Wednesday, 16 January 2013
A British university has established a dedicated centre to study the extremist far right, with a particular focus on the increase in violent anti-Islamic sentiment and the possibility of a lone, Anders Behring Breivik style attack.

The Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-Fascist Studies at Teesside University will be formally launched later this month at an event marking National Holocaust Memorial Day. Beginning with two academics, Professor Nigel Copsey and Dr Matthew Feldman, the centre will specialise in both the history of far-right radicalism in this country, and current trends and dangers.
Source: Guardian

How many lives has "far-right" terrorism claimed in Britain and around the world compared to jihad terrorism? Yet how many universities have centres dedicated to the study of jihad terrorism? I'm not aware of any. They may study terrorism generically, and even focus on the jihadi threat, but I doubt they would advertise their focus on Islamic terrorism for fear of being accused of prejudice. Yet here, and across Britain, we have research posts springing up dedicated to studying a largely mythical threat: far-right terrorism. It's like setting up a Department of Unicorn Studies. Of course it is the taxpayer, directly or indirectly, who is providing the funding for this, although it wouldn't surprise me if there was some Saudi sheikh providing funding in the background.


Anonymous said...

I doubt that they will be studying the recent outbreak of far-left political violence in Greece.

Much more important to address the pressing problem of EDL members posting nasty things about Islam on their Facebook pages.

Anonymous said...

The Post Fascist studies bit could do with some explanation. Is that where they discuss the location of the new gulags for wicked, unreconstructable patriots? Estonia, Latvia perhaps.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much of the taxpayer titty they suck from the middle-class white people they hate so much?

Six figure salaries, subsidized full-course meals at whatever is the equivalent of American Faculty Clubs, all-expense paid junkets to "academic conferences" sponsored by Soros in hardship posts like Tuscany or perhaps The Bahamas.

Yes, the life of a fully paid-up member of the ruling Marxocracy is cushy, very cushy indeed.

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