Wednesday, 9 January 2013
Social scientists warn of a spreading hostility to Islam in Germany. The social scientist Wilhelm Heitmeyer told the "Neuen Osnabrücker Zeitung" on Monday that instead of general hostility to foreigners, resentment was shifting increasingly to Islam. "It's no longer 'the Turks' but 'the Muslims'," said the director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Conflict and Violence Research at the University of Bielefeld. This generalisation leads to an ever greater rejection of Muslims within the population. Tis is socially acknowledged and concerns all classes. Polling revealed that Islamophobia is also widespread among the well-off and rich.

With this in mind, the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, demanded that "anti-Islamic racism must be considered an independent crime". The chairman of the Central Council, Aiman Mazyek, told the newspaper that the government and security agencies until now had refused to record crimes and violent acts against Muslims separately, instead subsuming them within the overarching term "Hostility to foreigners". "This conceals the element of hostility to Islam," criticised Mazyek. For him, too, anti-Muslim racism represents a problem that "extends into the centre of society".
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Maria José said...

Minicab driver raped 20-year-old female passenger after climbing into back of taxi when she fell asleep on journey home

Mohammed Shahin imprisoned for seven and a half years for sex attack

Rapist will be deported to home country of Bangladesh after sentence

Mme Scherzo said...

Dear Maria, the minicab driver, peace be upon him, only raped the 20-year-old female passenger because she committed the anti-Muslim crime of being a female infidel.

Anonymous said...

How can any intelligent person classify an ideology (islam) as racism??

Bluepanic said...

Seems well timed

American Muslims deliver petition to UN

NEW YORK (TIP) - The rights of Muslims to practice Islam and to live safely within US have been gravely compromised by a striking increase in Islamophobia - orchestrated by the appalling rhetoric of religious bigots, racists and hatemongers, the Islamic Post reported. The Americans Muslims took a standing late November by delivering a petition to the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon calling for protection of the human and religious rights of American Muslims.
he group’s objective is to enlist the aid of the UN in stopping the saturation of the media airwaves and print that is supporting hate speech under the guise of free speech. A prime example of such is the blasphemous fictional film, which spurned violence and deaths. The Muslims of the Americas call for the UN to stop those who undermine the rights granted to all Americans to practice religion freely.


Anonymous said...

Quote: The Muslims of the Americas call for the UN to stop those who undermine the rights granted to all Americans to practice religion freely.

The trouble is that Islam mandates its believers to kill, rape and plunder. It is a requirement straight from allah, to get permanent entry to the great bordello in the sky.

No amount of UN legislation is going to remove that fundamental mandate in the koran.


Walter Sieruk said...

Two thing need to be made clear. First, Islam is not a race. it is a religious and political system that controls the hearts and minds of many people. the result of this is much evil. Second, is that all Muslims believe that the Quran is God's Word. This brings up the question of a reality check. So then comes the big question, which is is the Quran God's Word or is it Satan's conunterfit of God's Word ?. To answer this quustion it need to be stated that the early Christian Chuch had the Gospel of Christ. First Corinthians 15:1-8. In contrast what Muhannad gave the world was the Quran which in reality is another gospel. Muhammad even at claimed, at times, to get some of this information through and angle that eventually went in ti the compoistion of the Quran[another gospel]. Such a thing was forseen and warned about in the Bible. For the Bible reads "Though we or angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you let him be accursed. As we said before, so I say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto yout then ye have recived,let him be accursed." Galations 1:8,9. [KJV]

Lord Crusader said...

Very good point I did not know that, thanks. That has just confirmed to me that Islam is satanic. Allah is not our God. Read this
It gives details why this war is abiout tio come. And also read this is talks about a Catholic prophesy about islam.

Anonymous said...

Islam is not a "RACE". It is a fascist supremacist intolerant hate-filled Satanic religious and political totalitarian ideology.

Anonymous said...

Arabic has a specific word for god that is not the word "Allah". "Allah" is a specific NAME, like you have a name, and it does refer to a specific god, i.e. the moon god. "Allah" is not a generic term for "god". People either are dense, too lazy to research, or so willing to be deceived and believe a lie. Read both the Bible and the Quran, which I have, and you will see they are not the same gods. The God of the Bible is not the "god" of the Quran. If a Muslim tells you otherwise, he's lying for it serves his purpose and Islam permits it's followers to lie to "infidels".

The "Allah" in the Quran states that he has no sons and that Isa (Jesus) is but a prophet who was not crucified and did not die and was not resurrected. Read the Quran for yourself for it says that.

Would the same "god" say that Jesus is the Son of God and then say he has no sons and Jesus is but a prophet?
Would the same god say Jesus was crucified then say Jesus was not crucified?
Would the same god say Jesus did rise from the dead and then say Jesus did not rise from the dead?

That specifically named god "Allah" is NOT the God of the Bible who says that Jesus is HIS SON in whom He is well pleased. Our Bible says Jesus was crucified. Our Bible says Jesus is the Son of God. Our Bible says Jesus did die and was risen from the dead.

The false moon "god" Allah of the Quran is NOT the God of the Bible for that is a lie from Satan himself. The characters in the Quran are counterfeits taken from the Bible. The false prophet Mohammad, under the inspiration of Satan himself, stole from the scriptures and created his own cast of counterfeit characters, creating a false "last revelation" that has and is deceiving so many. Don't fall into that trap.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to all the well-informed people making comments. If only we had such intelligence in our political leaders. Islam's own doctrines are calling for pan-Arab cultural fascism. Anyone who takes the time to look past the PC propaganda and actually read history, listen to Islamic radio, and watch Muslim behavior (when en-masse) will awaken to the clear and present danger known as Islam.

Anonymous said...

*its followers*

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