young entrepreneur explains, with admirable candour, that insofar as the various shops and commercial premises are owned, managed and held by people of the same origins (or the same religion? since he himself is of Turkish origin) as the majority population, there will be no more violence and the risk of closure is removed: "We looked at all the robberies, the thefts and the attacks that took place, that's when I said to myself that if it had been me that had had them, we wouldn't have had all these problems".

The town featured is Saint-Gratien, about 20 km north of Paris. The text is from Renaud Camus, the writer who lost his publishing contract because of his declared support for Marine Le Pen.

Even if you don't understand French, the images in the video are evocative. First we see the "desertification" resulting from Muslim crime. The shops all close. Old European people can't buy the things they need close by. They have to go on long journeys to the shops now, and, because some of them are very old, that's not easy. Along comes a Muslim, opens a supermarket and, mysteriously, is never targeted by the criminals. What's bizarre is the tone of unqualified admiration the news show offers to this Turk, without any consideration of why it is that non-Muslim shops are targeted while Muslim shops are not.

Maybe the Vlad Tepes people could do a full translation of this clip. I don't have time to do it myself just now.
Twenty per cent of young Flemings think that Muslims should not practice their religion in Flanders while one third are not sure. A fifth of the persons polled are convinced that many Muslims are criminals.

...Young Muslims are not however behind when it comes to intolerant positions. Thus, almost half want the cancellation of homosexual marriage and a quarter think that violence against homosexuals is justified. In addition, 21% of young Muslims think the execution of homosexuals is justified in some countries.

As for antisemitism, it is widespread among young Muslims. No less than 45% say they agree with the following stereotypes: "the Jews are dominant" or "the Jews incite war". The researchers state that "antisemitism seems to be integrating itself progressively into the contemporary identity of young Muslims".

The researchers note that "the young people of Flanders are not necessarily Flemish. They break down into a mosaic of ethnic groups that maintain a very large mental and social distance between them."

Of course the moral equivalence here is false. Flemings feeling an antipathy to Muslims is not the moral equivalent of Muslims feeling an antipathy to Jews and gays. Why? Because the first is purely defensive. It amounts to saying that Flanders would be better without Muslims in it, which, based on objective data, it undoubtedly would. The antipathy felt by the Muslims, however, is just one small aspect of the many strands of ugliness they have introduced to that society. It is like making a moral judgement about a fight you see on the street based on how hard the punches thrown by each participant are. Of course that has nothing to do with the rights or wrongs of it. Any serious moral judgement about the fight has to be based on who the aggressor is and who is the one defending himself. In the context of Flanders, Muslim prejudice is aggressive, while Fleming hostility to Muslims (which should really be called postjudice since it is a judgement after the fact based on the evidence) is purely defensive.

What's missing in the conventional moral canons of the world is a sense of place, a sense that people acquire a special moral entitlement to a specific territory by virtue of living there for a long time and building a successful society there. The modern ideology of human rights, with its exaltation of citizenship and birthplace, takes no account of this. For that reason, it is unable to make a distinction between offence and defence and simply lumps them altogether under the rubric of 'intolerance'.
Friday, 8 February 2013

A Moroccan Muslim has defaced the statue of Don Juan of Austria (victor in the battle of Lepanto, one of Europe's decisive victories in the struggle against Mohammedanism) in Regensburg, Bavaria, with Moroccan and Turkish flags. He mounted on to the statue and remained there for three hours, threatening to cut his throat if the police tried to remove him forcefully. Firemen placed a protective mat underneath the statue in case he tried to jump. In the end, he came down voluntarily after three hours. It turned out that he didn't have a knife after all. During the three hours, he regaled the audience with statements like:

Muslims are peaceful. This must go.

No to fascism. No to terrorism. But this must go.


Has dhimmi justice returned to Cordoba after centuries? The Muslims taunt Christians by praying in the cathedral, attack security guards and police with a knife and crutches and the judge just dismisses all of the evidence against them, saying the testimony is contradictory, by which he must mean that the Muslims denied it.
The Fifth Criminal Court of Córdoba has acquitted the eight Austrian Muslim tourists who created an altercation inside the Mezquita-Catedral on Holy Wednesday in 2010 for praying inside the place of worship according to the Muslim rite.

The judgement considered it proved that the eight tourists visited various Spanish cities in March 2010 on a cultural trip organised by the Association of Young Muslims of Austria. Specifically, they arrived in Córdoba on 31 March, coinciding with Holy Wednesday. In the afternoon the eight accused as well as the rest of the group visited the Mezquita-Catedral and once inside, in an area not expressly dedicated to the Catholic religion, one of them -Z. E. A., started praying according to the Muslim rite, some of his colleagues following him spontaneously. On noticing them, an assistant with the building’s security service approached the group and asked them to stop praying. After a negative response, another security guard appeared who “angrily” made the same request to the leader of the group, at which moment a struggle began between him and various members of the group who wanted Z.E.A. to stop praying.

The judge concludes that once the leader finished praying he ran out towards the entrance gate. But when he reached it he was detained by the gatekeeper until the security guard appeared again, who grabbed him by the neck and took him to a nearby corner. “Many of the members … swirled around them”, adds the judgement.

His colleagues started to ask the security guard to let Z.E.A. go, some of them even trying to free him by force, an extremity that the security guard prevented.

