Friday, 18 January 2013

This is a pattern of behaviour that has been described repeatedly by Europeans living in Muslim-colonised areas: the Muslims harass the Europeans to try and drive them out of their home so they can purchase it and islamise the areas further. Here is a previous account of a different but similar case here. The video above is from the BNP and shows a first-person account of the harassment in Muslim-enriched Rotherham.

Source: BNP

Let's not forget that Rotherham's MP is the recently disgraced (again) Denis Matyjaszek, who calls himself Denis MacShane, and who I call Denis MacShame. In the 1970s, MacShame was responsible for bringing in the NUJ Guidelines on Race Reporting, which instituted systematic censorship of stories that case third-world immigrants or their descendants in a negative light. Brutalised British people, like the old woman above, or like the teenage girls who have been victims of Muslim grooming in Rotherham, are the inevitable consequence of the long-term suppression of information and free discussion. It somehow seems poetically, and tragically, fitting, that the consequences of MacShane's own past folly and wickedness should be visited upon him and those who elected him.


Anonymous said...

Please post this on Twitter, using hash tag #infidelophobia.

Maria José said...

François Hollande - France's gravedigger?

Torn by internal differences, stranded between trans-Atlantic imperatives, the interests of international banks and the need to handle local Muslims, France is close to financial and cultural collapse.

Anonymous said...

In Copenhagen the Muslims are using firebombs and beatings to drive Whites out of their neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Muslims and Blacks in both Europe and the US are doing exactly the same things to white Christians that the KKK did to Blacks during Jim Crow. Yet people continue to hide their heads in the sand, or babble that 'white privelige' and 'racism' are the greatest threats to society.

Anonymous said...

"Muslims and Blacks in both Europe and the US are doing exactly the same things to white Christians that the KKK did to Blacks during Jim Crow."

Nice LIE

Democratic Party terrorist wing KKK are NOT Christians

Thanks for trying your 'white christian' LIE

You must think the Abolitionists were Satanists.. fucking moron

Anonymous said...

how does it feel to be the new Jew?

meanwhile, the "old" Jews

Belgium, which hosts the European Union capital in Brussels, provides a paradigmatic example of the new-style ֲ hatred for the Jews. The Belgian capital’s oldest Jewish school,ֲ named forֲ Maimonides, will be closed soon due to anti-Semitic attacks and lack of students. Like during the Nazi occupation, it is dangerous today for a Jewish girl to go to school in Brussels these days. They are routinelyֲ told "Dirty Jew – go to your country".

Belgium has 40,000 Jews. In 2012, watchdog groups recorded a 50 percent rise in anti-Semitic hatred.

It is estimated that 30% of the Brussels population (1 million) is Muslim and they will be the majority in three generations. The daily De Morgen published the results of a survey among young Muslims in Brussels high schools. It finds that half "can be described as anti-Semitic, which is a very high rate", says VUB sociologist Mark Elchardus.

Meanwhile, Belgian authorities declared war on Judaism. A Belgian court in the city of Antwerp has just forced a Jewish Orthodox school for girls, affiliated with a hassidic sect, to admit the two sons of an anti-Zionist hareidi militant who attended the Holocaust denial conference in Tehran in 2006 and was photographed kissing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

And if the illiberal and coercive Belgian society presumed to strip Judaism of its ability to define itself in religious terms, Jewish students at the European school, the most prestigious in Brussels, where children of European representatives are sent, are harassed over their support for Israel.............

ploome said...

'We're only after the Christians...' Minutes later a Briton lay dead: Terrifying moment gas plant gunmen rounded up non-Muslims and strapped explosives to their necksAlgerian employee says Westerner was 'blown up' for trying to give first aid
IT worker says Westerners were rounded up and targeted
Attackers knew compound layout and were organised

Read more:

.................just like they did to the Jews

ploome said...

link to the story

Anonymous said...

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