Sunday, 13 January 2013

Michael Mannheimer is one of Germany's leading critics of Islam. I've mentioned him a few times here. He has his own blog and writes for the huge German anti-Islam blog, Politically Incorrect. Mainstream German journalists from Die Zeit newspaper have also alleged that he is behind the Nuremberg 2.0 website, which aims to collate information with a view to future prosecutions of members of the elite for permitting the islamisation of their countries, taking the Nuremberg trials as its model. Mannheimer himself has denied being responsible for Nuremberg 2.0.

He is due to appear in court on 24 January, charged with slander. This relates to an episode I wrote about before, in which a local politician opposed granting planning permission for a publisher to extend its premises because it had published the work of "right-wing populists". The politician claimed that having the publisher in the town made it a target for jihad terror attacks. Mannheimer wrote about this on his blog, describing the politician as "the enemy of Germany", and accusing him of attempting to dismantle the constitutional right to freedom of expression, supporting a terrorist group, endangerment of the public peace, coercion, extortion, breach of the peace and concealment of a possible terrorist attack on Germany. The politician responded by suing him for slander.

There have been a number of court actions against Mannheimer recently. Some he has already been convicted of and is appealing. In February 2012, he was convicted of inciting hatred against peoples. The judgement against him read as follows:
In his article, which he addressed to all freedom-loving citizens of Germany, Mannheimer defamed and demonised Islam generally as an anti-human fascism and insulted it by calling it the worst enemy of freedom, equality and brotherhood. He insinuates that "millions of people were brought here against the will of the German people", that they "despise our civilisational and cultural achievements and want to abolish our European culture in favour of the barbaric system of Islam". For years Muslims in Germany and the rest of Europe have been determinedly and with ever greater success working for "the takeover of our continent".

Further it says :"From his deliberately twisted representation of the allegedly anti-constitutional content and aims of Islam, which is said to be still supported by the 'German Establishment', the accused, improperly bringing in constitutional provisions in a pseudo-legal way, derives an alleged citizen's right of resistance."
Source: Heilbronner Stimme Via: PI


Timothy Procopio said...

Here it is a sign to change this secularism's new world order with that link

Maria José said...

Interview with Imran Firasat on Digital Alert Spanish TV (english subtitles)

Hermes said...

hat tip regarding Imran:

Maria José said...

Socialist Workers' Party held 'sharia-style court' to exonerate party member accused of raping female 'comrade'

SWP exonerated man accused of sexually assaulting female party member
Party 'does not have faith in bourgeois court system to deliver justice'
Accusation was heard by 'disputes committee' and not reported to police

The far-left party heard that instead of reporting the grave accusation to police, a disputes committee heard 'evidence' from both the accused and the accuser, before a panel exonerated the man - known as 'Comrade Delta' - for the alleged rape.

Anonymous said...

So, this dumbass politician admits that Muslims are carrying out jihad terrorist attacks, but then this coward blames the people trying to stop those attacks?

What a foul piece of garbage.

But, hey, thanks for admitting that Islam's fanatics are violent.

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