Saturday, 26 January 2013
The Secretary of State for asylum and migration Maggie de Block (Open VLD) wants to counter a new form of immigration fraud, that of "bogus children". Using this technique, a man wishing to obtain a residence permit pays a mother who then pretends that he is the father of her child in order to be able to remain in belgium, reports Het Laatste Nieuws on Friday.

After "bogus marriages", here come the "bogus children". In her 2013 political note, Maggie De Block announces that she wants to curb this phenomenon. "We have signs indicating that this type of fraud is appearing more and more often," explains the Secretary of State. Thus, 10 dossiers of this type have been examined by the Office of Foreigners.

According to Maggie De Block, the phenomenon is difficult to distinguish and prevent. To recognise a children, a man doesn't necessarily need to be the biological parent. It is enough that the mother confirms that he is indeed the father.

The Office of Foreigners and the Justice department are currently examining how to counter this particular type of fraud.
Source: Rtl


Ciccio said...

Easiest thing in the world to counter this one. 50%of everything earned or paid as welfare goes to child support.

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