Monday, 7 January 2013

This is the 850th anniversary of Notre Dame cathedral in France. Look at the bizarre sign they have put up to mark it. In amidst all the Christian names, it features the name 'Mohamed'.


Anonymous said...

any Jeiwsh names?




the fucking Eurotards still like muslims more

te Eurotards, like they used to say about the Germans, are either at your throat, or at your feet

see the Eurotards cringe and kneel before the moslem threats

Anonymous said...

DP111 said

What can one say.

Totally bloody INSANE.

Till we have faith in God, we will never have the massive courage required to oppose, both intellectually and physically, the enemies arraigned against us.

The Spanish Reconquista succeeded only after Irish monks hastened to Spain to put steel into the backbones of the Spanish. We need a similar transplant. Only then will we have courage.

The billboard above with "Muhammed" on it, must have been sanctioned by the bishop. For some reason, in the last two hundred years, Christian pastors the world over, have preached that Christians resist evil by only peaceful means. This was never the case in the previous 1800 years.

The result has been the mental and physical disarmament of Christians worldwide. As a direct consequence, Christians are going to their deaths likes lambs to the slaughter, while the priests, who as shepherds are obligated to defend them, merely bless and console the lambs that their reward will be in heaven. The good are dying in the hundreds each week, while evil prospers to perpetrate further evil.

If the Christian clergy surrender spiritually and mentally to Islam, is it a wonder that the people, the sheep, are lost and confused. Where will courage then come from? From atheists, libs, leftists?


Anonymous said...

tell the Christians, delivering the Jews and Jerusalem to the muslims, will not save them

first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people

the Christians lose a mighty ally betraying the JEws

Anonymous said...

DP111, thank you. I would add that in recent decades Christians are taught not even to resist evil with words. To speak the truth about Islam is supposedly hatred-- not to mention racism, cultural imperialism, bigotry . . . did I forget anything?

pee' d off said...

all religion is based on delusional thoughts. Wake up everyone. If you still believe in thor, yahweh, allah or infact any of the 2870 gods then you need a mental health check. All this craziness is caused by crazy people

Lord Crusader said...

NO you are wrong I believe completely in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob I am not even prepared to have an argument with an atheist I am too **** by the secular liberal atheist education I got at school today. Can you not see all the prophecies coming true that is if you even read th Bible and all the visions Fatima etc. The marxists and their brainwashed secular atheists and muslim allies are leading an assualt on Christainity, very soon especially in America and mainland Europe Christains will be persecuted. You probably have got your views on religion from the marxist controled television and eductation system. You need to wake up. Even the decline of the one true faith is predicted it is simply sorting the devout from the lax and weak. We are better of with a small and loyal flock.
Do not mock my faith.

Lord Crusader said...

When I pray with faith coincidences happen and when I don't they don't. I have had personal experiences of that.

Timmy said...

Tragically, at this point, it is just a matter of time until even Notre Dame Cathedral is converted to a mosque. The West is dead.

Anonymous said...

The TRIBE have engineered the White genocide. The uncensored talmud instructs the tribe to destroy the Christians and so it shall be. Mad Crussder the TRIBE doesnt read the Old Testament and gives not a hoot about same. The TRIBE is committing a slow genocide of the White Race.

Anonymous said...

Oh shut up, you stupid idiot. Go back to Stormfront and babble your insanity there.

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