Monday, 21 January 2013

Necla Kelek is a Turkish immigrant who grew up in Germany. She has written books criticising various aspects of Islamic and Turkish culture and describing the barriers they create to successful integration in Germany. Because she is non-European herself, she is immunised against accusations of racism. So the multicultists strive to find other grounds to criticise her.
Patrick Bahners, until 2011 features editor of the "FAZ" [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a major German newspaper], and the German historian Wolfgang Benz have written books against you and other "Islam critics". And already in 2006, 60 immigration researchers protested publicly against your book "The Lost Sons": they said you worked unscientifically and generalised in an impermissible way . . .

If using the same working methods I had said that immigrants were oppressed, they wouldn't have anything unscientific about it at all, I believe. It's the result that doesn't suit them! For my book "The foreign bride" about forced marriages, I spoke with 40 to 50 women who had been married into Germany, read innumerable books and conducted research. For "The Lost Sons" I did interviews with men in prison for two years and conducted analysis. What I say, I prove. However I am an independent author and have no academic institute backing me up, nor would I be able to ...

What does that mean, you wouldn't be able to?

The protest of the 60 immigration researchers was organised by my former PHD supervisor! In my PHD work I had found that Islam still created obstacles to immigration in the third generation. She said that's not right, it is only temporarily strict then it sorts itself out. That seemed, ultimately, to be plausible to me. When, after further research, I came to different conclusions and presented them publicly, I was finished as far as she was concerned.

Could you not have tried at another university?

Social science research in Germany is totally ideologised. The consensus is that society has failed to integrate people. If there are problems with immigrants, for them there must be social reasons for it. To describe culture as a determining factor is taboo for them. And it keeps getting worse. Iranian, Turkish, German students tell me that they are immediately mobbed when, for example, they want to do research about family structures: for questions like "Are honour killings symptomatic? Is there a compulsion to get married, where does that come from historically?" they don't find any professors.
Source: Die Presse Via: EuropeNews


sheik yer'mami said...

"The consensus is that society has failed to integrate people."

I'm not aware that there is 'consensus'.

It is not societies business to integrate Muslim people who come with a mental baggage full of hatred, deceit and a burning desire to conquer and plunder.

Anonymous said...

I really hope I age and die before the oncoming American-European civil wars start. It's probably going to be the bloodiest and most comprehensive upheaval since the Reformation.

Anonymous said...

Throughout human history, all civilizations have stroven to keep out foreign riff-raff and bottom feeders. We now purposely bring the worst of the worst into our countries and then pay them to sit at home and reproduce offspring with the same defects and pathologies that they have, which we call multicultural vibrance and ethnic authenticity.

This is not going to end well.

Anonymous said...

I really hope I age and die before the oncoming American-European civil wars start. It's probably going to be the bloodiest and most comprehensive upheaval since the Reformation.

Anonymous said...

You would have to be the most ignorant idiot to believe having muslims in large numbers in ANY country will make that country civilized.

The test of a religion is how it treats people who don't believe in its god.

Islam has failed for over 1400 years.

anderson said...

Non-Whites will never be assimilated because of their race. Being american just isn't culture you know

A Black man who speaks perfect Swedish and adopts Swedish culture is guess what?............ Not European.... because he is African race. A non-White will never be European no matter how hard they try, because they are not-White(European race).

Ethnicity is not programmable like a robot. You can not learn to be a different ethnicity. Because it is a part of your DNA. It is a physical concrete part of your body. You have to be born White in order to be of a White ethnicity.

You can change your career, you can change your personality, you can change your cloths, you can change everything about yourself... except for who you really are, your origins, your ancestors, your race. And that is what ethnicity is. It's not just language or behavior or customs. Saying that ethnicity is just spoken language and customs taking away the physical concrete part of ethnicity, seriously marginalizing it.

So if you honestly think that an African race man can be German just because he is able to speak German and knows the customs.... then you are seriously mistaken. Ethnicity can not be changed, it is permanent. It is built into you by your ancestors as a part of your body.

We do not want them to try to "assimilate" because assimilation of a non-White into a White country is impossible. All it does is belittles and marginalizes our ethnicities and national identity.

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