After the National Police appeared in the Mezquita-Catedral the members of the security service explained to the agents what had occurred “all in a climate in which spirits were very heated”. One of the Austrian tourists, E.G., with one leg in plaster and crutches, started to shout, for which reason the officers subdued him and pulled him to the ground, arresting him.

Regarding this episode, the judge indicates that it had not been proved that the eight accused had previously formed an agreement for criminal purpose or that they had disturbed public order. The recordings, according to the judge, prove that the tourists had not formed a protective cordon around the prayer, as the security guards in the place of worship maintain.

The prosecutor declared that when the security guard grabbed the Muslim leader by the neck there was a moment in which one of the other accused rushed on him and stabbed at him with a pen-knife, an action he was able to avoid, although it resulted in a cut on his left hand.

The judge, however, says that “there is no proof of a knife attack”, based on the declarations of the people involves and a video recording made available to the judge. Besides, he sees it as “implausible” that there was a “forceful struggle” in which the pen-knife of ten centimetres “provoked a slight scratch on the hand of one of those involved”.

The third and last issue examined involved one of the acquitted Muslims raising a crutch to one of the police officers who arrived at the Mezquita. The judge did not substantiate this version based on the “irresolvable contradictions in the testimony” and the “lack of proof” of this action.

In his judgement, the judge declares that it is not his job to assess for punishment “socially reproachable behaviour”, which tarnishes “with intransigent narrow-mindedness, the natural and peaceful convivencia between religions”.
Source: Diario de Cordoba

Thursday, 7 February 2013
1 in 8 murders and 1 in 3 rapes in Moscow are committed by illegal immigrants, announced Vadim Iakovenko, head of the capital's prosecutor's office, on Thursday during a meeting of officials from Russia's investigation board.

"Illegal immigration unfortunately remains a serious problem for the city. In 2012, one in eight murders and one in three rapes were committed by foreigners", declared Mr. Iakovenko.
Source: RIA Novosti

On his daily blog, Dan "Dhimmi" Hannan usually keeps quiet about his pro-Muslim and pro-Turkish inclinations, because he knows they don't sit too well with his readership. Every now and then, though, he plucks up his courage, steps into the fray and shows us his true colours. Today is such a day.

The article is essentially a spin-piece arguing that we shouldn't think badly of Muslims because they all voted for religious wackos after the Arab Spring gave them the right to choose their leaders. Back when the Arab Spring revolutions were first breaking, the western Establishment hailed them as proof that Muslims were just like us. On the Counterjihad blogs, even in the comments underneath the articles in the mainstream press, people knew better. I remember one person commenting that maybe the Arab Spring might ultimately be a good thing because when, in the end, Muslims exercised their freedom by choosing Islamic bondage, it would finally cure western elites of their delusion that Muslims were just like us. But as we can see from Hannan's article, the illusions of western elites are almost infinitely resilient. Because their illusions are not fact-based findings. They, too, spring from religious dogma: the Religion of Equality (with its anti-god Hitler) and the ideology of human rights that underlies it. They are no more able to shake off these convictions than Muslims are able to admit that Mohammed was a paedophile if he even existed at all.

Hanna's spin is essentially that the overwhelming support for Islam-based parties is a distortion caused by the years of dictatorship when Islamic organisations were the only opposition. He compares it to Eastern Europe, where, he says, bizarre movements briefly flourished when the dictatorship ended, only to disappear later.

It must never be forgotten that Daniel Hannan is a founder member of the Conservative Friends of Turkey Association, which campaigns to get Turkey's 80 million Muslims into the EU. That becomes clear in the next paragraph.
I can think of only two parties that, while having an Islamic foundation, uncomplicatedly support secular, liberal democracy. They are at opposite ends of the region, one in Morocco and the other in Turkey. Both are called Justice and Development (PJD in Morocco, AK in Turkey), and both are running successful governments.
The Turkish AKP party "uncomplicatedly" supports liberal democracy by jailing more journalists than any other country in the world, by banning the construction of Christian churches and by earning more unfavourable ECHR judgements than any other member state.

Hannan's article culminates in a spectacular display of appeasement.

You can be certain that the comment thread which follows will be filled with furious screeds to the effect that there is no such thing as democratic Islam, and that I want to bring the Janissaries back to the gates of Vienna. A surprising number of people spend their days searching the web for articles containing the word ‘Muslim’ so that they can start trolling.

Paradoxically, those who take the line that Islam is incompatible with pluralist democracy are reinforcing the arguments of the jihadi loons. Nothing is more likely to push some Muslims towards extremism than being repeatedly told that they want to overthrow society. These statements, as I say, have a tendency to be partly self-fulfilling.

This is the classic cry of the appeaser throughout history. Don't talk about the bad things other people do or they're likely to do even more bad things.

How crazy is it for Hannan to say that Islam-critics pointing out that Muslims suppress freedom wherever they have the power to do so will make Muslims more likely to suppress freedom wherever they have the power to do so?

If someone told Hannan that appeasement-minded "Conservatives" who campaign to get Britain out of the EU and Turkey into it have a high statistical likelihood of becoming serial killers, would that make him feel more inclined to go out and become a serial killer? No. No statement could awaken that impulse unless it was already there.

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